EDITORIAL:Nintendo`s new console for 2005?

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  06 June 2003
EDITORIAL:Nintendo`s new console for 2005?

"That's the rumor du jour over at the Computer and Video Games website. Nintendo's latest console, the GameCube, has fallen to third place in terms of sales, with Sony's PlayStation 2 the dominant leader and Microsoft's Xbox in second place. Nintendo might feel that by releasing the Gamecube 18 months after the debut of the PS2, and in the same quarter as the Xbox, they lost a good chunk of the marketspace."
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  06 June 2003
Wierd, I heard that Nintendo has sold more Gamecube than Xbox since its released...
  06 June 2003
that that would be the quickest release for a new console upgrade ever!
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  06 June 2003
Releasing a console before sony is not always better.
take a look at what happened to the sega dreamcast.
The hardware was good, the games where good. But everybody was made to think that sony's machine would be so much better. So most people waited to see wat sony had to offer.

I think the same might happen if nintendo releases the gamecube2 to soon. Most people will wait to see what sony does with ps3. And yes in the end it's all down to good games.

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  06 June 2003
yeah, i agree with you too.
I don't think ps3 is coming for another 2 years or more though.

The single reason why GC failed...
The stupid media that games came on!

When the xbox and ps2 came out, it was pretty much the same time as the start of the DVD craze. I bought my xbox just b/c i could play my DVD movies on it also.

And another less legit reason (but a reason why some people still did go xbox or ps2) is b/c the hardware has the ability to be mod'ed.
I have never heard of any nintendo mods available, yet ps1 was probably the king of it and ps2 was no problem either
  06 June 2003
This is very true, but I think nintendo always banks on the fact that kids will buy their system. i mean i wonder why bandai entertainment is ranked number three in top sales of games worldwide. it's because of all that pokemon, digimon, crap that these little kids abuse like crack, and nintendo has most of the licenses to that stuff. i mean back in the days of the N64 there was even a special edition pokemon case. also their choice to go with a smaller disk format for the sake of making the games non-copiable was really dumb. if the GC would have been able to play regular dvd's it would have made it an instant buy, but now i'm along with everyone else waiting for them to drop it to 99 and come with three games and 2 controllers before i get one.

  06 June 2003
nintendo has Resident Evil.
  06 June 2003
didn't XBOX say that they will launch XBOX 2 same time as PS2? something along the lines that MS didn't want to be 2nd or 3rd out. so that would put all three systems at 2005!?
.rick | heavyness.com
  06 June 2003
Quote: Originally posted by Asgorath
Wierd, I heard that Nintendo has sold more Gamecube than Xbox since its released...

I've heard that too. I think it's because the xbox is leading the GC in the U.S. that people get these numbers mixed up. I think the GC is still 2nd World wide. Just what I've read.
  06 June 2003
Quote: Originally posted by kole
didn't XBOX say that they will launch XBOX 2 same time as PS2? something along the lines that MS didn't want to be 2nd or 3rd out. so that would put all three systems at 2005!?

Just more vaporware from microsoft :annoyed:
  06 June 2003
i dont understand why the ps2 is still #1

i cant stand it

nice controllers though
  06 June 2003
Yeah, these rumours come up every other month, but I don't really see this happening, as it's the equivalent to commercial suicide... nobody in their right mind would buy another Nintendo console when it can be expected that it will be obsolete within 4 years!

There's simply is no outstanding reason for a new machine at the moment, the improvements will likely be negligible.
For me, even the difference between the N64 and the GameCube where too small - I mean, from 8bit to 16bit, and from 16bit to 32/64bit the leap was HUGE, and you got new games that were simply impossible on the former system. But quite frankly, I haven't seen any game lately that a Nintento 64 wouldn't have been adequately capable of. Sure the graphics wouldn't be as pretty, but other than that there's been too little progress.

And as such, I don't really see any problems with the GameCube performance-wise, but the games are a problem.
IMHO, the few rare games that are actually any good are, well, VERY good (Metroid, Zelda)! And Nintendo's focus shouldn't be on the power of the console, but on the quality of the games, which is severely lacking lately... let my say that Mario Sunshine was not the only disappointment for me on the Cube. They better make it up to me with Mario Kart DD... :annoyed:

Anyway, I (and probably many others) are not going to shell out another 22000Y for a pretty graphics update, if the games don't improve vastly as well...

Just my little rant there, excuse me...

Last edited by klingspor : 06 June 2003 at 09:46 AM.
  06 June 2003
Nintendos focus has never been on the power, and always has been on the games.
Hence their stubbornness to make games that are just fun and cartooney and not get sucked into the M rated games craze. (with very few exceptions)
  06 June 2003

looks like nintendo is heading into a new direction. back when the GC was released, they said they would support the system till 2008 [although, they just stopped supporting the 16 bit nintendo in Japan]. maybe the GC2 will be backward compatible and allow the GC to be forward compatible.

think about, when you make a game for a PC, you make it for the slowest PC and the fastest PC. if nintendo could make the GC1 down shift the graphics on new games, and the GC2 take the game to the fullest, every game would work on both. keep both systems in the market and stay ahead with PS2 and Xbox and not lose any of the casual/kidddie gamers. then again, i'm weird, so i'am just ramblin' on...

victor throe look how many PS2 have been sold. PS2 released at the right time, and it launched first. soooo many people bought to use as a DVD player. just good timing.
.rick | heavyness.com
  06 June 2003
ps2 also played ps1 games. a BIG bonus for many gamers.
xbox had no games, GC couldn't...
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