2.28 is out!!!

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  07 July 2003
2.28 is out!!!

Am I really the first one here to announce it? The first post on Elysiun was made hours ago!
Anyway, go get it, it's marvelous!

Find it at Blender.org.

(Although it is a bit early for beer)

Hans Petter
Hans Petter Birkeland
  07 July 2003
Me jumps to the sky with a wide wide smile

New Features:
Quote: -------General:

- Included new default .B.blend file in Blender, with Material, Texture, World and 'draw faces' and 'draw edges' options set.
- When ButtonsWindow shows Material options (F5), selecting a Lamp automatically switches to Lamp shading settings (F4). And vice versa.
- Tooltips for window headers have been upgraded
- Typing a '\' in swedish keyboards works now.
- Fixed slow file reading of files with vertex deform groups.
- BUG FIX: When the preset directory menu in FileSelect was empty, it causing a nasty drawing error. (Typical when you fire up Blender and didn't save yet).
- BUG FIX: saving VRML 1.0 files had incorrect UV coordinates.
- Installation for MS Windows now works property for all versions.
- Tooltips (buttons) now wait 0.3 seconds beforr popping up.
- Added mouse wheel support in Text Editor.

------Audio (new!)

- Blender now allows playback of audio, in 3D window for syncing, as well in the Sequence editor.
- Editing with audio strips in the Sequence editor
- Animation is synced to the audio (framedrop)
- Audio is also played in all other windows (including 3D windows)
- Check the full features of this system in this article:
- Known problem: the Ipos for audio fading only playback in Sequencer
- Output to movies with audio is not supported yet; a "Mixdown" feature for writing the mix into a file is provided instead

------Python (new!)

- The whole implementation was redone in pure C, as a mix of new code
and updated parts of old bpython files;
- Some bugs were fixed, like material updating in NMesh;
- Already existing modules now have more data exposed: more variables
and more method functions;
- The file selector is back, now in the Window module;
- There are new modules: Armature, Effect, Metaball and World;
- Active development, a mailing list where people interested in Blender
Python scripting are invited to participate:
- API reference documentation available in beta state.
- Expect in the period after 2.28 a lot of interesting import/export modules. - For 2.29 is scheduled to have pulldown menus to activate scripts.

------3DWindow editing

- ALT+RIGHTMOUSE in Mesh edit mode selects both vertices of an edge (this is not real edge-selection, but it's close!).
- Added 'draw edges' mode in F9 menu, it displays vertex selection in edges.
- Changed ugly 'draw faces' option into a nice transparent.
- Settings like 'draw faces' and 'draw edges' are now saved in a file.
- "insert Mesh key" (IKEY) gives option to choose between Relative or Absolute (normal) keys.
- Reversed change in SHIFT+O menu behavior.
- in edit mode; press OKEY to toggle proportional editing
- in edit mode; press SHIFT+OKEY to toggle sharp/smooth proportional editing
- outside of edit mode; the SHIFT+O toggles subsurf on/off
- BUG FIX: SHIFT+O caused crash when no Object was active
- New "Group selection" menu (SHIFT-G), which offers the following options:
1- Children
Selects all direct children of the active object
2- Immediate Children
Select all children, children's children etc. of the active object
3- Activate Parent
Makes the parent of the current object active
4- Objects on shared layers
Selects all objects that share at least one layer with the active object
- Added 'Textured Solid' to the Draw mode popup (DKEY).
- "Turn table" view rotation now allows (with vertical movement) a twisted rotation as well. This to fix bug #364, causing a deviation error. Feedback on this feature might result in making this another user option though.
- Selecting objects has a different frontbuffer drawing handling now. Instead of drawing everything again, in all windows, it restricts to the active and previous active object. When there are more objects to be redrawn, it does a normal swapbuffers. Result is it all redraws & selects a lot faster in complex scenes
- BUG FIX: Typing special characters in 3d Text Object didn't work.
- BUG FIX #149. Rendering the current view (view3d header, render) didn't render solid drawmode.
- Spherical mapping in FaceSelect mode works again (UKEY).

------Action Window

- Fixed 'HOME' button, it didn't work at all
- You now can zoom out much further
- BUG FIX: opening a new Action Window, or scaling it, displayed with wrong window matrix.
- Relative Vertex Keys (RVKs) now show up here as well, with options:
- RVK sliders. Pressing the little triangle next to the word 'sliders' in
the channel names opens them up.
- NKEY in the area where the key block names are allows the user to change
the name of the keyblock, and the max and min values of the RVK sliders.
- ability to visualize the keyframes for the IpoCurves when the object is selected.
- right mouse can be used to select the keys
- border select in the main area can be used to border select keys.
- AKEY selects/deselects all of the keys
- GKEY and SKEY can be used to grab or scale the key selections.
- XKEY deletes the selected keys.
- DKEY duplicated the selected keys.
- VKEY, HKEY and shift-HKEY change the bezier handles for the selected keys.

------NLA Window:

- BUG FIX, #178, deleting action strips caused memory to be garbled, which caused a non-readable .blend file.
- BUG FIX, #152, data-browse didnt work for a SHIFT+A "add action"


- Lamps have options to not give 'Diffuse' or 'Specular' light (F4 menu)
- New shaders (from Tuhopuu) integrated in Blender:
- MaterialButtons: layout changed a bit, the 'shader' options now are
located together.
- Shader options are separated in 'diffuse' and 'specular'. You can combine
them freely.
- Diffuse Lambert: is the old shader
- Diffuse Oren Nayar: new shader, gives sandy/silky/skinny material well
- Diffuse Toon: for cartoon render
- Specular Phong: new spec, traditional 70ies spec
- Specular CookTorr: a reduced version of cook torrance shading, does
off specular peak well (is the old spec in Blender)
- Specular Blinn: new spec, same features as CookTorr, but with extra
'refraction' setting
- Specular Toon: new spec for cartoon render
- Default Blender starts with settings that render compatible, also for
old files.
- Works correctly in shaded view and preview-render
- BUG FIX: In render window, pressing ZKEY now allows zooming again.
- BUG FIX: 2.27 didn't render in background mode (blender -b).
- Blender in background render mode now reacts to CTRL+C again. You'll have to do it twice... first CTRL+C will send an internal break (exit render loops)
- New feature: rendering large images now displays correctly zoomed down in a render window. Not zooming down caused unpredictable slowdowns at various systems.
- F11 now nicely pops/pushes a render window again.
- DispView mode (render in 3d window) now doesn't disappear anymore after rendering
- While rendering, pressing a single ESC immediately halts rendering. It now works as in versions 2.23 and older, without causing slow rendering.
- BUG FIX: Memory leak which caused Blender to hog up more and more memory when rendering long animations. (An oldie!).

------Quicktime support

- Updated Quicktime code so settings can be stored in the blendfile, works compatible for OSX and Windows. This enables Blender to;
- have scenes with different codec settings. (same as avicodec)
- render directly without dialog.
- batch/background render to Quicktime movies.


- BUG FIX #370; when over 16 materials are used for 'collect meshes', it used an illegal index number, causing errors in rendering.

-----OpenGL related: (mostly for OSX and Nvidia cards)

- Material preview (F4, F5) now nicely shows scanline progress of rendering
- Using the GUI in general is much faster now, by properly caching 'glFlush' and swapbuffer calls.
- Geforce in 'full scene antialias' mode doesn't garble the Blender interface anymore (Windows).
- Iconified windows do not get window focus anymore. (X11)

------OSX related:

- Vertex painting and Face selection modes now correctly work.
- BUG FIX: Selecting vertices in ImageWindow (UV coords) didn't display.
- A hand cursor now indicates you can move a window edge.
- New shiny Blender icon.
- Saving a screenshot for Blender works with ALT+CTRL+F3 key. (Normal key is CTRL+F3, but OSX uses it).
- Cursor now moves with arrow keys again, while grabbing/rotating/scaling
- BUG FIX: After rendering, and pressing ESC or F11, the main window was inactive for input.

------Source code:

- interface.c has an extensive API doc now, with full description of the GUI system in Blender. Can be found in bf-blender/blender/docs/
- Soundsystem library moved to 'intern' (out of the game engine)
- New dependency to SDL library for compiling. Both system SDL (with sdl-config) and an SDL library in /lib/ work.
- Compiling with gcc under Windows works now.
- And heaps and heaps of Makefile/projectfile/automake improvements.
Photography works (portfolio in the making)
  07 July 2003
Yeap, it's an good version overall! nice new features, lot's of improvements! etc...

still some bugs that should be quickly cleaned up... a 2.28a version is planned to be releases quite soon

People should definitely upgrade from their previous versions to 2.28, it's now worth it!

  08 August 2003
Just wanted to point out thatversion 2.28a was just realeased, to fix a few things in 2.28. Go check it out at blender.org.
  08 August 2003

2.28 is great, but i have a problem with seeing the new transparent/shaded edit mode. Will the new 2.28a fix this??:annoyed:
  09 September 2003
The Blender Foundation just released 2.28c as a way to start filtering new features without doing a full 2.29 release .... they seem to be quite busy with the upcomming 2.30 version and all the UI changes on it.


Many new and improved features

(By the way, posted it here before than elYsiun!!! )
Photography works (portfolio in the making)

Last edited by Apollux : 09 September 2003 at 11:44 PM.
  09 September 2003
It's been out for a few months months now. The newest release 2.28c just came out. I think that most Blender users have known this, but it doesn't hurts to mention it.
  10 October 2003
with: radio render, better enviro mapping,...and meta-shapes! yay! I love the new Blender. With the new features, our little scan line renderer can do some pretty impressive things.
Fear is the mind killer.
  10 October 2003
Quote: Originally posted by Modron
With the new features, our little scan line renderer can do some pretty impressive things.

I agree.. over the years people have complained over the Scanline Renderer, but now I came to realize that without knowing it, what most people were really complaining about was the material shader that made everything to look kind of dull. (like the illustrations from those old Dos-based RPG )

But now that the new shaders have been included, the enviroment maps upgraded, lighting expanded and a long list of extras... now the Scanline suddently doesn' t look so bland, it looks quit cool to be honest

Scanline isn' t for breakfast anymore !
Photography works (portfolio in the making)
  10 October 2003
I found this thread with pictures comparing a real ray-tracing and the improved Scanline from Blender.

I don't know about you, but I find the Scanlined version to be better.

Photography works (portfolio in the making)
  10 October 2003
The scanline version is nice. As I said in my response in the thread.

With that being said, the shadows in the YAFray render are far superior IMO. Also, as mentioned in that thread, the reflections are calculated incorrectly in the Blender render. That is a huge problem with Blender currently. The environment map calculation is incorrect, resulting in reflections that are not 100% accurate.

But, I do agree, it is a big step forward for us Blender users.

Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol.
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  10 October 2003
I agree that in this case the scanline render does look better, but feel I need to make some comments as the yafray render was mine. First off, the picture on Elysiun is not a very large scale and is really hard to see to compare. 2nd, that was the first picture I had done in yafray and was done to test out a chrome material. I do like the Blender scanline rending of the balls because it was taken further to be more interesting than just a test. I also love the new features of Blender and have always been a fan of it's scanline renderer. But as others have pointed out we're talking about apples and oranges here. There is a place for both scanline and raytracers each with there own plus's and minus's. ( I just noticed BgDM posted as I was typing this and I agree with what he said). One other point if you're going to compare pictures, compare something other than a simple chrome ball on a plane type picture, like something with glass, or indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, or something like Enos Shanks motorcyles, or the cars. Sorry if I'm getting carried away here, the point I really wanted to make is I use both Blender and Yafray and consider then each to be fantastic tools to be used together, not as competitors but as companions in your 3D toolset.
  10 October 2003
I never ment that Yafray got a new competitor in Blender... there is Virtualight and the others free renderers to take that challenge.

As I said in my "Scanline isn't for breakfast anymore" post, IN FACT the scanline has been consistenly overlooked and unapreciated until the lastest releases, when all the time the blame was on the shaders, not the scanline itself.

BgDM, you said that envmaps are calculated wrong. How could a Blender envmap be right or wrong when we all know that the envmap's point of view can be -and usually is- tricked to achieve physically impossible reflections?

i.e. A mesh is reflecting his insides when been looked from the outside.
Photography works (portfolio in the making)
  10 October 2003

why did everyone only start to notice that Blender has environment mapping since I made it recursive?
  10 October 2003
Apollux: You are correct. The envmap is calculated from the inside. This is why I said it was wrong. You can see that the distance between the reflection and the actual object is too large, as compared to a raytraced reflection.

intrr: I think the explanation for all these reflection renders now is the fact that they are a hell of a lot easier to do now than previously, due to the recursive rendering. The old way was just to painful and too too long to do.

Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol.
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