Little Big Planet wins best of show @ E3

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  07 July 2008
Little Big Planet wins best of show @ E3

Video here:


Well deserved. So many good games coming out I don't know how to find time to play them all.

Videos for:

Best of PS3:

Best of 360:

Best of PC:

Best of Nintendo:

ok ok...

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  07 July 2008
LOL That was definitely Nintendo's "Flip-over-for-massive-damage" embarrassing moment of their presser
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  07 July 2008
Well deserved win on their part.
  07 July 2008
Most creative game in the past couple of years - well deserved.
  07 July 2008
Originally Posted by ThomasMahler: Most creative game in the past couple of years - well deserved.

Indeed. Btw I found another link I was trying to show you in the other thread. Here is a music sequencer created in a LBP level. You can assign sounds to anything and adjust their pitch\pan\etc and have it trigger based on proximity and many other things. They built this live and it was supersimple.

Also watch this that shows the level of control you have when creating and also answers how you can build those machines question:

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  07 July 2008
That looks way more like they're going for as much complexity as would be needed to create this kind of revolution than the other clips I've seen.

If that game's out, I'm gonna buy a PS3. Man, I'm gonna buy a PS3 for a game that's a do-it-yourself jump 'n run where the main character looks like a potato-sack.

I still think they should do a front-end for PCs where the _really_ serious people could put levels and stuff together, say, with a simplified flash version of the editor stuff. Or does the title have mouse and keyboard support? Even if it has, I think using the PC as another tool to feed information into this 'game' could be great. Little Big Planet looks much more interesting than Spore to me.

Is it possible to design weapons for the characters to use? Or utilities that they need in order to solve a certain puzzle?
  07 July 2008
so you can add your own custom soundFX and music track? this game is beyond amazing. i'm interested in how they setup movable characters like those bosses, seems like they're teaching some basic 3d rigging in an entertaining way. and how far can you customize sackboy? is it a lot like the quake game where you can bring in your own model?
  07 July 2008
No you cant bring in your own model. But you can customize the sackboy in a million different ways.

  07 July 2008
That's the problem. It's still really hard to really create your own geometry. I think Little Big Planet will push the boundaries of what you can do with customization in games without ever touching a single line of code or jump into the complex stuff, like learning Maya, Max, etc.

It'd be nice to see some clever ways of how to create simple geometry and define simple rigs and weights in the future. It'd be darn cool to make your own bosses, if everyone could have his own unique character, etc. Spore is kinda funny, but every character looks still very spore-ish.
  07 July 2008
You can make your own bosses though thats the point. The games final boss is done by a beta tester for example and it is a REALLY complex boss going by the description. We'll find out how to do those as the game closes to release this october I am sure.

It is super simple to create your own geometry. Just pick up one of the shapes and draw on the screen , extrude , boolean , etc and then paint it, slap on your custom texture you painted in photoshop to it, assign materials so it behaves correctly etc. I just dont see how simpler and more fun it can be. Obviously you cant bring in your zbrushed 9 million poly orc model that looks like it belongs in warcraft in lbp but that is not a limitation of the game. Everything in it perfectly fits the LBP universe they created.

What I am trying to say is there is nothing limiting you whatsoever to create anything you want in this game. It is a huge achievement on Media Molecule's part to give people this level of customization and creation power and still keep it non technical and super user friendly.

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  07 July 2008
But I can't come up with my very own character creation, right? It has to be made out of presets. I can't create a counterpart to my main character, but bigger, badder and more badass? Build up geometry in a simple way, insert some simple rig that the game understands with pre-defined motions... this would be really complex stuff.

Say, I want my end level to be set at night, over the roofs of paris, where the big boss is the Marshmellow Man with big cajones (you bet!) - I can do the levels and set the mood and everything, but I can't really define a character like that. I've seen that you can 'paint' the geometry, but how far can you push it? And how do you set the motions for how this geometry would deform and move? Any videos on that?

Now, I don't wanna diminish Media Molecules efforts, but I'm a character artist and I'd love to do some wacky characters for that game.

They're pushing the complexity of customization to a level where it's not anymore about what you can do, but about what you can't do, which in itself is a good thing, but I think a lot of people are still curious how the whole thing really works. A step - by - step tutorial or guide that'll be released before the game would be awesome. And it'd be a great free marketing thing as well (like "Man, look how easy it is to come up with this and that - I gotta have this game!".
  07 July 2008
You can build any character you want. Once again think in terms of how the game works. Every boss or character they showed other than the sackboys is basicly some sort of simple\complex machine.

So for the marshmellow man you can have a shape that defines the unmoving parts which would be the torso. You can than have the two arms and have them maybe spin around or swing back and forth using a interval motor joint. you can also set those arms on fire so if it touches sackboys it burns them. You can then go create the legs in a similar fashion that can make him move backwards\forwards or just have him stand in place.

But why do all that by yourself when ALL FOUR OF US can be building him at the SAME TIME!

Let that sink in for a sec because that is why this game rocks and that is why there was never anything like this before. You could be building the body while I am building his legs while some other cgtalker is building the level around us all the while a fourth person can be texturing it and playtesting it as we build. Before you know it we will have a finished level ready to go and we can set up some rewards like if you finish this level under 5 minutes you get our marshmellow man to use in your levels. upload to the central server from there we can see how many people played it, its popularity, etc.

Can you imagine how much fun that is going to be.
  07 July 2008
I can, of course

But still, watching this Sackboy custmization video, I can't stop thinking about how cool it'd be if we could create simple assets and use them in the game. Like, if you have the skill to build your own assets in Maya or whereever, you should be able to use them. Even if things don't match up perfectly, that's not a problem. It's more about the potential here.

Say, I want to build a Star Wars Jump 'n Run where you play Vader on his quest to kill Chewbacca, who kidnapped the 'Enormous Testicled Marshmellow Man' (you bet!). I'd want to build simple vader'ish assets for my character and be able to use that in the game. Media Molecules could provide a simple tool that'd allow professional artists to use objs and textures with specs that are strictly set by the game and literally swap them with what the game uses.

So I'd have a simple .exe file that I could load up. Now I see the Sackboy Customization Editor, just like in that video. I click on the arm and a few menus pop up, like 'Set Arm Object' - and as a subtree 'Set Arm Color Texture', etc., you get the idea. So I build my Vader Set in Maya with textures and everything. Then I'd have the guy in my editor. The rig should be set without any smooth skinning and stuff, just like in the old days. Nobody would really care. So I could just swap the arm geometry of Sackboy with my own arm geometry and the underlying joint would assign 1.0 weights to the arm model. That wouldn't look great, but just the idea that you could really create everything by yourself would be amazing. If you then could upload the set by pushing a button to the Sony Marketplace, where other users can download it, customize it, do their own stuff with it... endless possibilities.

It's already so customizable, I think it'd be awesome if professional artists could utilize their knowledge to plus the game even further. Of course, you'd need a way to keep the bad shit out of the game, cause the system would be flooded with milkshape and cheap Paintshop Pro crap really quickly. Anyway, I'm just rambling here. I'd want to create whatever I have in mind and not be limited at all - that way, Little Big Planet could live on forever.

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  07 July 2008
You can already put objects on your character. I have seen them stick objects from the menu directly onto sackboys (and the objects dynamics are still intact) so you can model a vader mask and by model I mean just do the cutout shape and put a vader picture on it that you drew or took a picture of. and there you go, you have a vader mask for the sackboy. You can than put this in the floor at the beginning of the level with a sign next to it that says "wear this to join the dark side!" and there you go. It is also much for fun for the player this way.

You wont ever get to model levels in maya and bring it into the game. That is not what this game is about and it is needlessly complicated. This way they are catering to everyone not just the hardcore artists. Even the creators of the game create all their levels with the tools available in the game so you are not limited in any way. We can go back and forth like this all day. I guess you will have to wait and see when the game is out.
  07 July 2008
Of course, and I get your reasoning. But I think it'd still be interesting to give the hardcore artists some simple tools that could be used to create this stuff. Maybe the team already has created super simple tools for themselves, so they can load in the assets that were built in a 3d app in a really, really simple fashion, if so, release them. On CGTalk alone, I'm sure this would explode pretty quickly and we'd see the funniest stuff being done for the game in no time.

It's not about changing the focus of who's gonna play the game, it's just about also catering the hardcore artists. If they want to create something nifty, it'd be cool if there'd be a possibility. A really simple editor that'd allow us to dress up our character and upload the assets would already be a kickass thing.
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