Uplift Universe - Video Entry: Tyson Ibele

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Old 03 March 2008   #1
Uplift Universe - Video Entry: Tyson Ibele

Tyson Ibele is entered in the "Uplift Universe Challenge" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Matrioshka
Old 03 March 2008   #2
Haven't attempted to enter a CGTalk challenge since machineflesh....but I'm going to give this one a shot.

I'm going to be making a short film (I dunno....2 minutes tops) that takes place in a spaceship somewhere out in space. I haven't nailed down the details...but I'm thinking it's going to take place after the hull has been breached by some type of sentient creature. The film is going to be about an encounter between the last living member of the crew and the alien.

The mood I'm going to be trying to create is one that'll be really eerie...I'd like the overall feel of the piece to be dark and mysterious....as if it were a missing scene from "Event Horizon" or some other horror flick.

I'm super busy these days but I'll definitely be working hard towards getting this one done
Old 03 March 2008   #3
I'm looking forward to your progress
I loved Event Horizon's mood, and setting. Your short may be what the film was actually missing


Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Old 03 March 2008   #4
TYson in the game, ok everyone, we have the winner !
Nice to see you here man ! I will follow your wip with interest !
have fun doing this challenge !
Old 03 March 2008   #5
Hi Tyson

I canīt wait to see your progress

Good luck on contest
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Old 03 March 2008   #6
Thanks guys

I'm close to nailing down the plot I'd like to go with....so I'll hopefully be posting that soon....then after I'll be posting up some storyboards.
Old 03 March 2008   #7

Hi Tyson,

hope to see soon your images...

Good luck and amaze us as always!


Old 03 March 2008   #8
Story Outline - Matrioshka

Ok....so I think I'm pretty close to nailing out my story idea. I'll be hopefully posting a very rough animatic soon as well, so you can see how I'm planning to visually set this up.

The story is overall very simple...the title "Matrioshka" is the name of russian stacking dolls (you know, the ones where you open the doll up, and there's another one inside...then you open that one up, and there's another one inside etc etc...an image can be seen here: http://www.gardenaction.co.uk/image..._10part_all.jpg). The reason for the title is because it is metaphorical for the alien creature in the story (the alien wears several layers of "disguise").

Here's basically the plot outline:

Quote: Please note, although this is a relatively elaborate explanation of the plot, it's only going to be 2-3 minutes. This will be more evident once I get the animatic up.

Opening shot: Exterior

We slowly pan in towards some kind of space station slowly orbiting a large planet that looms in the distance. The opening credits will be appearing during this sequence. As we get closer to the station, we see there is a small spacecraft docked to the side of it. As we get closer to the spacecraft (really close at this point), we see there is a medium sized puncture hole in the side of it, as well as some scratch and tear marks around the hole.

The camera pulls in through the hole, and we hear the rushing sound of air decompressing out through the hole. The interior is rather dark. There are flickering lights and debris scattered throughout. Despite the dark setting, we can see blood stains on the walls, and other such signs of distress.

The camera pulls through the room, and towards a well-lit doorway, near which we can see a man lying on the floor, wearing a spacesuit. As we approach the man on the floor, we can see that he's still breathing. However, he's clearly injured, and he's having a hard time getting oxygen (due to the decompression of the chamber). His breathing is very restrained and he looks semi-conscious.

The camera rests beside the man for a moment, peering past him into a long dark hallway. We here rustling in another room. A few more moments pass, and we see a large figure slowly emerge from one of the rooms down the hall. The figure is fulling concealed in a spacesuit (similar to the one the man lying on the floor is wearing), and is moving very slowly.

Once the figure emerges from the room, it slowly turns towards the man lying on the floor. The lights in the hallway flicker. The figure begins walking towards the injured man.

The man on the floor sees the figure approaching him. Thinking it's one of his comrads, he wearily calls out "M-morgan?? Is that you?"...the figure doesn't respond. "What's going on Morgan? Did...you kill it?"...

The figure continues walking towards the man, eventually stopping directly in front of him. The figure slowly bends down in front of the injured man, and proceeds to remove the injured man's helmet. The injured man begins shaking in fear, saying some un-discernable things amidst his quivering and weakened breathing. "What are you doing" he pleads.

Once the helmet is removed, the figure (whose head is concealed behind the space helmet....which will look something like this: http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/spa...t/spacesuit.gif), leans further towards the man, as if studying his head. The figure then reaches down and removes one of the gloves of the spacesuit it is wearing. As the glove is removed, we see underneath of it a human hand, being worn like a glove over a thick mass of gooey flesh, covered in oozing slime.

The figure then reaches its appendage towards the man's face, slowly caressing the side of it. Unable to move, the injured man simply reels back in disgust as the glove-like hand slowly slides down the side of his head

The figure pauses for a moment, as if contemplating its next move....and then it reaches its unmasked hand towards the man's neck, digging its fingers into its side. We cut away from the up-close framing of these shots, and view the scene from a distance....we hear the screams of the man on the ground and are able to see the dark figure looming over him--but no details. Cut to black.

Cut back in. We now see the figure standing over the lifeless body of the man. The figure is holding a flap of fleshy skin. The figure reaches towards its helmet, pressing the button that retracts the visor. Despite the camera's distance from the figure, once the visor retracts we are now able to see the figure's true form. It's head is covered in small, globular eyes, amidst a range of pulsating, fleshy, inahalation orifices, all visible under a thick mess of semi-transparent ooze. We watch as the figure raises the fleshy sack towards its head. We can now see that the fleshy sack of flesh is actually the skin from the injured man's face. The figure proceeds to pull the flesh over its head, wearing the man's face like a glove. The figure then enables the spacesuit's visor, covering its head once again.

As the sequence comes to a close, we watch as the figure (who is quite obviously now an alien in disguise) approaches the exit hatch of the spacecraft (the hatch of the spacecraft that leads into the spacestation it is attached to). As it nears the security checkpoint device, it raises its hand, pressing a severed finger its holding against the fingerprint verification pad. We hear a robotic voice say "Welcome Dr. Streiger" as the hatch opens, and we watch as the alien (still disguised in the spacesuit) slowly enters the next room. Cut to black.
Old 03 March 2008   #9
Bahaha well here's the animatic....feel free to laugh at how terrible my drawing skills (or lack thereof) are! You might need to read through the plot synopsis in order to understand what's going on, because my scribbles are pretty awful.

There are a few shots that I may extend or shrink, but overall I think the timing is pretty good. And this animatic is approx 1.5 minutes, so it's right on target. I can imagine that extending a couple of the shots might bring it up to the 2 minute mark....but that's not a problem.

http://www.tysonibele.com/Main/Anim...1-2_Lg_Prog.mov (13 mb)
Old 03 March 2008   #10
haha hey man love the animatic hahah. cant wait to start seeing more progress. so how many major short films are you working on now? bout 57 or so right? hhaha keep it up!
Old 03 March 2008   #11

This will be one hell of a spooky SF horror.
And Im sure you will make it look excellent.

Did you think of shooting real actor, for the human part ?

Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Old 03 March 2008   #12
That animatic was a really weird combination of scary and hilarious. Scary ideas, hilarious execution I'd say you're on the right track.
Old 03 March 2008   #13
Ok, you are definitely better in 3D and Compositing than sketching !
I'm sure too that you will do a huge project with this !
Old 03 March 2008   #14
i've seen better drawings with my left hand...and i'm no lefty
i kiid i keeed...nice to see you join! it's gonna be curaayzeh!
Old 03 March 2008   #15
Tyson + Video = awesome.

Simple equation.

Looking forward to your progress!
"There Really is No Secret"
Martin Brennand - mocha Product Manager - Imagineer Systems
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