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One of our friends at Game-Artist.net offered an article that covers some hints at ‘dirtying down’ a model for use in a game. While not purporting to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of texturing, we are happy that he thought of us and I thank Jeroen Maton for his efforts.

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Very useful thanks!!


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Good article, thanks :slight_smile:


Some great tips and techniques!!!


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looks great - will have a full read later.

BTW the header image is flipped…


Very interesting tutorial, thank you !


Looks interesting. I’ve been diving into texturing/materializing the last months, maybe I’ll pick up good tips and tricks:).
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aaah…great one! thanks for posting it here and thanks to our friend at game-artist.net aswell!

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A well done article. Very forward and helpful to anyone looking for direction on texture work. If I can point out one thing, on page 2 the forklift is flipped causing all the text to be backwards. It was kinda funny to see that and on the same page you talk about texture clusters. Then on the top, it looks like you mirrored the texture on the forklift. :slight_smile:


Glad you guys like the article :slight_smile:

Some of the images are mirrored indeed. The original models/textures were ok, but I’m afraid the graphics designer mirrored them to make a nicer banner…

ooh the irony… ^^


Very informative and well written article Jeroen. The guide was a pleasure to read. Bookmarked:D.

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Great Stuff ! thanks to Jeroen :wink: although i knew some of these things before, nevertheless,usefull,again thx

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Nice job, well presented… good information. I will be referring to this one for sure.




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Great article…


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Great article, a lot of useful tips, thanks for sharing!