11 Free HDR studio environment maps


11 images 2000x1000 pixels each, plus small blurry versions and previews
Torrent: Studio_HDR_images

If someone could download and upload them to some filesharing site and provide links I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Example render using one of HDR images:


Torrent above is old, use rapidshare link bellow for updated version:
Download --> http://rapidshare.com/files/147345578/Studio_HDR.zip


I don’t believe that it’s allowed to share these HDR images. How can downloaders be sure that the downloadable HDR’s are done by you? The given URL tells no good stories ‘…thepiratebay…’ :rolleyes:
If sharing is legal, there should be no problem for you, to post then to the common hosters like rapidshare aso.


I can show you wireframe renders, or whatever you may want, to prove that they are made by me :slight_smile:
I think torrent is better than these sharing sites, where you have to enter verification codes, wait and etc. thepiratebay may not sound very trustworthy, but its one of the best torrent trackers.
I uploaded it to rapidshare:
there is also 2 bonus images I made today (enjoy :))


Updated archive (11MB):


Comments and suggestions welcome


Thanks, these are great.


Well, okay. I’m sorry.

I could upload it to my rapidshare.com Account aswell, if you like.


I would be grateful if you upload it.

Actually I thought that rapidshare removes non-account uploads after a couple of weeks or so, but later I found that they only remove uploads after 90 days of inactivity and that is not that bad :slight_smile:


Nice. thanks for posting this HDR’s!


Well then, here’s another URL. I’m Premium User of rapidshare.com.
–> http://rapidshare.com/files/147345578/Studio_HDR.zip


Ok, thanks. Added your link to first post.
I am currently working on second pack (4 out of 15 done), if someone has any suggestions, I am listening :smiley:


much appreciated :thumbsup:


The preview seems neat. I sure could find that ring flash hdr useful :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


are these generated from actual photos or renders?


Renders :slight_smile:


what are the usage rules? totally freeware?


Public domain, in other words - use however you want :slight_smile:


First I’d like to say thank you :slight_smile:

Secondly… What’s the orientation of the HDRs? I’ve tried both cubical and sperical but they don’t come out right. Using 3ds MAX with Vray.

Update: It seems I only have probs with the first ones. Studio 15 e.g. works fine.


Nice one mate - thanks.

And I think using a torrent site is a good idea.


They all are made for spherical environment mapping, so I dont know what the problem might be. Could you be more specific about what don’t come out right?
Sorry for delayed answer.


Well, I kind of assumed that you used that so that’s what I went for. Spherical that is.
The problem is that when I apply the first ones, I kind figure out where the light comes from.
I tried to rotate them since I sometimes encounter this problem when I do my own HDRs.

But it’s no biggy. The rest works fine, mate. :smiley:


zbyg was kind enough to let me render extra huge versions of these HDRis along with a few new enviroments!
10240*5120px 32bit floating point Radiance format images available for download here: