1-15 November (1st Challange of character animation)


Ok Guys,
Last couple challanges were kind of bouncing balls and as i have seen everyone was bored almost) so lets give it a shot difficult challange. The voice is coming from Monster Inc. Movie and lets see what can we do with it…



  1. No Render

  2. No camera moving

  3. No lighting

  4. No anything to taking attention from animation

  5. if you can, please add to timecode

  6. Animation depends on imagination, can be everywhere anything…

Comp. Time: 01 November 2011 - 15 November 2011

Animation Time : sound file (0:20)

P.S: For reference video clip(not for animation ,for videoclip how they send) look at 11secondsclub animation.

Sound Link: http://www.filesonic.com/file/2847764065/1_15_November_Challange.m4a

Good Luck


Wow dude I really like the audio clip, this is going to be a real challenge for me because I have never done human animation before. I have a free rig that i downloaded o i’ll be fine, what software are you going to use egeman?


hi man, free rigs are everywhere so i think rig will not be problem for noone, about software, any software welcome…

p.s : every1 can download sound file? i hope there is no any problem…


if yes: here is second upload link : http://www.filesonic.com/file/2899364755/1_15_November_Challange.zip

good luck


Yea I’m having a hard time finding a wav converter, Maya only doesn’t read this audio file


hey egeman, would you have any websites or references that could help me with lip syncing, never done it before, like I said I’m a noob. lol thanks


hi man, about the wav i am sorry i didnt try in maya the sound, but any program you ca nconvert ,next time i wil lbe careful about it. about lipsync. you can check digitaltutors, then have great 2 video training, and other, there are some pdfs( which are normally books) you can read, but it is quite long difficult subject i dont think quickly you can be success,but if you are enough stubborn about character anim. you can be sure, first of all check google photos, infos, about lip synch then you can get basic idea, first thing first : never make the shape of every letters of words) ,we nver speak as this…just search these ways and will be successfull i am sure


its cool man it’s just I’m new to animation, I’ve mostly done some 2d stuff. Im in school but its a generalized program so so i only know some texturing and modeling stuff. All i can really do right now is a basic ball bounce. That’s why I was stressing the need to start as small as possible.


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