Character: Slave Children for Sale - Get 'em while they're fresh

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Old 07 July 2003   #1
Talking Character: Slave Children for Sale - Get 'em while they're fresh

This is a villain I'm working on. Haven't got a name for him yet, maybe "Something Van Weazle", I reckon. But he kidnaps homeless children and sells them as slaves (well, the ones who survive anyway)!

There was no real inspiration for the character, but he kind of developed from a crude doodle I did last week. I'm in the process of painting him in my spare time, and thought I'd fish for some feedback on the outline sketch - so here it is:

and some closer detail:

All comments welcome, cheers.

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Old 07 July 2003   #2
very evil charater, kind of remind me of the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
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Old 07 July 2003   #3
Yeh, my girlfriend said he reminded her of Willy Wonka!!
Old 07 July 2003   #4
heehee, so are you going to colour it?
would love to see the paint version.
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Old 07 July 2003   #5
Wow, I love the idea Will you colour it??
Can't wait to see it coloured!
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Old 07 July 2003   #6
Yeh, I'm painting it every spare minute I get. I love rich coloured work, so he'll be dark, but flambouyant!!
Old 07 July 2003   #7
Reminds me of the children catcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" I used to have nightmares about that guy..L
Old 07 July 2003   #8
Awesome! Excellent. I love the character design, I'd like to see it colored also.
Old 07 July 2003   #9
gun doesn't seem to fit, but its still very good looking
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Old 07 July 2003   #10
what BiTMAP say might be true, since the theme is like old english time (18 century) maybe you should give it an old fashion priate gun.
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Old 07 July 2003   #11
Hmmm, good point, BiTMAP. I wrestled with that myself for a while. Maybe a musket or something?

It wasn't actually a deliberately period piece - I'd always envisioned his clothes sharply coloured like a stereotypical pimp - someone whose made a lot of cash very quickly, but hasn't the taste or "cultural capital" to put it to good use. Like on old fashioned gangster, he feels that by dressing in style, he somehow elevates himself above his crimes.

I saw him as a kind of post-apocalyptic vagabond who carries his wealth with him in order to protect it. In films like mad max, I loved the fact that the villians carried everything they scavenged with them like nomads. I was aiming for a similar theme, I think, but with a distinctly British lilt.

I tried to use more modern imagery to give him a more contemporary feel - the flaming high-heeled platforms, feathers in his hat and the futuristic gun. Maybe a leopard-skin trim on his coat would do the trick?

I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of painting a period picture, since all the nerds come out of the woodwork pointing out every historical inaccuracy!!!!

One thing Willy Wonka, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Wonderland all have in common is that they're all in their own little worlds where anything can happen!! I find that really appealing!
Old 07 July 2003   #12
Okay, I decided to ditch the kids. The character and his pose are strong on their own, but the children weaken the composition, so here's the new outline I'm working from:

I'll be posting some colour work shortly. Any thoughts in the meantime?

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Old 07 July 2003   #13
looking good man, what kind of colouring acheme are you going to give him?
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Old 07 July 2003   #14
I'm not sure. I've block-coloured him a couple of times now, once in hot colours (Leopard skin lapels, burgundy coat and hat, with dark brown wastecoat etc), and once in more esoteric colours (purples, reds and blues). I prefer the reds, yellows and oranges I think - makes him look more dynamic and dangerous.

I always find it a challenge to get enough variety to make the picture interesting, but keep the pallette limited enough to hold the image together and create the right mood.

Any suggestions?
Old 08 August 2003   #15
Okay, I've block-coloured him. I tried lots of different schemes, and I'm finally pretty happy with him now - though once he's finished I'll tweak his Hue/Saturation levels a bit.

This will change a lot. Shading and detail to be added first, then lighting and shadow. See my game icon entry to see an example of how it might develop.

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