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  06 June 2003

Hello, my name is unlevel....hahah..sorry, that's funny to me for some reason..

Anyways, I have started this thread to brainstorm for ideas concerning the vast need for reference material in this industry.

I mean, Pixar spent a year in Hawaii scuba diving to get reference for fish movements, and the fish themselves.

What if CgReference had had the movies and photos of all these fishies? Well, we'd have saved them a lot of money, but besides that, I guess not much..

but i digress....

I have recently been talking to the founder and owner of (free online books, books that's copyright is before 1923-ie, copyright expired) and discussing the possibility of finding old illustration books, diagrams, and other books in that category that would be able to be looked at and scanned possibly for the betterment of cg'ers everywhere...

Besides this possibility, I have been thinking that if my other project, CgSearch, gets several sponsors, I will talk to those same sponsors, and many others, about sponsoring this project from the get-go. I would like to possibly get enough funds to rent a server, so that we would be able to host several, several images....possibly, even find amatuer photographers, and in exchange for free hosting under CgReference, would systematically go through a list of needed reference, and take such orthographic photos as was needed.

Such photographers that attend car shows and such, some of whom galleries I have seen at and offer such enthusiasts the same offer as the other amatuer photographers, specifically, I'd like to assemble a large team of these photographers, and have some way that they can sign up for the needed photographs..or something...

As usual, I'd allow regular people to upload images in lots of categories...BUT, I've run out of further ideas...

I don't want to start this project's development until sometime next year, but I could really, really use some input on other people's ideas, and what they thought might work...

I just want to hear your thoughts, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who thought of such an idea, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Remember, this is a brainstorming thread, so just let the thoughts flow...If you want to work with me on this, cool, but please keep in mind I want to take this slow, and do this right...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003
oh, and I realize that this looks like it will be a LOT like suurland and, but I'd like to approach the site itself in a more structured manner...if that makes any sense...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003

i have a digital cam, can i be a photographer?
  06 June 2003
hey i do too....their fun!!!
  06 June 2003
This sounds like a great idea

I'm sure we could build up a good research community and then use it to get info to everyone, and not only photography but some video as well for animation movements like the fish in Pixars development.

Also if we have a large community it would be handy for any designer to ask for photos that they might otherwise get. i.e. can someone in irelend send me a video of a leprechaun cause i need to study them for an animation..............what do you mean they are not real...........what about Darby O'Gill and all them little people..........

good idea though, and if i get any live footage of a leprechaun then i'll be the first to post it

This might even be a good idea for a forum within here (if it doesn't already exist) a CG Research Forum

  06 June 2003
Awesome idea! I'd like to help in any way I possibly can. If it goes as planned, then this should be a great reference.
Dost Thou Seek The Golden Power?
  06 June 2003
Alright fella's good ideaS!!!

TheFreak - I like your idea of not just limiting to pictures, but to include videos, and even specific information, like, just, stuff that people need to know..hahah

NOW, I want all people who are serious about helping me to keep contact with me through this thread, sit and chat, and come up with more ideas...

As I stated above, I'm already involved with CgSearch, and for it to be a success, I can't be too involved with too many projects..

BUT, I still want to brainstorm, and I think I can possibly start on this one seriously sometime this fall, instead of next year...

We'll need ideas as to create revenue, as to possibly assemble a paid team of moderators (researchers) who run the site and are paid for all our hard work...

An idea I had today about revenue:

- Ok, remember that "list of needed stuff"? that I mentioned above? Well, we coudl do a "rush research" thing, like, where if someone needs the info really, really quick, we could charge a fee for "next day information" or something...just an idea

Also, I wish we could find some people who wanted to help who had access to the Library of Congress, cause that guy from said they have many books there that expiration date has run out...maybe we could buy such a person with access a nice comp and scanner for all their help or something, if we get good sponsors?

I want to hear ALL your ideas, cause as it's just imaginary right now, we can do anything!!!

So, come up with your wildest dreams that you wish could be possible when you're making something and need info...As I'm mostly a web-designer and overall forum junkie, I'm not sure what it is taht artists need...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003
Ya know, I think we might be able to make CgReference and CgSearch like 2 divisions of CgResearch, one for pics and animations, one for links...

What do you think of this?

Like, have one private site, CgResearch, which works with the sponsors, and have one set of overseers who ran the 2 sites, and worked on both...

I konw, I know, this might end up being sortof like cgnetworks, wouldn't that be neat? (except we'd be a bit more informal, haha, and poorer, of course )
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003
Quote: what do you mean they are not real

hahahahaha!! i wanna pic! i wanna pic!~ i will pay!!!!!

unLevel, dont forget, we need you for our Art Group project!! *grabs your collar and drags you
back to "Searching ideas for an art group" thread* :shame:
  06 June 2003
I'm so in

he he, besides I was there when you thought of this... well, I was 1000's of miles away looking at a white screen with text on it as you came up with it... but still!

go PHP! oh yeah, and "Brad's weekly 10 reference pics of bland household objects"

  06 June 2003

TheFreak: Can I have your permission to use the name CgResearch, and make it a small network of CgSearch and CgReference? You came up with the name, so I need your permission, and can I change it to "the CgResearch Group" and have it as maybe a small set of forums that are used by this group of overseers of each site to keep things organized, and to just hang out sometimes? You can sooo be on this project, if you want...

antigomo: *choking*choking* hmm...that would have been an interesting picture, a girl draggin someone of my stature by the collar... I'm still here! What I need from you is when you get my layout ready, get me a screenie or something, so I can start on that skin... I wish there was a way we could make the same site on my account, so that the demo and testing site would have the same layout as the real site, it'd make it easier to skin and test it...

Brad: HORAY!! I'm so glad you're "so in" cause I will probably need your help tons, as usual... AND, I WANT YOU TO BE AN ADMIN ON THIS TOO, cause you work so coolnessly... I have an idea for the site already, and the logo, but I'll need your site, and I might need some help finding someone who makes nice icons..(more on this later) Brad, is it ok if we go slow on this one too? I'd reallly like to devote some time to CgSearch and get it closer to our goal of # links, which we're sooo far away from...and get some mulah from sponsors...speaking of that, I need to discuss a small catch-22 we have right now with our hosts and getting off of them...just next tiem you're online, holler at me or wave your arms or something so that I see you, ok?
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003
yes i too have thought of this idea !! and i would love to help this would be a very very big step in helping cger's.
i want to help .. ill try keep in touch good luck
  06 June 2003
hey! Rotamus!

ok, so you've thought of doing this before, what was some of your ideas? What was you thinking of doing differently? Any super cool ideas you thought that I havne't?

As we're just brainstorming right now, any ideas go right now...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  06 June 2003
i was thinking u can have a link on information from fellow cger's on that subject..... let me clarify a little.... if u wanted to model a spider u could get advice from other modlers who have modeled a spider like how they set out there mesh and small tips ... just a lil thought from my lil brain
  06 June 2003
Ya know, I was talking to brent last night about somehting like the same thing...

Instead of CgSearch and CgReference, also add to the network CgTuts, a tutorial archive, and a team of tut writers..

So when someone says, I need a spider, we could find him: links/ pics, and tuts on how to model it, or something...

good idea...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
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