Dusty Remnants

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Old 05 May 2002   #1
Dusty Remnants

This is meant to be after an Android war or something similar.

Old 05 May 2002   #2

"This is meant to be after an Android war or something similar" doesn't sound like a good description of a well planned project. I don't meen to be critical, but this is the critiques section. Your textures need a lot of work, and the terrain is, I'd say, 40% realistic. You'll probably be pumping out some nice stuff in half a year though.
Old 05 May 2002   #3
The biggest and easiest thing you could do to improve the image would be fixing the lighting. its really flat at the moment.
A barren environment like that is likely to be very hot and bright. And where there is bright there is dark. So you should probably get some sharp shadows going and in general create a greater light to dark range throughout your image. Take your image into photoshop and check out the levels and you will see what I mean graphically.

Mmm... and from the image I can see the light is positioned at a low angle (jugding by the shadow cast by the head). Yet the sky doesn't indicate a sunset or sunrise. So postion your light shadow casting light at a higher angle.

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Old 05 May 2002   #4
No critical is cool Matt

I didnt spend enough time on getting the lighting right.

Maybe android war was a bad description,but i couldnt think of anything better at the time thats all.

Heres a newer version

Old 05 May 2002   #5
Thanks Krugar

I think I probably tried to hide the crap lighting with the dust

I had some other destroyed metal and bits and pieces,but I didnt want to evoke memories of Sept 11 for anybody,so I left them out.

Old 05 May 2002   #6
Last one I promise ...I put the wrong texture on the landscape

Crits still welcome

Old 05 May 2002   #7
Hmm, maybe it should be slightly buried? I dont know. Not bad tho
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Old 05 May 2002   #8
hmmmm, nice effort, but I wouldn't say that you have a scene there....you seem to mostly be showing off your head model. Your scene is kinda empty, it needs more elements, to make it looks realistic. Also, make the head interact with its enviroment. Being a little sank in the ground, dusty at places, covered with sand. Also, for some reason, that looks like a HUGE head!!
just a thought
Old 05 May 2002   #9
Ya agreed diazgl

The head looks huge because the trench or depression is not long enough to support such a perspective with the scale of the head and the metal parts being out of sync

It started out as an experiment really,but I started it so now I might as well finish it

Old 05 May 2002   #10
Ok fixed most of the problems

Now I think I can do something new

Old 05 May 2002   #11
looking better, but the piece of reflective metal stuck in the ground, isn't really recognisable.....and buried in the ground, well, give it one more try. Make actual dirt if possible, and perhaps model places where the dirst has piled up. Also, your ground needs work. It looks like a displaced plane at the moment (and it prolly pretty much is). You need to add an interesting bump map, and try working with procedurals within your working enviroment (max, lw or whatever) to do so. A -perhaps- good technique to pile up dirt, is to create an additional piece of the ground [separate from it though] and then boolean it with the head. The add different textures, bumps and all. Expirimentate, and most important, when you're trying to build a scene, ALWAYS have a picture of the scene in your head, and make it as full as it should. Perhaps you should pay more attention to the enviroment aspect than to that robot pieces aspect. It is very propable, that in the shot you took, only 3-4 remnants exist, but it is pretty much impossible for no rocks/pebbles/dust/cracks/anomalies would exist in the enviroment!!!
just a thought
Old 05 May 2002   #12
and another thing I JUST noticed!! Why does the head have a similar texture to the ground? Isn't it a robot? I mean, you could be unoriginal and make it metallic...... I think it would better. If you want to make it dusty, or even rusted, keep in mind that metals tend to accumulate only a small amount of dust, due to that fact that most of metallic structures are polished. And also keep in mind that rust doesn't effect the ENTIRE metal at once. It effects regions that paint or polish has been scraped off, and continue from there.
just a thought
Old 05 May 2002   #13
Yep agreed again

It started out as an experiemnt really,but like I said I will finish it properly yet

The head and the metal pieces have similar tex because its meant to be like a spray on camo coating for them to blend in their enviroment

Old 05 May 2002   #14

I think u should add a few sheep to the scene.
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Old 05 May 2002   #15
Thats almost funny

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