Recruitment for UT2003 TC

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  07 July 2003
Recruitment for UT2003 TC

Since it was getting little response in the Game Art forum, here it is again, this time in the right forum, I hope:


We are looking to make an high quality TC for UT2003, named Pandaemonium. In short, this TC is about an post-apocalyptic Earth. The apocalypse was caused by an asteroid crashing into earth. The time of the TC is set 150 years after this event. Due to the sun being blocked out thanks to the dust, caused by the asteroid, Vampires and Werewolves can freely walk the Earth. For more details, look below.


The team, an concept artist, two skinners, an mapper, an music creator and a skinmapper, looks for more team members.

Wed like to see:

If you want to join, please send me an email ( ) containing:
-Examples of your work
-Contact information (AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc. etc.)
-Time available. E.g. how much time you can and want to devote to this project.

However, if you feel like you can contribute to us although youre not an coder, moddeler or animator, contact me anyway.


Weve got an basic site set up on

Full background

A lot of info to read! Be warned


150 years ago, the world descended into Darkness. Not for a day, a week or a month. For years.
The Eternal Night was expected. The lead scientists had seen it coming, 151 years ago. An asteroid the size of a small city had entered our solar system. It was on a collision course with Earth.

"No need for panic," they said. "We'll protect you," and, "We will prevail!"

NASA immediately launched their rockets, their space shuttles, all to divert or destroy "Armageddon", as they had dubbed the asteroid. They only succeeded in proving that they couldn't back-up their bold words. The only thing they managed to do was to drain their resources. The asteroid was still coming towards Earth, and all NASA was left with was the threat of bankruptcy.

The world descended into madness. The common people had lost hope, and cults sprang into existence, like a cancer, eating away at the major nations. Suicides were becoming more common by the day. The streets eventually grew empty.

Then one day, 150 years ago, a clear summer's sky turned dark. "Armageddon" completed it's inevitable journey, and collided with Earth. Every doomsday scenario became reality, and worse. The Earth burned like an candle, And not even the tidal waves could put out the fires that burned the planet to a crisp. Eventually the fires burned themselves out, having consumed all fuel, and leaving the Earth as little more than a barren rock. Great clouds of dust filled the atmosphere, blocking out the life-giving essence of the Sun, visible for billions of years, but now suddenly extinguished.

By the time the landscape had cooled down and life began to emerge once more, 90% of the Earth's human population had been wiped out. In this apocalyptic wasteland, an old legend reared its ugly head. Vampires now stalked the Earth's surface unhindered.

Today, 150 years later, Earth has crawled back up. The Eternal Night is welcomed. Vampire Clans like the Night Lords hold the reins of power now.

Welcome to Abbadon, the City of Broken Dreams.

-Welcome speech of the Mayor of Abbadon, for all new Citizens.

Quick Tour Of The City Abbadon Abbadon.
Estimated population:
19,000,000. The biggest city in the region once known as USA.
Estimated Vampire population:

Estimated Werebeast population:

Can't get any lower than this. Only district where selling blood happens publicly. Hunting grounds for all three groups.

Called after the Vampire Clan that rules it. Only district which has an police force purely made out of Vampires. And the only police force which tries to keep the Vampire population in check.

-The Spire.
Called like that because of the many, many skyscrapers. The district where you life if you are Vampire, have enough power to own human cattle, and not caring about humans to know about it. Human millionaires live there as well.

-Hellfire's Demons' Turf.
This district doesn't seem to have any other name. It's always referred to as "That place where the Demons live". Or simply "Inferno's Kingdom".

The district of the middleman. Not for rich or poor, but the human or Vampire who simply lives his life.

A bastionesque suburb of Abaddon. Build and founded by iCon, a vast security and technology bureau.

Abbadon Office Of Tourism.

Established Orders
The remnants of a vast security and technology bureau. They have the most advanced technology available.

-Les Seigneurs de la Nuit (The Lords of the Night, Night Lords)
Abaddon's reigning vampire society. They control most of Abaddon's populace and are the occasional peacemakers.

-The Vipers Hellfire's Demons
Led by an young man called "Pure Inferno"

-The Youngsters
A vast juvenile gang and general underground fellowship. They deal in drugs, weaponry, prostitution, and most notably, information. They stay away from 'high clan politics' and are neither friends nor foes with anyone.

-The Taint Co.
Gambling and (private) recreation establishment, headed up by Raven Belladonna. The pinnacle of aristocracy.

-The Collectors (Thieves of Flesh)
Not quite human, not quite vampire, not quite lycanthropes. These ghouls are cannibalistic anarchists who perform a service to the city of Abaddon while fulfilling their own needs. They scavenge and devour the dead.

Another Vampire Clan. Also quite powerful. They have their own "police", who control the Vampire population in their own district.

-Abaddon City Police
The Abaddon City Police, ACP for short, is a small police force, being funded by the Mayor himself. They mostly patrol in the Spire. But from time to time, they patrol other parts of the city as well.

-The Silverfangs and the Vipers
Their origins date back before the eternal darkness, mostly a group of highly professional hit men and assassins. After the fall their original goal became corrupted. The gang turned more violent and became more interested in drugs, guns, prostitution as well as protection racket . Now, they are more mercenaries then single killers. The split that spawned the Vipers, occurred after the darkness. When things were stabilized, the leader wanted to be at the seat of power but the Silverfangs wanted to remain out of the lime light. There has been bitter fighting ever since; the Vipers are too powerful for the Silverfangs to directly destroy. Silverfangs are too strong and good at fighting for the Vipers to take out and too widely spread out over cities. The Vipers are much more into technology and knowledge than brutality and violence. Phillius Extoris is currently their leader. About his other board members, once can only speculate.

Rapport on Arcane and Ancient Technology

Although we have studied the ancient texts from before Armageddon we have yet to find a way to bring back the infamous "Internet". Given the current state of the world, the internet is an impossibility, an dream that cannot be realized. Abaddon is rather isolated from any other major city. The particles in the atmosphere prevent satellite communications. The turmoil of the country surrounding us prevents us to make an WWAN (World Wide Area Network). The only thing we can do for now, is trusting on our intranet, between the various organizations that exist. Perhaps, one day the WWAN will exist, we will continue to strife for this high goal!

-Robert Wood, Bureau of AAT

Rapport on Arcane and Ancient Technology, part Two

Our second research project is concentrated on our foe. We have searched old texts, to try and reveal as much as possible on the "Nosferato". So far, the list below is all we have, but rest assured, due to very extensive field tests, courtesy to the ACP, we can assure that this list is 100% correct.

-Robert Wood, Bureau of AAT

Disadvantages :
1. Silver weapons (bullets, swords, ad infinitum) do extra damage. If you cut an vampire with an silver sword, it negates their healing capacities. If you shoot them with silver tipped bullets, it will effect them like the bullet was explosive.

2. Garlic, unlike in the old fairy tales, only kills when injected.

3. UV lights kills fairly fast. Thanks to the tests, we have concluded that an unprotected Vampire (e.g., completely naked) that receives an continuing beam is dead in 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the age of the vampire in question.

4. If someone cuts a vampires head off - the vampire is dead, since he can not regenerate any longer. The same thing applies if it is shred to pieces.

1. Very good night seeing capacities.

2. Hearing and perception are higher then the average human.

3. High speed and more accurate reflexes, higher than the average human.

4. The most exotic ability we have found, are transformation capacities. The average vampire can turn into three animals max.

5. Unlike in fairy tales, the "standard" vampire cannot fly.

6. Good healing capacities, although they do take some time. A moderate sword wound heals in like an hour or so.

7. Stronger then an human.

8. Able to blend with shadows.
"...and the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars Ive grown
By myself but not alone"
  08 August 2003
hey hellwolve,

this sounds like a great idea. it reminds me of shadow run and vampire mascarade.

i had a look at the website. nice looking models so far.
  08 August 2003
Thanks, mate.

And you know it: either join if you have the skills, or spread the word
"...and the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars Ive grown
By myself but not alone"
  08 August 2003
no probs

i dunno if i have the skills. if i was going to "apply" for anything it would be modeller, but i havnt really tackled any Lo Poly up until this very week.

a freind of mine who is making this mod : has been helping me with a few things. so i've learned quite a bit there.

so i dunno, what do u need modelled? maybe i could try something and see what you think. I use Max 5 and know how to crank stuff out!

i have a website, but the work on it is just wishy washy crap i've done in university.

its all up to you.
  08 August 2003
Have a look here. That's the page containing the concept art for the mod. Choose one of those concepts, model it, keep the polies around 3000. Once you're done, I'll let you know if I want you in

BTW, the site looks good. Did that guy made it himself?
"...and the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars Ive grown
By myself but not alone"

Last edited by Hellwolve : 08 August 2003 at 08:12 AM.
  08 August 2003
ok thanks. i'll give it a go. no promises on how long this will take.

but yeah, the site. that guy has done everything himself.
  08 August 2003
Quote: Originally posted by ninjacore
ok thanks. i'll give it a go. no promises on how long this will take.]

It's okay. Just remember I like stuff ASAP, and I like WIP

Quote: Originally posted by ninjacore
[B]but yeah, the site. that guy has done everything himself.

Too bad. I hoped someone else would have done it; we could use a better site.
"...and the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars Ive grown
By myself but not alone"
  01 January 2006
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