character: anime head, for big scene

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  08 August 2003
character: anime head, for big scene


This is my first post in the focused section, i hope to get some good critique.

I am working on a scene, its about 3 boys stranded in a devastated city. ( they drive a vehicle that they have stolen from an airport and are rebuilding it to a vehicle that can be used in battle, but not in a Mad Max kind of way ) They have just been in a battle and are fixing the car ( the front wheel will be damaged and stuck in the ground ) and they have also salvaged a gun from the battlescene.
1st boy is the strong one, he is pulling/carying the gun to the car
2nd boy is the smart one, he is outside with his laptop, trying to reconfigure the car aiming system for the new gun.
3rd boy is the brave one, he drives the car and is a bit anyoing, shouting to the back that he is in a hurry.

I have finished the basic model for the car and now i am working on 1 of the characters, the 3rd to be exact. I don't work with scetches, so i don't have any concepts to show you. I am looking for a style that leans towards anime in expressions and style, but has some realistic features.

Currently, i have finished the modelling of the head, but i might be able to make it better with some help. After you guys/girls are happy with my head model, i will start texturing it and i will need a lot of help in that department.

Software: Max 5





Thanks in advance,

  08 August 2003
looks good i think you found the looks you wanted

i think tho for some reason that this guy looks like he talks with the end of his tongue know what i mean?
Generalist at Janimation Studios Dallas, TX
  08 August 2003
Hmmm.. i will place the lower jaw forward..
That might make his face look a little stronger. I am also working on the top of the skull, i thought it looked a little sheared to the front. I think i need to place the ear a little higher... I will place the update in 12 hours. ( night falls in holland )
  08 August 2003
I think you're definitely getting a good style down with this, it looks good! Has that angry Tetsuo forehead glare thing going on!

I agree the ear needs to go a bit higher-- the lower part of the earlobe should line up with the end of the nose. The ear itself could use some more work, too, it needs to stick out more, right now it looks kinda smooshed.

Also, if you're going to animate this guy talking much, you might end up wanting to adjust the mesh layout around his mouth, there's not enough around-the-mouth loops. When a person opens their mouth far or grimaces, there's a sort of fold that runs down from the nose, past the corner of the mouth, and hooks together across the front of the chin, and your layout doesn't quite follow that. I guess you'll have to try the expressions to see if it's much of an issue or not.

He could probably use more detail around the eyelids, but if you're trying to keep the style simple what you've got might work.

  08 August 2003
Thanks for the reply Gnarly Cranium, it helps a lot.

I will first show the updated side view.

This is my to do list:

Clear up the ear details, need some more depth, if i understand this correctly. ( Do you mean the ear needs to stick out more from the head, or the details in the ear need more definition, at the moment i am pretty happy the way the ear is connected to the head, but the inside needs some reworking )

Test the face with some simple expressions. I am working on a still, i want the faces to be flexible, i want to give the faces a lot of expression to give life to the image. I think you are right about the chin and jawline, they are giving me some problems, maybe need to correct some loops.

I will check the eyelids, he doesn't really have any now, i need to add the upper eyelid and look if it doesn't disturb the anime look to much.

I was thinking to add a simple texture and check how far in realisme i can go before i lose the anime look. I can add some more loops later in the process, because i won't to make big differences to the face layout in any later stage.
  08 August 2003
I meant the ear should stick out more from the head-- if you study reference closely, you'll see that ears really do stick out a heck of a lot more than we think they do. Something like a 45 degree angle.

Are you going to cel-shade this stuff, or go with more realistic shaders, or something between?

  08 August 2003
Maybe its something about my own ears then, they don't stick out at all I am reworking the ears now, i wasn't happy about the inside at all. So i opened google et voila! A load of ear images to follow. I will rotate the ears a little, but not to much.

I am not planning to use a shellshaded look, most of the time you lose a lot of detail that way. I will use realistic shaders, but im still considering to make outlines, for the anime look. I might even mix a shell shader 20/80 but i don't know yet, it depends on what looks good.

The shaders for the head won't be as detailed as some of the images shown on cgtalk, because i am constructing an environment and not a portrait of a head. But i will still try my best to make them look good, because i am not sure how i will position all the characters.

Last edited by DogmaD : 08 August 2003 at 10:17 AM.
  08 August 2003
Nice start so far. But I woluld fix the upper right part of the ear. it needs to blend into the head a bit more.


keep going.
  08 August 2003
Thanks Dubge,

I will fix it and post updates soon. I didn't even notice that the ear is connected to the head like that...

I have also started the construction of the body, i have designed some clothing that could work with my character and i will start modelling a dummy torso and lower body to lay the cloths on later.
  08 August 2003
Character: body

I have been working on the body.

This is my progress so far:

I still need to work on the sleeve and the jeans.
The shoes are also a work in progress.

I haven't joined the head with the body yet, but i will soon.

Last edited by DogmaD : 08 August 2003 at 03:28 PM.
  08 August 2003
the shoes look a lil high fashion to me, i think u should go w/ some unlaced boots or some type or beat up sneakers, showing the characters been around, doing brave things.
  08 August 2003

This part looks kinda weird to me..
great work on the head, can't wait to see the final movie it will look great cellshaded!
Razorwolf Design
  08 August 2003
Thanks for the replies!

Louman: You are right about the sneakers, i am still trying to find the right look. I don't know if i will give him some leather boots or work hard on these sneakers. I will have a look at it.

Razorwolf: Yeah, that part looks weird because there aren't any polygons there. The legs are instanced mirrors and the middle wasn't modelled yet at the time. This is because the two pieces of cloth overlap in the middle and that is impossible with instanced geometry.

Anyway, this is my current version, i still need to work a lot on the shoes and i don't like his jacket as it is, to low detail. I also need to attach his head, but i am not totally satisfied yet. Somehow it doesn't fit with the body the way i want. I think it has something to do with his jawline and eyesockets. I am satisfied with his shirt and jeans...

Stupid question: Does the head fit in the body 7 or 8 times? It fits about 7 times now and it looks pretty correct...

Important question: What would be the best way to unwrap this model, there are a lot of folds and i would hate to do all this work manually. Is there any plugin that unfolds automatically? I did see some good uvw unwrap tutorials on this site, maybe i should use those.

Forum question: How do i change the forum subject? It isn't accurate anymore.

I thought i would add the car i am working on. This is the car they will be using in the final image ( not your average car, is it ). It is still clean now, but as they are practically living in/on it, it will have a lot of stuff on it. Like some sleeping bags, food, clothing, etc...

I know i am not following the focused critique rules at the moment and i will update with wires as soon as i have found a way to change the threads subject.
  08 August 2003
I guess you can do it with the edit button. Most of the times the subject change is only visible in the thread itself and not in the list of threads.

I know this is WIP but I feel that there's not enough darkness in it, but this will come soon enough I hope =). The vehicle is nice and very original, can't wait to see it with an MG mounted on

Razorwolf Design
  08 August 2003
Btw, could you post a cell-shaded render of the guy ?
Razorwolf Design
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