11 Free HDR studio environment maps


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Third HDRi pack is ready, you can download it there: http://zbyg.deviantart.com/art/HDRi-Pack-3-112847728



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This is the best HDR set for people in the Print industry. Just so you know its saved my ass about 10 times now.

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Hi zbyg,
thank you for your effort and kindness. Your maps are quite clean and provide very nice studio setups, in particular with typical industrial design shiny surfaces. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know what’s your workflow to make them, just some hints about sources and software, because I’d like to try it myself, but miss the starting point. Thank you.

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Hi SyncViewS,
there is my old tutorial, which explains the basics, here: http://zbyg.deviantart.com/art/HDRi-tutorial-115992158
Basically you could take any scene and render it as a hdr map after disabling tone mapping and adding a 360 degree camera. I used 3dsmax 9 for modeling and rendering, and MaPZone for textures


Thank you very much for the quick reply, and of course for the tutorial. It makes sense, while I was wondering how to play with HDRShop and standard renders. I totally missed the Wrap Around lens effect. Thanks again, I’m going to play :smiley:

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thank you! The hires versions are perfect.


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One can never have too many HDRs. Thanks a lot. This is very kind of you.


Thanks so much Zbyg, your HDRs will be very usefull fore sure.


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