Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fernando Garcia

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  11 November 2008
Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia is entered in the "Steampunk Myths and Legends" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The rider of La Mancha
  11 November 2008
Hi all!

well, after hesitating for some weeks I'm finally joining this challenge, I hope I can finish it!!

I have a couple of ideas, for the moment I'll try to explore them both and then we will see what happens...
first one is to base it on the Prague Golem legend... its probably not known worldwide, but that gives me more chances not to copy someone else's idea, hehe :P's about a rabbi in Prague making a golem out of clay, and giving him life somehow... then there's 100 versions of what happens next, some say that the golem is still around Prague somewhere, and I liked that misterious idea when I visited that city...

Second idea is to make it about saint george (san jordi / san jorge in spain), defeating the dragon... I'm thinking in making the dragon some kind of steampunk robot, and giving St George a good big chainsaw instead of a sword... not extremely original but it could look good
  11 November 2008
Qué onda tocayo

Hey Fer,

Really cool that you joined the challenge my friend Your two ideas sound cool and cant wait to see your first WIP. Good luck!! Cheers!! ( con unas chelas bien muertas ! )
  11 November 2008
Concept / pre-visualization: Prague Golem composition sketches

These are my first sketches following the idea of the Prague Golem... according to the legend and wikipedia, the rabbi gave life to the golem by "writing the word Emet (אמת,"truth" in the Hebrew language) on its forehead [...]. By erasing the first letter aleph in Emet to form Met (מת, "dead" in Hebrew) the golem could be deactivated", here you can see in the first image a perspective of the rabbi finishing building the golem, writing on its forehead. Then there's 2 images of golem and his creator just posing for the pic, with the golem in shadows except for a tiny part illuminated by a street lamp... and then there's a few sketches of the Golem and the rabbi fighting, while the rabbi tries to erase the first letter off the golem forehead...

Thanks for posting Fer, you are there right since the beginning! :) here you have the first WIP, lets see what comes next...
  12 December 2008
Concept / pre-visualization: St George concept sketches

These are some sketches for the second of my ideas, St George defeating the dragon... I like the idea of steam/smoke coming out from beneath the dragon instead of from some pipes, because then the dragon could appear like coming out of the smoke... I also would like to have a more dynamic composition, because I've noticed that I usually do only static drawings, with characters posing... what do you think about the different compositions here?

...anyway, I'm not sure I will do this concept neither, I've thought about a new one that could be funnier to draw... I'm thinking now about Don Quixote and Sancho riding a steampunk motorbike, with sidecar for Sancho... I'll post some sketches about this new idea soon (I hope) and then I will follow one of the 3 concepts, time is starting to run fast already!
  12 December 2008
Hey Fer,

Nice sketches my friend. Like a lot the design for the dragon´s head, really cool!!
Think your idea about Don Quijote is really great and with great potential, hope to see soon sketches about it ( que nos estan esperando unas cervatanas bien difuntas o sease unas chelas bien R.I.P. !! ) Cheers!!
  12 December 2008
cervatanas... new synonim, haha! seems I keep learning mexican here more than anything else :P
I've been a bit busy but I'll post some sketches in the next 5 mins... hey, last week I earned my first money coming out of CG! yay! it seems someone liked my drawings enough to pay for them!
  12 December 2008
Concept / pre-visualization: Quijote concept sketches

This is a compilation of sketches I've been doing these days, here and there, about the quijote idea... some sketches of Quijote's head, Sancho, the bike, and the composition... I can't choose a head yet, hehe, I like the most those 3 in the left top corner, but they are the most unexpressive too...
  12 December 2008
Hey Fer,

Really cool sketches, really nice cartoon mood on the designs, I totally liked my friend

Think the most right design ( below of the Quijote on side view) can work well, a more rebel and crazy look The steampunk bike on a 3/4 view can be great, perhaps with a steampunk windmill on the back chasing Don Quijote and Sancho Panza

Again, cool sketches and waiting for more updates!! Cheers!! ( con unas chelas bien moridas.... jajajajajajajajaja )
  12 December 2008
Thumbs up cool sketches

These are very cool sketches, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Steve Chenier

My DWIV Entry
  12 December 2008
Love the expressions on your Quixote sketches!
  12 December 2008
Concept / pre-visualization: bike reference

I will do this image 2D, but first I wanted to build the bike roughly in 3D because I thought that for designing mechanical stuff, 3D could be easier for moving elements around... and I could use it as a reference and to try some points of view and perspectives for the image...
So far I have 3 possibilities for the point of view, for A and B I added a huge water tank on top of the bike because otherwise we wouldn't see any of the steampunk-ish machinery at the back... the problem with 'A' is that Quixote's face could be blocked by the handle and his own hand, but maybe I could fix that somehow (suggestions accepted :P) ...and 'C' is maybe too much side-view and less dynamic...
so I'm not sure, what do you think about it? thanks for all your posts guys!
  12 December 2008
Concept / pre-visualization: lineart sketch

Here I printed in soft grey one of the bikes from the previous post, and drew over it something that could be the first sketch of the final lineart, then re-scanned it, and hence the grainy background (sorry for that)
...uff, I'm really late this time, only 16 days to go and I haven't even started seriously painting!
  12 December 2008

Hahahaha! this cracks me! It looks so fun already!
I'm sorry I didn't post you before, for some weird reason I'm not receiving notifications of new posts in my thread via mail, So I wasn't aware you visited, I'm in big shame

Well back to the Quijote (great theme).
I'm liking that crazy byke a lot, It reminds me of the wacky Races cars, in a good way, I love those. too bad you couldn't keep the train front part, it was great.

As for the guys I couldn't ask for more, they look perfect and in character, poor Sancho always at the brink of a nervous breakdown. I vote for a more joyful and not so frowny Quijote, the one in the middle of you sketches looks very good.
Now, in the byke sketch his left arm is covering a portion of his face , maybe if you bend the handlebar down he wouldn't have to raise his arm so much and then you'd have more clear space for the face to show.

Keep it up Fernando! I'll love to see this one In colors!
  01 January 2009
Concept / pre-visualization: characters lineart sketch 2

This is a new try at the characters, following Gabriel suggestions... I had to turn the camera to get rid of the arm in front of Quijote's face, and I tried to make him more happily mad...
so what do you guys think? This version or the previous one? time is running and I guess I wont finish on time, but let's see, there's still some days left...

Gabriel: Gracias por pasarte por aquí! Thanks, as you see I tried to follow your suggestions, I wasn't able to push the handlebar down without it looking too short, so I changed the perspective... what do you think about the new Quijote's face? is this what you meant with "not so frowny"? :P That thing about the notifications happened to me several times too, it seems that from time to time the system forgets to update you hehe...
uff, no more chelas now, time is short, we need tequila instead! :P

aaand of course.... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! :scream:

Last edited by elmasfeo : 01 January 2009 at 10:40 AM. Reason: replying to Gabriel
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