10 bit monitor - what GPU?


Hi All,

So I have just bought a new rendering beast, ( for specs look here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=23&t=1482406 ),
and now I am looking at a monitor purchase.
I am after something that can represent true colors (100% sRGB & close to 100%A dobeRGB ) as I print my creations on high-end printers.

BenQ SW 2700 PT ( [link](http://www.benq.co.uk/product/monitor/sw2700pt/ ) ) has solid reviews for quite a while now. Here an in-depth review, among many others, all very positive: link )

My question is: with my new setup and the GPU thats part of it - GTX1080ti ( link ) - will the monitor get the right signal to run at its full 10-bit potential?
Or would i need a Quadro card for that? (Which would be a real bummer)

thanks for your feedback!



In a windows environment and thus OpenGL for Adobe Photoshop, Premier etc, I’m pretty sure you need a Quadro or the ATI/AMD equivalent FirePro? for 30-bit colour (10-bits per colour-channel)

Nvidia blurb about it here.


oh lord. should have paid the some money as for the 1080ti and get p4000 instead then.


since 10-bit HDR is consumer standard now, I wonder if you still need those. It’s just a driver limitation – there’s nothing in the hardware that prevents a 1080 from it.


do you reckno theres a workaround, to hack the driver and make it activate the 10 bit? that would be cool!


There is a hack but it involves a soldering-iron and some surface-mount resistors. There is a bank of pull-up and pull-down resistors that generate a code. The hack is to make the code on a Geforce card equal that of a Quadro. Obviously you don’t want to attempt that on a brand new card, but if you have an old GTX 670/770 etc, it might be worth a go. Although, there is little to no info on the success of the “Successful” hack. Might be a complete waste of time and graphics card.


haha, yeah that sounds cool! but I just bought this machine & the card so will not risk it.
I cant decide if I should return the 1080ti and get P4000 instead, to get the 10 bit.
The 1080ti will be more usefull once maxwellrender gpu rendering works properly, esp because I can get say 2 more and combine the power…
On the other hand, 10bit screen sounds really tempting…