1.6 TB EXTERNAL DRIVES now exist!!!


Looks like Lacie wasn’t just happy with the Bigger Disk…

Now they have the Bigger Disk Extreme that holds 1.6 TB

The cost is still a tad high for us ordinary folks, but for production houses, this sort of thing is probably a God Send!


I really don’t know what they hope to acheive with that pricing though. why wouldn’t i just buy 2 - 1 tb drives for only $1100/pop? i mean they offer a 1.6tb drive but it’s double the price and you’re only getting .6 tb more?

hello? :smiley:


Laptop! :slight_smile:


They aren’t really 1 TB drives. They are four times 250GB, and four times 400 GB drives operating as one through a RAID card. You wouldn’t want to be carrying two of these as they are quite heavy.


The problem with these largest types of drive is that when and if it crashes or becomes corrupted, we lose more data than ever, if not already our mind.


Yea, thats a great reason to not buy it. Thats why they have this thing called a “backup” or you mirror the drive and get half the capacity.

Drives like these are perfect for people who edit or gather large data in the field with their laptops. They are much more compact then putting your own together in generic raid tower. Also much cheaper. A 4 drive firewire raid tower is going to cost you $US3-400 just for the case. Your never going to find a case that compact for a built it yourself box. It is going to be 2-3x the size.


Rotational Speed (rpm) : 7200
bleargh… my grandma has drives faster than those…



haha, I would love to see the SCSI variant running at 15k. Heavy and hot. The sales pitch would read: “Massive storage that doubles as a door stop and foot warmer. Rotisserie add-on sold separately”


if it’s 4 drives operating on RAID 0 at 7200 rpm it practically becomes 28000 RPM.


Uh, no. The same reason why 2x2ghz processors does not equal 4ghz… You have to take into account the interface between the drives and how efficeintly data is laid between the drives.


Re: Mastermesh.

"1.6 TB EXTERNAL DRIVES now exist!!! "

Why, Annie - thats so wonderful! Now you can make your dreams come true! :stuck_out_tongue:


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