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Old 07 July 2003   #1

This model is intended to be entered into my portfolio.
Modeled and Textured/Rendered with Lightwave3D7.5
Textures were shot with a digital camera from real materials.
Photoshop used to make "semi-seamless" textures.

Mainly, i would like C&C on the Composite, but critiques on the modeling, textureing, background choice and such are just as welcome.
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Old 07 July 2003   #2
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Old 07 July 2003   #3
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Old 07 July 2003   #4
Do you mind if I ask a potentially silly question as well as a critique? Asusming the BG is a photo, and you have some surface under the house withwhich to cast shadows on, how did you get the surface below to dissapear but the shadows to remain?? I am using Lightwave aswell and this thought just struck me!

My critique is that it looks very new and stands out a bit from its surroundings. If this is supposed to be photorealistic then we need some wear and tear around the house, a path, some weeds and flowers etc.

I like it though!
Matty V

"You're tall aren't you"!!
Old 07 July 2003   #5
Its difficult to see being so small. It just seems really empty. Maybe frame the house closer and not so centered. You might also concider including some landscaping around the house. It has very "dropped-into-a-photo" look.

Are the widows modeled or part of the map? The framing around them seems really flat.

Otherwise you did a good job compositing it into the background

Hope this helps.
Old 07 July 2003   #6
[this'll probably be deleted because it's a technical issue, but here's the basics for ya'll and a PM is sent to ya MVP]

Hey bro,
If you set up the Color channel's image projection to "front" and set up a back ground image in the compositing section of the scene>effects area, then you will have the "shadow catcher" surface disappear into the background.

Play with the brightness and diffuse settings to then determine the shadow darkness where:
High Brightness to diffuse ratio = light shadow or no shadow
High Diffuse to brightness ratio = darker shadow

And, remember to get the brightness and diffuse channel's percentages to add up to 100% or you'll have a "shadow catcher" that is too bright or too dark, regardless of being mapped with the BG image.

I recommend Dan Ablan's Inside Lightwave Book. It has a compositing chapter that walks you through the basics.

Hope that helps.
Thnx for the crit!

Old 07 July 2003   #7
Hey, thnx... hehe, if it looks like it was just dropped into the photo then, it can't be good compositing!

What makes it look dropped?

The windows are modeled, but they are low releif and the 20k limit is choking out a bunch of the detail. :annoyed:

oh, well, thnx again.... explain the "dropped" issue, plz

I just realized that i only had disgruntled types of icons when i didn't mean to put out that vibe at all...thnx for the crit:

Last edited by Solace9 : 07 July 2003 at 05:32 PM.
Old 07 July 2003   #8
I think the dropped remark is meaning that the building doesn't fit in with any of the surroundings. Like I said there is no obvious wear on this house, no paths leading up to it, no weeds around the steps or anything, nothing to make you think it has been there for any time at all. There is also no reflection in the windows and the roof is WAY to clean. All these things are immediately noticable and tell our brain that something is wrong. Ask yourself: what can you see about this house that makes it look like it has been there a while?How has the surrounding environment reacted with it (back to the weeds and path etc again). It is a lovely model but it and its immediate surrounding just needs roughing up big time.

PS Cheers for the techtalk!
Matty V

"You're tall aren't you"!!
Old 07 July 2003   #9
MVP said it best with his last post. But even though there are missing characteristics it is place well in terms of perspective.

I guess thats what I meant.

Old 07 July 2003   #10
The main reason the house looks pasted in, is because the lighting is all wrong.

It's hard to say what exactly to change, but one main problem is the lightcolor. If you look at the lower part of the house, it's quite blue. However, since there's a lot of direct sunlight on the grass just in front of it, the light hitting that part of the building should really have a lot of green bounce in it.

Getting the right color for the lights is crucial for this kind of compositing.


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 07 July 2003   #11
Okay, what about now?
What's wrong or what could be better?
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Old 07 July 2003   #12
Needs, trees, bushes etc. I would suggest looking at some landscaping books for what typs of trees,plants and ground cover are used around houses.

The composition is better, more focused on the house.

a driveway or sidewalk is in the ground not on top of it.

The lighting still needs work. The two walls seem a little flat.

Old 07 July 2003   #13
The compression makes it very hard to see exactly why this doesn't work...

The lighting is still too blue. The highlights on the section of windows as well as on the stairs look too harsh IMO. Some areas need more contrast, while others (particularly the shadowed wall to the right) need less contrast.
And the driveway (as mentioned above) should be "sunken" into the ground.

The main flaw remains to be the overall lighting. The backdrop photo looks like a sunny afternoon, but the house looks like something else, maybe a very late evening, just at sunset. You need an allround global illumination. Either a skydome or equivalent, or maybe drop a dome of 30-50 spots around the house... I dunno.


Be indiscreet - do it continuously.
Old 07 July 2003   #14
Too blue? Okay.

The photo was taken around 7:30ish. So, it was pretty near sunset, but, yeah, I see what you're saying now 'cause the grass just doesn't show it. What to do about it...

More tweaks to come, but here's a radiosity version with the driveway lowered to the ground:
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File Type: jpg radiosity_final_2_lowrez.jpg (17.1 KB, 97 views)
Old 07 July 2003   #15
Okay, i used a bunch of area lights to mimic a dome light.
Is this the direction you were looking for this to be taken in?
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