10secondclub entry for May


Hi Folks,

This is my entry for the May 10secondclub competition:

(1.5 MB, mpg 1)

The sound file is Chris Tucker from the movie “Rush Hour 2.” If you would like to critique it, please feel free. It would be very much appreciated.


New Version Below


Wow that was really cool. I like the lip sync alot… its like almost perfect! What software was this made on ?


Thanks for the kind words Lawdus. I made this using Maya, After Effects, and TMPGEnc encoder. Maya was used for the animation and lighting. AE was used to comp it with the audio. And TMPGEnc encoder was used to convert it to mpg1.


Do you have a screen name for aim or msn ? I’d like to ask some other questions about the clip… its really cool ;).


Looks really good man! I can’t really think of much to say to improve it! Is this the version your turning in or are you hoping to get some critiques before you do so?

The only thing I could say would be to add something to the background to explain what or who or why he’s yelling words that he doesn’t know what mean.


Thanks for the comments Zephyrpower. Unfortunately, I had to turn in a different version for the competition. It was pretty much the same, but without some of the extra eyelid and eyebrow movement. I want to put the animation on my reel, so that’s why I wanted to get a little feedback first. That’s a good idea about the background of the animation. I’ll try it.

Hey Lawdus, no I don’t use intant messager. For whatever reason, it just distracts me more than I want to be distracted. You can e-mail me any questions by clicking on “imamog” in the thread, which then brings up the option to send me an e-mail. I appreciate the intrest.


Here’s another version of this animation:


(1.47 MB, Mpg 1, 320x240)

I added some background elements, made a few changes to the facial animation, and tried to smooth out the hips a little. Hopefully you guys like it. Thanks again for the positive reinforcement.

Justin Bartholomew


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