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  05 May 2002
Question going to 7


Right now I'm happily working:airguitar with ps6. But I want to skip to 7. What are some new things that are very important in 7? what important things have changed/moved?
  05 May 2002
I just loaded it last week. Besides some of new filter effects like Liquify, there is a built-in Image Browser that is extremely useful. And it runs in OSX (which is why I upgraded).
Ciao for now!

Curtis S
  05 May 2002
hmmm... in that case I'm not in a hurry and also not looking forward to it.
  05 May 2002
7 is good:

image browser is well useful, honestly.

new brush engine, much easier to get painterly effects. Painting in photoshop has always been too clean, now you can have some texture in your mark-making. far more options for the brushes too.

healing tool, like the rubber stamp on steroids.

you can save presets for all tools, in case there are settings you use a lot. you can also save workspace layouts, great if you have different layouts for different tasks.

I like it
  05 May 2002
hey thanks...now I'm actually looking forward too it!!!

What about the speed? is it faster that the previous version?

with speed I mean: start up, filters, saving and those kind of things.
  05 May 2002
I haven't noticed any changes in speed.

The new brush engine is very cool, but takes a bit of getting used to.
Y'know those preset brushes up the top left? I never use those anymore in PS7, because they reset your carefully selected brush settings. Instead, you have to be careful to just change the brush tip in the brush palette box, or use the [] keys to increase/decrease size. There're a number of little workflow changes like that - takes a bit of getting used to, but I don't notice it anymore.
  05 May 2002
Photoshop works MUCH faster on a mac. Don't know why.
Besides, lots of RAM speeds Photoshop up.
And use shortcuts as often as you can.
It's also very helpful to create actions for stuff that you use often (i.e. create new layer with feathered selection of x pixels, or copy selection to new layer and apply a certain layer effect, or save the image to a new file and apply a dirt texture to the image, filter it and make a seamless texture out of it... you get it? Actions are COOL!)

But one thing about Photoshop 6 & 7 sucks: the brush palette doesn't float anymore. :mad:

I am still using Photoshop 5.5
  05 May 2002
Odd - the brush palette float on the PC version.
  05 May 2002
I find that it works about the same on a mac or pc

BTW, the brushes palette doesn't float in 6, but in 7 it can. However it's quite big in 7 so I prefer to leave it in the palette well or use right-click to access it - however that doesn't always work on a mac You can also link it to a button on your Wacom pen.

Lots of people seem to have stayed with 5.5, but 6 and 7 have offered many worthwhile changes IMO. Embrace change, it is good
  05 May 2002
One word for PSD 7.

We were having lot's of trouble at our shop with 6 crashing and generating SCSI errors (a server confilct) on files.
With 7 all of our woes are gone.
7 also has lot's more creative power, i.e. painter. Brushes are more easily created to mimic natural media.
Transform tool is now restricted to the canvas is your layer is so large that it has image area outside the canvas boundaries. This was a huge point of frustration for us before.
Now, if only they'd allow us to scroll into the artboard (area outside the canvas) when zoomed in. All would be good.... oh, also, sub folders for the folders in the layers pallette....
Yet, I digress.
I like 7.
Achieve Believability not Realism
  05 May 2002
Quote: Lots of people seem to have stayed with 5.5, but 6 and 7 have offered many worthwhile changes IMO. Embrace change, it is good

I thought 6 was really, really bad. It didn't give any nice new features, the new interface was nothing exciting, and lots of things were actually broken from 5. For instance, an image needed to be in focus before you could use a shortcut key on it - if you clicked on the layer palette, then it was no longer in focus. Lots of little things like that which slowly added up, interupting workflow and bugging the hell out of me.

However, 7 is nice.
  05 May 2002
Here's a screenshot of Photoshop 1.07 running on my old Powerbook. Aah, this was the most beautiful and exciting thing of my youth...
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  05 May 2002
And I thought I was long in the tooth after using it since version 2.5
  05 May 2002
I begin to feel old....

  05 May 2002
Photoshop is turning into the bitmap equivelant of m$ Word with every new version. Lots of gimmicky useless new features, while regular workflow is slowly being destroyed.

Moving the gradient tool in with the paintbucket tool to make room for the utterly useless stickynote tool in the tool bar in PS6 was annoying (for the 3 people that use it, move it into some damn menu) , but taking the airbrush tool and placing it OUT of the toolbar so the healingbrush can fit in is just ridiculous. The new grouping of items in the toolbar is a nice thought but WHY is the healingbrush first and the paintbrush second? Which do you use more?

I hate the new "docking station" that houses brushes, layers, etc. In theory a nice idea until you need to make a new channel/layer etc. You'll need to tear the palette off to acces the little triangle menu, my preferred way of working.

The new paint engine is far too little far too late. Maybe if they had done this 3 versions ago it might stand up to Corel Painter's brush engine, but in comparison Photoshop's engine is a joke.

I hate the new icon. At the size it is in my taskbar it's an indistinguishable mess of blue's and greens. I used to instantly be able to locate Photoshop, now I launch ImageReady by mistake half the time.

Look at the new Macromedia icons for Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, etc. They're shining examples of clear distinguishable icons.

Why can I still not resize captured brushes? Why can I still not work with multiple layers in multichannel mode? Why can I still not have total control over inks in duotone mode? Who really uses gimmicky crap like liquify?

For a long time user of Photoshop (since 2.5) I feel Adobe has begun to just rape Photoshop since version 6.

So part of the solution to this? Give THE USER the control back over their workflow. Give us FULL GUI customizability. Let US decide what and where should be in the toolbar, etc.

As for the rest, I hope they stop focussing on gimmicky crap and fix the longstanding holes in their app.

Also, I feel they should just integrate Imageready. It's silly I can make slices from layers in PS, but have to go to IR to make slices from guidelines. IR as an app is a joke, it slows to a crawl when used for anything serious. Plus it's rollover tools are buggy as hell. I just hate having to switch to Fireworks for the most simple of tasks ;(

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