ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Dagnis Krūmiņš

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Old 10 October 2003   #1
ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Dagnis Krūmiņš

Dagnis Krūmiņš has entered the ALIENWARE Challenge.
Old 10 October 2003   #2
Veelu veiksmi tautieshiem
Old 10 October 2003   #3
Concept Sketch: first skech

Hi there, just a quick skech, trying to get some ideas out of my mind, I would apriciate any coments and sugestions to make this one beter, thanks
Old 10 October 2003   #4
The colors at the bottom look a bit muddied, perhaps you should simplify the color scheme down there; im not sure.

The shapes justting out of the "floor" are interesting, but the ones on the right look a bit too much like ships floating in an ocean; might want to :"alien" that up a bit.

The shapes in the sky are very interesting to me; I think I'm speculating about some possible interaction between the shapes in the ground and the sky.

I think you should do anothe version or two, to make it a bit more clear what this will be when it becomes 3d.

Keep going!
Old 10 October 2003   #5
thanks zbgump for sugestions, you are helping a lot of people in this challange, thank you for that .

the idea was that sky alien structures somehow using and sucking energy out of the ground life form and transfering it to the sky somehow. I can't figure out is the sky parasit like or is it symbiosis of two worlds. I'll make some more skeches soon, waiting for more sugestions
Old 10 October 2003   #6

It's funny to see how many concepts are based on parasite-sucking-energy themes (actually I was thinking along those lines too, maybe I'll stick to it, maybe not). The ceiling thingies look cool to me, but I agree with zbgump, the colors in the floor somewhat shadow the other elements in your comp. Otherwise, pretty cool sketch. I'm looking forward to see how this develops.
"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
--George Bernard Shaw
Old 10 October 2003   #7
thanks man, will try to work on this tonight, you think the ground colors are too saturated and light?
Old 10 October 2003   #8
A few ideas

I don't really know how to define the feel I get from your colors, I don't know much about color theory, but here's a shot. The foremost red swirling things seems to swallow your elements and it's not very interesting per-se right now. The tentacle-like objects should be more noticeable. Also, the blue wisps coming out of the red, are too faint to be distinguished and identified. Suggestions: Look at the back of your terrain (or water or gas or liquid or whatever it is), you have a strip of nice orange tones with tinges of red. That scheme seems better to me and has a nice contrast with your structures. Remark on the flow of your element, does it have whirpools? Does it run in a specific direction?, Is the current smooth or strong? And the tentacle things, I'd be more attracted to them if I could see them better.
I know it's just a sketch, and it's on it's early stages. I know it'll be great when finished, just thought a few ideas might be helpful along the way. If they are, then I did my job well.

Keep it up!
"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
--George Bernard Shaw
Old 10 October 2003   #9
Concept Sketch: skech nr.2

at last second one, don't know is this one good enough to stick with, so waiting for your comments and sugestions, thanks.
Old 10 October 2003   #10
I like the second concept a lot better than the first. The blue hues everywhere makes it a lot less to chaotic. For the sake of variety, it would be nice to have a little bit of color somewhere, perhaps on the overhead lights, but I definatly like the second one better.
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Old 10 October 2003   #11
The mono- color is a much more pleasing image.

I like how the towers are emitting sort of a "matrix field" or something. Looks as if it could be a planetary force field, or some sort of futuristic power lines. This piece feels as if it has a clearer concept begind it, although it is unclear what the concept is... which is a good thing! (in my opinion)
Old 10 October 2003   #12
Thanks zbgump & Omnicrola for your coments, I think I'll make this skech in portret style, because I red that they prefer that, will it look beter that way? Don't know yet...
Old 11 November 2003   #13
Concept Sketch: final

final sketch, I think it's time to start modeling and texturing part of this challenge, so tell me what you think about this one. I'll try to explain what I have made here. All sky is some kind of biological allien life form, maybee some large plant. Towers in the sky are its egg making machines, when eggs are ready they detach themselfes and fall.

Hope you understand my bad english :)
Old 11 November 2003   #14
the colors are great, and the concept too, very good work .Maybe you can put away the camera to see the size of this alien form.

Keep the good work

Old 11 November 2003   #15
Thanks adr, I'll try it
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