1 hour Zbrush 3 Timelapse


EDIT: New HTTP link.
hey guys,

I said i was going to make a dedicated thread for this, so here it is.

I finally have a few locations for the 
timelapse video that i recently made
of the model below.

Details are as follows

resolution: 640x480
codec: apple quicktime h.264
length: 1 hour ( as title already states )

the final polycount is just a little below
20 million of raw polygons, spread umongst
27 subtools.

original thread can be located at: [](

first location is Veoh, a YouTube type thing( but better quality ) Thanks to Grafi for suggesting this.

( If you download the Veoh Player, you can download the original quicktime that way ( if anything were to happen to the other links )


Http: Link/s

Big thanks to Victor @ ilusiondigital

Thanks goes to Dan Silverman for this one.

more links to come.




A Must-See for every sculptor out there. It’s nice to see how things repeat, your time lapses kick ass, Martin! :slight_smile:


Thanks Martin, kickass as always.


thanks… a great one…


cool. glad ya like it. hopefully nobody will have any issues with it. im going to sleep now so i wont be able to solve any problems if they come up for a while. hope it works out.



awesome! can’t wait to watch this one!


hey martin!

thanks for the vid.
saw some of it yesterday. think it’s really intresting to see your approach and i’m diffently going to see it a few more times.




Cool thread, awesome work.


Thank you very much Martin! can’t wait for the download to finish :thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing Martin :slight_smile:


Great work! and thank you for this video :thumbsup:

Hey, just start talking and make it longer and I would buy a Zbrush 3 tutorial from you. :slight_smile:


Thanks, gonna watch this later.

I jumped on the demonoid torrent and its working (im not a member. Might be good to know)


thanks Martin for sharing…:thumbsup:


Thanks Martin! I watched it yesterday - great stuff!


Downloading it, thank you Martin :thumbsup:


Damn, an entire hour? Kudos for doing this. I’m sure everyone appreciates it.


wow… thx… i’m downloading it… but the result picture looks good… i also can’t wait to see you sculpting


great work!

…is that a kind of SSS in the viewport?


Learned loads from you already, thanks for adding to that amount… :slight_smile:


Thank you Martin!Thanks for thinking of the greater good.