127 Hours - Landscape


Hi All,

This piece is made with Terragen 2 and I’m looking for constructive input on how to improve it esthetically and/or technically. If possible, please provide me with some reference of what you’re after.

As the title suggests my inspiration for this piece arose when seeing the movie 127 Hours.
I tried to reproduce a similar environment as seen in the movie.

The banding in the sky is due to 32-bit to 8-bit conversion. Need to find a way to prevent this.

Thanks in advance and for stopping by,



If you save your render as a 32 bit image, and then convert it to 8 bits in Photoshop, you’ll get rid of that banding.

As for the aesthetics of the terrain itself - it really needs something else… maybe hikers or an abandoned motorcycle or something.


looks real good man, keep it up!!


Amazing job…it looks almost photo-real. I think this piece is very good technically. However, the overall composition is lacking…we are essentially looking at a wall which makes the view feel closed off and uninteresting. I think this is why trancerobot was suggesting you add some human element to focus on. I think it’s ok to stick with pure nature if you can open up the view…



That’s weird, as I think the banding was introduced due to this conversion process.
Anyhow, I will keep an eye on it when I’m doing it again.

I shall look for some models of abandoned vehicles, rusty by preference.
I’m not a modeler (at all), so will have to search.


Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding.

I agree with your suggestion about the composition and I guess it’s indeed why I’ve been suggested to put something else into the scene.

I will explore that idea, but also the idea to stick with pure nature by opening the view, as such work would be a nice variation on the themes showed here on these forums :wink:



Really great terrain, and the rendering’s turning out nicely too!

One thing I immediately noticed was a lack of rock-fall. Around structures like this, erosion and time always breaks off tons of rocks and pebbles and grit, which lands around the base of the terrain and piles outward as it builds up. It’s rare to see cliffs without such debris, almost impossible without man-made help to clean it up.

Perhaps instancing some rocks around the base would help? As it stands, the difference between the ground and your cliffs stands out vividly to me. Just an idea!


thats realy great … looking almost real but trees are not looking as real as the rest of the scene … good work anyway


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