Vehicle: Camaro Concept (design contest)

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  08 August 2003
Vehicle: Camaro Concept (design contest)

this is for the MotorTrend International Design Contest, I'm finaly happy with most of the design, so it's just lots and lots of details, tweaking and interior to do now, as well as redo the back (I'll post that when I get it more like I want it).

I am using 3d Max 5.1.

I am pretty confident with my modeling, but this is my first try at a "concept" vehicle, so thats what I'm looking for critiques on. The wheels are temporary, but they will be large 5 spokes similier to these.

I'll be working on this for about another month (getting as much detail as possible), so I'll be posting updates.

  08 August 2003
looks good, but I dont think anyone will produce a car with a top like that. I would just stick to a normal roof with a sunroof...

Also, it looks very plain at the moment, try adding some stuff on it.. more bodystile. like a lip below the door area, maybe some holes on the side, ya know, just to make it more interesting.

Also did you meshsmooth the mesh in the non wired shots? THe smoothing on the edge going into the grill area looks too nice if it werent meshsmoothed, hehe
  08 August 2003
Yes, the non wire views have 2 NURMS iterations on them, is that ok for the Focused Critiques?

There will be some beams holding the t-tops in, I just havn't got there yet :-)

I'll have to do something on the bottom of the car, it does look a bit simple.

  08 August 2003
those lights dont look right on the back of that... the shape, and size of the lights mixed with the darker grey boxy area they are in just doesnt match. id say push them out a b it more, make them wider, and square off the sides of them. Also.. the logo below the light area is wierd.

(my opinions)
  08 August 2003
Error404. Nice work so far. I have never designed a vehicle (not really anyway) and I don't know much about enignes, but I understand esthetics. Currently to me this looks very much like a late 60's camaro. You've sleaked the design out but to me it looks like you haven't taken into account much of the jumps in that have occured in design. I think you need to be a lot more creative man! If you like camaros, stretch it out a bit more (meaning try harder). The NEWLY designed, current prototype corvette has a very retro feel, but it is very modern. Retro is really cool, but I think you need to take into account new materials and new technologies that will be used in the design. This car wouldn't be limited to the limitations that would have hindered say car manufacturers in the eighties and prior. I think retro is great but you should push it more. Chrysler has been very good at pushing auto design recently. Take a cue from them. I'll be watching this. Cheers!

EDIT: I just checked out your website. Good work, but I can see where you might be hindered in looking ahead. You LOVE classic cars! But I think for this you need to be more visionary dude!

Last edited by Gamoron : 08 August 2003 at 10:29 PM.
  08 August 2003
Thanks for the replys!

I'm working on the rear end right now, I'll post that update as I get further with it.

Yea, I have a real soft spot for classics, and I do think that does hinder me a bit... it hurts to stretch the mind

I'll see what I can come up with :-)
  08 August 2003
sorry for double post.

just some ideas that may help it... that whole back area is just too large.. push in the sides n the top of it a bit.. would also give the trunk area more angle...

and the backlights, bah just messed with those, sorta looks like a dodge charger :P

my good friend also made a concept chevy camaro, hehe... id post the pictures but i dont want to take ur post away, hopefully he will post them soon.
  08 August 2003
Hey, thanks very much for helping me out here! :-)

I didn't see your photoshop version before I uploaded this, and I think you got a better idea, smaller white lights... I think I got the exhaust tips the right size now.

I'll push the rear sides and top down a bit, and see how it turns out.

  08 August 2003
nice job on fixing the lights up, but, they seem to big now lol, i see you stretched them lower, but... too much lol.

Also remember to leave room for a liscence plate in the middle, if you will have it there.
  08 August 2003
Man, I suck at this concept stuff haha!

I think this one is alot better:

  08 August 2003
awesome. Hey, I have a butload of ideas, so id feel lame posting a million here..

add me on messenger as if you can.. You may just like some of my ideas
  08 August 2003
I am DNSFailure on AIM, thats the only messenger I use.
  08 August 2003
Error404 I don't think you are looking deep enough. I know you got it in you. You're making a concept car, so do it. What should this ****ing thing look like. BEEFy! yes! MODERN! Yes! You don't account for more trunk space in a smaller modern engine, where's the signal lights on the sides to let people standing there know, that you are turning. Or side mirror indicators like a mercedes coupe. Why the lego blocks for lights at the back? Its been done. What have you not liked with the camaro design in the past? What would you do to improve it?

Last edited by Gamoron : 08 August 2003 at 06:57 AM.
  08 August 2003
I think I'm on the right track. I'll probably model some plastic "inserts" around the new ram air holes on the nose, like the plastic around the foglights.

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