Secret Agent Entry: Christian Suhr

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Old 06 June 2009   #1
Secret Agent Entry: Christian Suhr

Christian Suhr is entered in the "Secret Agent" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Edward Nolan
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #2
Concept / pre-visualization: John Doe

F***! I should have read properly. Only a few hours to finish my work. The image challenge got another deadline.

Well, I finished the sketches yesterday, this one will be me Bond-like protagonist.

The idea: The protagonist hit a ballroom with his plane, picks the clothing of a guest there (like Terminator :D ) and in the background you can see the other guests, being surprised, woman falling in love. All those spy-manner stuff.

The protagonist is meant to look like a mixture of Gary Cooper and Jason Priestley.

So every thing in one picture. Action, love, politics :D

But it seems, I got to stay awake and fall in a coma afterwards.
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #3
Concept / pre-visualization: JohnDoe

That's the setting so far.
Not up to paint and colourize.
Hope this will look like as I imagine. For it's hell a short amount of time left.

Actually inspired by the song "Fred Astaire - Puttin' on the Ritz", I now recommend "The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia my Reflection" and "David Bowie - This is not America".

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #4
Work In Progress: John Doe

Now up to colourize and paint.
I use an airbrush like manner of masking technics. That allows me to use all my custom brushes without takin' care of edges and so on.

Tempus fugit!
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #5
Work In Progress: John Doe

Uff. Well. Face almost done.
Method (whoever cares about :D ):
Using the pencil drawing, blur until losing the lines, layer effect and merge with the skin-toned mask of the face.
Working with different custom brushes afterwards.

Important: As better the drawing, as better the result, of course ^^
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #6
Work In Progress: John Doe got a name

I decided to took a nap of five hours :D
Well, don't know, whether the time left would be enough, but I will try.

John Doe now got a name, I call him Edward Nolan.

And I know, I could take care for much more details, but I will edit the background and people there next, to have at least a final pic, which seems to be final in about 22 hours.

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #7
Work In Progress: Edward Nolan

Damn it! Fifteen hours ain't enough to finish this concept.
So, time to switch 'round a bit.
I think, I'll go for the easiest thing imaginable.
The spy fixing his tie, in the background a big explosion.

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #8
Work In Progress: Edward Nolan

This will be the final format.
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #9
Work In Progress: Edward Nolan

Some finetuning, some colour-tweaking and that will do. It's a pity that I myself haven't got enough time to finish the original idea. But ... less is more ...
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #10
Haha this is great, you can do it!
Old 08 August 2009   #11
A very classic take on a secret agent! However, the foreground and background don't seem to relate to each other very well. With all that light back there from the explosion, one would expect him to be backlit. Instead, he's lit from the front with no light from the flames behind him. Just somethign to think about as you move forward. But there's still some time... good luck!
Michael Dashow
My web site / My art on Facebook
Old 08 August 2009   #12
Work In Progress: Edward Nolan

Close up. Almost done.
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #13

Yeah, I put some lighting of the rear explosion on his shoulders, hair and so on.
But I decided to pick another light source in front of him. Somehow a look of "hey, dude, I am that cool that I pose in front of an explosion". I just searched for several similar posters and saw, that they also use at least a nice fill-light instead of a real lighting, whenever there's an explosion in the background.

It's not the first idea I had, but at least a "classical" piece. By the way, I prefer Roger Moore and Sean Connery as James Bond The good ol' Iron Curtain Era image of a spy.

I am quiet happy to make it to a final piece
DeadInTheAttic Artworks

Last edited by DeadInTheAttic : 08 August 2009 at 12:47 AM.
Old 08 August 2009   #14
Work In Progress: Edward Nolan

Final view test.

Well, I have so many ideas. The original one, or within this one the statue of liberty, a city or something else as silhouettes within the flames, flying garbage (parts of the exploded thing), perhaps smoke an his shoulders ... but ... that's it. Just for the fun of it.
DeadInTheAttic Artworks
Old 08 August 2009   #15
Final Image: Edward Nolan

In the beginning of the 21. century, the technological advanced Europe merges with a big part of the former Sowjetunion, for there are to be found ressources in abundance. This Euroasian Confederation develops a new kind of information exchange.
Lead by Jakob Herzfeldt, main researcher of Eurasia, the military finally invents electrical communication through power circuits.
Bypassing every known firewall and defense system, they begin gather information from all over the world.

Within the next two decades Eurosia becomes the supreme economical power.
Eurasia forms a new group of spies, the Leechers. Without physical contact they are able to gather almost any information demanded.

The Eastern Block and the United States are not able to capture vital information of this new technology. One of their efforts leads to the death of Jakob Herzfeldt, but their only possibility to protect their information is by using analog media and complex and expensive power circuit systems.
This leads to a political isolation of Eurasia and to the alliance of Far East and West.

The military advisors of this new formed alliance plan a massive strike to destroy the telecommunication and power infrastructure by using electromagnetical pulse weapons. One strike, almost no casualties. They called it "Goetterdaemmerung".
They don't figure out Eurasia striking back the same way. This is the day, the light goes out.

Every known weapon system based on circuits, processors and so on fails. If not during the first electromagnetical strike, than during the following strikes.
Civilizations are only able to use technologies of the early 20. century. Starvation occurs. The alliances break apart. Conventional war is not an option, for the fossile fuels are almost depleted. Globalization is history.

All these new small nations try to get as much as possible of the remnants of the former great nations. Special agent education and training is one of the main military strategies.

If you are one of the best agents, you might know when talking to a foe.
If you are one of the best spies, you even might not know being one.

Edward Nolan is one of them ...

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
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