100% CPU usage when moving my mouse


Hello everybody.
I just updated my OSX to 10.7 and Zbrush to Zbrush4R3.
Everytime I move my mouse I get a 100% CPU usage. Even if I am not Painting.
Is this intentional? It feels wrong and I think I did not have that heavy CPU usage before.

Do you know what wrong?
cheers, Holger


Sheesh, I am having the same problem and I am using ZBrush 4R4 - OSX Mountain Lion. When I move the mouse the CPU gets to 100%.

Anyone else noticed this weird thing with ZBrush?


I have found a solution to this problem. Goto to Preferences > Performance and lower the MaxThreads to 2 or 4, or just disable the MultiDraw.
Let us know how this fixed your CPU usage. As for me this totally fixed it.


Thank you. Yes that fixed it. the CPU usage goes down now. There is still some CPU usage when moving the mouse but its not that much. I can use it like that. Thank you again.


So, glad it helped. Looking forward to see some of your work in ZBrush.
Happy ZBrushing!


Pixologic confirmed this issue. they are on it but cant say when a fix will be available. :eek:


Even worse with 4R5 now… this is just launching Zbrush, and not even touching any part of the interface!


it’s the same here as it’s always been. it’s nothing to be concerned about.


It definitely hasn’t always been this way, and it isn’t even this way when running the Windows version on Mac. Something is definitely wrong with Pixologic’s coding for the Mac version. I guess I’ll have to count my losses and use alternative software while staying far away from Pixologic in the future.


You’re going to let a non-issue like that get in the way of you using arguably the most innovative sculpting app available?
Okay. :surprised


A non-issue for you, quite a big one for me.


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