importing skin weight maps.

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Old 05 May 2003   #1
importing skin weight maps.

Whenever I import skin weights for the body of my model. (using a 256 x 256 OR 1024 x 1024 map) they go on extremely blotchy and one joint controls a little bit of everything!

I tried exporting the body and it's shoes and hate seperately and then toegether... Same results.

I don't know if there's an easy solution but if there is I'd love to hear it. If not.. I'll redo half the model again.

Old 05 May 2003   #2
Hat.. not hate.. Although that's not too far away...
Old 05 May 2003   #3
What is the particular situation you are finding yourself in? If you describe what kind of mess you have found yourself in (i'm constantly in a mess!!) then maybe we can better describe some ways of helping if we can.
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Old 05 May 2003   #4
If your object is a polyObject I would recommend checking if the texture UVs have a proper layout (no 2 UVs @ the samespot). I always ran into the problem that you describe when I mirror my object halfs and than combine them. Then you have UVs at the same position and importing attribute maps gives strange results.
I hope this helps, Good luck and don`t loose faith because import skin weights is a great thing next to export skin of course ; )
Old 05 May 2003   #5
I had nothing but trouble with the skin weightmap import/export.

In my opinion its a REALLY lame way of dealing with weights.

is a much better method of importing and exporting weights. I would be very surprised to see this feature not implemented in the next version of Maya!

it works with weights based on the vertex number and bone name - therefore it glitches if you rename bones or do anykind of vert editing that renumbers the verts.

there's also an alternate version that incorporates lattice deformers on highend.

Old 06 June 2003   #6

Hello dafine20,

Buexe is right !:shame:
When you export your weight map in Maya you have to make sure that your UV map does not contain overlapping UV.
You can use the automatic UV mapping option to layout your UV's so that they do not overlap. Be sure to check the option "create new UV set" this way you can always go back to your old UV map if needed. Now you can export and import your weight map without any strange deformation caused by incorrect weight assignments of your joints.

Take care !
Old 06 June 2003   #7
I appreciate the help guys. I found a round about way to get the weights to mirror ALMOST perfectly but I still had to go back and erase odd points. I can't stand weights, they made me go INSANE. I think I'll try my hand at Rigid binds to see which I like better.


Old 06 June 2003   #8
I like using rigid bind for hands, because the flexors are great for finger deformations. Maybe try the joint cluster (or something like that) it`s great for thumbs.
have fun!
Old 06 June 2003   #9
The load/save weights commands in Maya are stupid.

Go to and find the saveWeights.mel script that Big Idea released a while ago. It will save you many headaches.

Michael Duffy
Old 06 June 2003   #10
I searched Highend and Google and nothing came up. If you have a specfic address "saveWeights.mel" please post it.....thanks.

Old 06 June 2003   #11
the weight tools

the save weights from Big Idea

if that don't work it's on this page

highend is great, but man it's hard to find stuff sometimes

Old 06 June 2003   #12
Many Thanks. I did a search for it and Highend comes back with nothing found that matches that request. I get this on Highend all the time. There search engine in the scripts section is terrible.
Old 06 June 2003   #13
Quote: Originally posted by magilla
I had nothing but trouble with the skin weightmap import/export.

In my opinion its a REALLY lame way of dealing with weights.

I believe the idea of using an image map is so you could use the same weight map on a smoothed or modified mesh. If ya just export the verts, no vert on the mesh can change. Too bad I've actually never gotten weight maps to export and import successfully.

I doubt Maya will introduce this other method because it's been around for the past many versions.


Note: any errors of fact are directly attributable to me not knowing of what I speak
Old 06 June 2003   #14
We had a meeting a few weeks back with the "Senior Product Specialist" and the guy in charge of modelling tools at AW. Both of them were unaware of these scripts or this method of weight import/export. I think they just assumed people use the weightmap method and that it has problems but overall its ok.

Old 06 June 2003   #15
As I stated earlier it is extremely crucial to have a good uv layout in order to successfully export/import weight maps. The advantage of this over the scripts suggested (correct me if I`m wrong) is that when you have a symmetric uv layout you can export the weight maps and mirror them from one side to the other by simply flipping the images in photoshop or a similar pic editing software and than to reimport them. It`s handwork I know but better than assigning the weights manually.


BTW when exporting/importing cluster weight maps it is always a good idea to have "replace" checked, I went nuts before I found that out.
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