10 Second Club WIP


Not sure if I’ll make it this month, but this is my first lipsync attempt, and for the 10 second club. So far it’s only lipsync, no big facial expressions. Comments and Crits all very welcome. Please remember, expressions not there yet, just mouth… all mouth.

Plans for a body and some animation shortly before the deadline. More posts to come. Thanks.




Nice start!

Mouth movements look pretty good. I think your OO / Narrow shape could use some work - it’s pinching on the corners and the lips aren’t rolling out so much. Maybe you need a corrective blend shape in there…

Other than that I think it’s looking good. Hope to see more of it! Soon. real soon. deadline approaching. :slight_smile:



Hey Dude,

  1. Ther are no holds in your keys.
  2. Get some good tutorials on lyp sync and follow the was its made snappy.
  3. Get better Morph Target/Blend Shape for “U”,“O”,“M”.


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: Unfortunately it looks like I will not have an update for the deadline of the 10 second club.

Please tell me what tutorials you think are worthy lipsync tutorials. I recently purchased the “Stop Staring” book which I think is really great, however it led me to doing more maxscripting the last week in an attempt to recreate the viewport controls for a facial rig, which is very close to being ready.

Also please remember I didn’t do any animation on the head itself, only the lips. I hope to have an update sometime this week.


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