A Good Dream II, Kirsi Salonen (2D)

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  03 March 2009
A Good Dream II, Kirsi Salonen (2D)

Title: A Good Dream II
Name: Kirsi Salonen
Country: Finland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

One day's work over a pencil sketch. This is based on a dream I had recently and have seen that weird face before in a dream 2004 - truly!

I've attached some 'event stories' that have happened through the dreams I've had. Maybe someday it will make sense to me completely. Until then.. well, we'll see. Please, if you've had even remotely similar experiences with thses kind of long-term odd experiences, I'd really love to hear and talk about it :)
Ok, so here it goes:

Dream in 2004:

Thirsty and weak I led myself to a oasis,
there were buildings I couldn't recognize,
there was no Sun,
only a man with long legs, long arms, a small face under a hood, black and small eyes,
and he spoke to me.
”I'll treat you”, he said without moving his mouth.
I am mute and deaf without replies.
Stroking gently with his long fingers and wrapping me inside his arms he spoke again:
”Your Horse is weak, it cannot run very far. I'll give you another.”
He taught me to ride with Nature, we flew together as Hawks,
we rode for months and months,
until we arrived to a forest surrounded my mist.
The center glew and shone in the place what was so smooth and graceful by its plain surface,
and the surrounding silence was petrifying,
the Center circled by Emerald Green trees.
I had to unmount
and I was so disappointed I did.


Dream in 2008:

Three in the morning I woke up before the Dream.
In the Dream I heard the same voice, who I knew wasn't existing, but it said in a massive tone, like bass pounding under a giant wave of water and speaking in nothingness.
It said: ”Nothing ever even tries to end or die, things only change places and move from beings to another beings, as either negative or positive phenomenon.
All the ailments of a Man, which haunt him are connected to these forces which move in the world.
If you go towards the Noise, Disturbance and Control, you'll attract this Darkness and ”Evil” inside your House.
If you go towards Purity, Silence and extreme Carefulness and Preservation,
and to study all things inside yourself,
that Darkness shall stay away,
and all things shall be revealed by itself.


Dream in 2009:

I open and close doors, knowing that behind a certain door there's something unspeakable and horrible,
I keep closing doors as they open, I must close them each time so It won't come out.
But as I lock other doors, then some other unlock the same time.
Then It came out.
As black and formless as a coledust cloud, vague and transluscent which had no permanent shape,
but I felt its presence as clear as it had,
I had to avoid it in anyways as It approached me, so I ran away.
I woke up in my own bed, but still knew I was still dreaming, while I looked up and saw It coming through my front door. Once again I was paralyzed, I couldn't say a word.
It had followed me from another time and another place,
as It stopped for a moment in the doorway, as tall and dark with that bright small face which had no expression, just a stare of immence force.
It rose up from ground and became a shadow, swooping pass my left shoulder, through my body without any pain or touch,
and It was gone.

Then I really woke up.
At nine o'clock in the morning, half an hour later when taking a shower,
I saw four red marks on my left shoulder.
I trid to copy them by pressing my fingers on those places and create the same pressure marks,
but it didn't work. The marks were round and clear by their borders and they weren't hurting at all. After two hours they disappeared.
I never got explanation for this.

But I only wait for more Dreams to tell me.


"I'm gonna need a hacksaw."
-Jack Bauer

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  03 March 2009
creepy and beautiful, just the way i like it

very good work kirsi!

.: little whiny drama queen :.

  03 March 2009
Kirsi i love the mood this shot. really nice

Oh Sing Me a Song of Your Misery

  03 March 2009
very good painting!!
  03 March 2009
great image! i like the strokes and colors

my works:
-Crossing lights-
-the hunter-
-Going home-
-undeground station-

"Yes maybe I am just a kalipp..."
  03 March 2009
yes, that face is weird but its cool, I always have an ordinary dream, wish I can find a weird creature in my dream that can inspire me too hehe

nice lightning and texture there, love it
  03 March 2009
super!,nice colors, love the paintry look
  03 March 2009
awsome painting. but in my opinion the wings are too low. by the way have you used textures for this painting?
  03 March 2009
very nice composition and colors..the girl could have used a bit more detail..
but very nice piece over all..
4 stars
  03 March 2009
Don't you just love to have such inspiring dreams. I think someone is watching over you, as I can interpret this image being of your guardian angel. It may not be the angel we are all so used to, but it's your personal one. You have a very unique style and it's always a pleasure to see your next illustration.
Knowledge is Power. Inspiration is it's driving engine!

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  03 March 2009
nice layered brushwork. gives a good mood and expression to the theme of the piece. very central focused, but no tangents (very good). enough detail captured to tell the story for the title. good job.
  03 March 2009
I love this one....especially around the 'angels'' head and hair.
  03 March 2009
Thumbs up

I will wait for your story or poem.

  03 March 2009
  03 March 2009
thank you for so many positive comments! It means a lot =))

NJA3d, phoenix, tawer and Littlelizard: thank you very much and my warmest regards

wenart: got to say that I truly belive there's no such things as "ordinary" dream. You can quite easily learn to remember your dreams and have a recollection of them when keeping a diary or a 'dreambook' near you. One way to learn it is to make sure you never wake up suddenly, like to another persons ake up call or a cellphone ring. That kind of waking up distrubs the natural disconnecting from the dream a lot and makes you quickly forget what it really was a about.
So.. practise and patience takes you to surprising places, trust me

patrickdigi, thanks so much!

benwin21, thanks for the remark. In the original pencil work the wings were even lower, have no idea why I wanted to make them like that. Maybe those kind of wings aren't meant to fly at all.. it's not like this is some 'real' anatomy, right?
Didn't use any particular textures but lightly Canvas while using Dodge-tool. The roughness comes from the sketch underneath if it shows someways.

mehran, thank you for your opinion . You may be right about the girl, but I wanted to keep this a loose work, leave some room for relaxed brush work and interpretation.

Picky, you have no idea how great is to hear something like that coming from you. Just when things seem very grim and people feel so blue and lost about many things happening in the world, the more important is to seek safety from inside. So to share your thoughts, I do like to think that we all have a guardina spirit walking beside us. It's just sometimes scary to be aware of it.. meaning if it really is the case. Human mind is a wonderous thing filled with secrets.

linainverse23, thank you very much for the thoughtful comment! I really appreciate it!

Burpee, thank you =)

biul, well now I've added the stories to the description. Hope you enjoy reading them and get inspirations

"I'm gonna need a hacksaw."
-Jack Bauer

-My website, check it out!!-

-"Recall" in Choice Award Gallery-

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