Animation: Runtime Teaser

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  06 June 2003
Animation: Runtime Teaser

Hi, we are a studio in Germany, just finished the teaser for our inhouse project.

It's completely done with 3dsmax, rendered with Cebas Final Render (no GI here) and finished with Combustion.

SoundFX and Music are also done Inhouse, so play loud

Big version - - (20 MB)

Small version - (10 MB)

hit us, with comments, critiques and jobs!

Martin, Peter, Michael

We did some "howto videos".

the first one shows how we avoid the massive polycount in the mountain scene. A delete mesh modifier deletes every geometry of a lowres plane, that is outside a cone object, which covers the cameraview. first then the plane becomes tesselated and displaced. shadows of the sun are generated by a prerendered finalRENDER shadowmap.
landscape MOV - 3,3MB

Due to our "fake GI approach" we had to use many lights in order to get soft shadows. to keep the mapsize small we also animated the lights
patrick MOV - 3,1MB

Layers rule! especially where effects are hard to achieve in 3D. The bubbels in the dive in scene e.g. had to be rendeed in 2 layers.
dive in MOV - 0,9MB

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  06 June 2003
It's a little hard to tell what's going on, it looks like he sets a bomb so the short is that he is running for 5 minutes? I can't say much about the teaser because it doesn't give much story. I can say that your settings look pretty cool, especially those mountains! they kick ass. The guys face might help from a bit more texture though, he looks kinda plastic now.

Great job
  06 June 2003
i thought it was pretty good, except when the camera is behind him showing him running away, something about the wya he was running loked pretty weird, his legs didnt run normal, or it loked that way to me, but lokos good anywho
  06 June 2003
thanks for your replies

Ok, just to enlighten you storywise:
We are watching Patrick McManus, a guy from a bomb disposal unit trying to defuse a bomb. Yes, the "story" is mainly told during the radiotalk between Patrick and his operator.
If you can hardly understand them, due to the interferences on the radio, here is their dialouge

Patrick: "I've never seen one like this before, control"
Control: "then leave it alone, Patrick. Headquater is sending over Johnson"
Patrick: "it looks like a T/472, but more advanced"
Control: "Station is evacuated, Patrick. Forget the bomb and get outa there"
Patrick: "Gimme 5 Minutes and this baby is dead"....."shit!"
Control: "You are dead in 5 minutes if you don't get your ass outta there"

  06 June 2003
WOW! Where do I start! That Water, Those Mountains, The Bubbles, The Textures, The Models, The caustic reflections on the walls, HELL EVEN THE LOGO are AWESOME. GREAT GREAT AND GREAT. I'm excited to see the end result. Only thing is the guy looks a little funny when he runs, but one of my friends runs kinda like that so its no biggy. Once again, good work.

  06 June 2003
this is a cool scene I agree that dudes got some type of gimp or something but the mountains and water are great.... nice work none the less...

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  06 June 2003
Dieser film ist gut!
I enjoyed it a lot! Nice work!
I am guessing there would be more RUNTIME to come since this is just a teaser ?

One thing i did notice is that the running animation did not look very natural to me!

BTW do you have any freelance jobs available atm?

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  06 June 2003
thank you, for your replies.
Due to the fact that we had no possibility to really MoCap especially for this Project, we used some bipfiles coming with Characterstudio as a basis for our animation.
The bip's are optimated for NTSC (30 FPS), which means, if you use a bipfile for PAL (25 FPS) with "map frames" option, you will get a much slower motion. Quantize will keep the speed, but distributes the keys on ticks, which is a hell to control.

Also in almost every Mocap data the feet are not locked onto the ground when they have full contact. They always dive in a bit.
The third Problem was, that the run from the CD wasn't really fast.

We did the following: We applied a standard run.bip onto a biped.
went to the trackview, selected all keys of the bip and scaled them smaller (on Frames:Ticks)
After that the biped run much faster. We shot a mesh of the biped on every fullframe, which gave us a frozen status whole cycle.
Now a new Biped was created and animated to exactly match the poses we snapshoted.

It's odd, but the standard bipfiles, delivered with CS, are looping exactly one time! All tries to do a nice loop in a Moflow failed, cause the moflow needs "flesh" to do a smooth loop.

So, our runloop is a result of reanimating a Mocapfile, maybe not the nicest technique, but to do a human run, we choosed this as our favorite style

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  06 June 2003
Yeah I can see that being a problem!

Have you guys ever heard of Motion Builder? Its a professional animation software that sells really cheap (200$) right now and works like a candy! (Well I can go on and on about how good it is) but the point I am trying to make is that it comes with some mocap files of running that you could possibly use in your production!

BTW do you have any freelance jobs available atm?
  06 June 2003

nice work, always cool to see new stuff from you

but i think the character needs a little more work on the textures, currently he is looking pretty semi real, so not toony enough to be toony and not real enough to be real

Und der rennt teilweise als hätte er Rasierklingen im Schritt, beim Laufen berühren sich die Oberschenkel auch manchmal, wenns durchclipt is das doch auf die Entfernung nich das Problem
bonus vir semper tiro

some timelapsed videos
  06 June 2003
hi papa,
nice work like said on 3dmax!

war das absicht,dass du deutsch geredet hast??
  06 June 2003
keine Ahnung was Rasierklingen im Schritt heisst, und übersetzen hätte mir zu lange gedauert
bonus vir semper tiro

some timelapsed videos
  06 June 2003
thank you guys

Razorblades in his pants?!

Nargh, everybody is complaining on that!
I told Peter: "Hum, he's looking a bit weird from behind, isn't he? ....silence.... nah, it's his unique style!... OK!

maybe I'll work on the Patrickrunfinalfinal_final02.bip AGAIN!

Yes, Patrick has 2 textursets a clean one, in the beginning, and a muddy one, when he passed the tube. Well, I could state now that the "game-ish" texuring was a special intend, but in fact, we lost some time with R&D on the rendering and so, did some workaround for quicker texturing. We knew that the final animation would be not photoreal (that wasn't our intention, cause until now, everyone missed this goal) So we came up with some quick textures that everyone of us... just likes


  06 June 2003

FInally got around to watching the videos and I pretty much concur with what's been said so far.

My major quibble would not so much be the running motion but the legs? Why are they so wide open when they're in motion? It looks VERY strange.

That said, the clip is aweseome and I really dug the open sky bit.
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