11 Free HDR studio environment maps


Thanks for the HDRI s and the tutorial


Thanks so much!


There was a video tutorial that i saw where someone used this HDRI pack to setup a studio render…

in the tutorial he does all the setup using only a sphere then later replaces it with a car to see what it looks like… anyone now where this tutorial is?? I really liked it and want to find it again, was a dumbass for not bookmarking it


Thanks for posting just what I needed. :slight_smile:


found it…its on the area :smiley:


great stuff! thanks for posting


Excellent idea, implementation and offer! Congratulations! :thumbsup:

One question: Is there some free software (or trial) available to convert these spherical maps to cubic maps?

(Cubic maps are needed for performance, for realtime rendering)


thanks zbyg. I converted these to c4d back some time

Please head to cinema 4d resources on the forums.

I have my own hdri pack as well but
it´s now only for c4d. hdri is very generic for
all 3d apps so I might just release my
own as just a HDRI pack.


You’re a legend.

People will sing songs about your hdri maps long after they think you’re dead.

Thank you so much.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



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