a head's uvs, anyone can tell where is the problem? thanks

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  09 September 2003
a head's uvs, anyone can tell where is the problem? thanks

other attachd pics:






image 1-7 with a 1024*1024 texture, the last image #8 with a 3000*3000 texture

i have some question want to ask
1 the ear's uvs seem too small( i think it is a problem, but maybe it is not, so i dont know), but when i scale it bigger, the uv around the ear will be distorted, how to solve this? or it neednt be solve??

2 the back seam on the head (also can found on the top of head)seem not prefect, how to solve it? it need be mirror Horizontal right part uv overlap left part of head uv? or it neednt be solve?

3 there is other problem with my work??

thanks alot, i'm a tyro on this, so please give directions to me ~!
my english is poor, sorry for inconvenience
  09 September 2003
to get a good texture resolution on the ears now you have to use a image resolution that is not necessary for most parts of this head. so you are wasting work when create the textures. also it is harder to keep track of the size of structures that repeat on it.
i would create a second projection that covers the year correct and the blend them. this way you can also sove your seem problem. maybe i would also use a extra projection for the nose.

only my opinion and my way to go.

hope it fits your needs.

greetings sanostol
  09 September 2003
thank you very much!~~
now i ready to create second projection for the ear, but there will be a seam between the ear and the other part of head, can you solve this problem?
i have not an idea :((
thank you too much !
  09 September 2003
You can paint a aplhachannel in your texture and use it to blend it over.
I don't know which software you use but I think this is possible in quite every package.
Its like composing several layers of textures

in xsi you can also paint the alphachannel on veritices. but i think its better to do it before.

greetings sanostol
  09 September 2003
well since you already have it unwraped like this I think you could select the polygons in the 3d view move to the uv editor and then move them off to the side and scale the uvs up. (make sure UV bleeding is off). Then paint your ear off to the side and you can make sure there are no seams by duplicating the layer your ear is painted on and scalling down and moving it back into place. Then you could easily blend the two layers together. Of course I could be wrong but it works for me.

Are you done on the neck yet cause the chekers seem to be getting really small where you don't really need that much detail
  09 September 2003
hi Sanostol, you are very kind )
i have try your method, but i found only use a single-color pic can blend the seam succeed, am i right? ( but when i try to use

the checkerboard pic that i made(see the pic below) to blend the seam, i fail :( because i think if i use the non single color pic( for example a

human's face skin ) can give a perfect look)
these pic show my render result and render tree setting, can you give me some suggestion?
thankss alot!
  09 September 2003
hi Zastrozzi
thank you for help me!~~~ )
you mean is i can move the ear's uv off to the side of head's uv and scale the ear's uv up(this time the ear's uv only be scaled up and the

place not be changed? and uv bleed function is off), then in photoshop i can paint the ear's uv shape in color on the scaled up ear's uv place, then, i must ensure the ear's no seams, but i want to know how to ensure there is no seams? and the layer is the photoshop's layer?
and next step i will scale the ear's uv down? if it is, i think ear's uv will small than the painted ear shape,
sorry my english is poor
can you say it simply to me agian????
i extreme want to know you how to solve this problem!
thanks agian!~~~
watting your reply~!
  09 September 2003
Ok here is my line of thought step by step

1 Move uvs off to side and scale them up so that the checkers are the same size

2 Paint your texture now as streaching should be minimal. Try to over paint DO NOT STAY IN THE LINES

3 Now that you have your head texture painted and the ear off to the side painted also you need a way to blend the two so in photoshop creat a sperate layer and duplicate your ear texture onto it. so that now you have 2 layers of the same thing for the ear

4 link one of those layers too a duplicated uv layout layer (not the origonal layout layer incase you want to at sometime change your texture. )

5 move the linked layers to line up with where the uvs were on the head uvs (this will require scaling the linked layers as well) use the uvlayouts to line stuff up

6 the blending part comes in now you put the small ear layer on top of the head layer. Now the seam will be wherever your small ear layer ends.

7 so create yet another layer and paint on this layer to blend the two layers (becareful not to stray off of the Uvs this time as then your seam will reapear.

This won't work if the scaling difference is to large or for extream close ups as the crossover will become obvious again when the veiwer can see teh resolution difference on both sides of the crossover. To minimalize this from happening and Maximize my options I try to keep the seam in a less detailed area.

Hope this is a bit more clear and it works out let me know how it goes
  09 September 2003
hi Zastrozzi
thank you very and very...much, it is great help to me !
i did it in photoshop, but i think the blend layer should be fit the large(scaled up) ear and the area on the head that the small ear stay there before, so i duplicate the blend layer and scated it up and fit the large ear, my operation is right??
here is the photoshop file, about 550kb


thanks agian~!!!
  09 September 2003
Looks good but you might want to consider moving the ear somewhere else as right now it is taking up alot of space that could be used for other stuff. I mean the blank space to either side of it. The layers in the image are correct but I think you might have misunderstood my bit about painting outside the line I meant go way out probably 4 times as much as you have on the bottom ear. This way when you bring it back up you can decide what to keep and make sure that the seam isn't in the layer seam isn't in the same place as the resolution seam. Does that make sence? sorry I don't have a file on hand but see if this clears it up any.
Green is your painted blend blue is the seams blend wich you try to emininate and red is the painted area which will go out too green.... Help?
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  09 September 2003
Hi again,

You can use any colormaps you want to blend tem together, but checkerbord is little bit tricky, you always will see the fadein from one texture to the other.

i made a screenshot:


so first Your ground texture does not need any alpha, all other layers need alpha. so you need no extramap for blending

second thing to keep in mind is You need at least to projections, because the must overlap in this overlapping the aplha fals from 1 to 0

you can blend textures as you need them, no limitation, and to seed up our rendertime again once you finishe bake them in one texture.

greetings sanostol
  09 September 2003
hi Zastrozzi
the pic that you post does not work, can you sent it to my email?
or can you tell me your email? (if you wish i want to sent my xsi scene to you, let you tell me where is problem with my new uv work?
thanks~~~ today is too later here, tommorrow i will back here to tell you my course?
you are so kind, so i want to thank you for unlimit times )
  09 September 2003
hi sanostol

that scene is your work??? that is really cool!!!!!!
and i cant believe my eyes your rendered pic no seam, that is prefect!!!!!

and i dont quite understand this: second thing to keep in mind is You need at least to(two?) projections, because the must overlap in this overlapping the aplha fals(fall?) from 1 to 0

or, can you make a little simple xsi scene to me, that may fast and easlier ler me know how to do it!! if you are not busy ... you can sent to my email box.

and can i have your email address? later i want to sent my work to you, and want you tell me where is the porblem, can i??
my email address is rayguo03@163.com
tommorow i will back here to tell your my test result!!
thanks alott...!!!
  09 September 2003
Hi RayGuo,

its a project I did this year, and sorry for my writing erros, it does not help very much to write important words wrong.( thats why ther is probably a preview-reply-button)

check your mail

greets sanostol
  09 September 2003
ok sorry bout teh pictuer not working not sure why it dosn't I am away from my computer in Vancouver now and won't be cak till monday. :S sorry I can't help you till then. Have you tried sav target as for the link?
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