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  02 February 2008

CHUDD Demon Lord
Class: Invoker
Artifact Type: Darkness/void


No demon lord has had his status and power affected by the events of the Dominance War as much as CHUDD. He embraced the technology of the mortal world, seeing it as an opportunity to enhance the strength of his own demonic army. He twisted and bastardized it to create legions of cybernetic demons. Even the lowliest of his forces was fitted with destructive weaponry. He transformed his lands to endless factories and the burning air was turned black with the smoke of industry.

With his forces in place, he would first stage an assault on a lesser plane of heaven, lay ruin to it and return to Hell a victor and hero. Other demon lords and devils would flock to his banner and swell his ranks. Then he would turn his might on one of the Dukes of Hell, and take his deserved place among the most powerful fiends in the netherworld.

But his assault on heaven was a disaster. As he marched his armies through the portal to heaven, the ultimate weapon was unleashed. His army, half machine, was downed immediately, and was slaughtered before the battle had even begun. Lord CHUDD, found himself retreating back to the portal to his citadel. The Arch-Angel Ramiel blocked his way. They clashed violently and CHUDD pulled Ramiel through the gate.

Back in Hell, word of his defeat spread quickly. The other demons smelled weakness, and pounced. In the ensuing decades, with his army writhing uselessly on the ground, CHUDD lost nearly all his lands. Only by his own might did he manage to keep his citadel city safe and survive this crippling blow.

He took solace in his angel prisoner. For a thousand years CHUDD tortured, and raped him until the day that the Arch Devil summoned CHUDD and tasked him with destroying the new menace. Knowing he may be away from the Hells for a while, and knowing although he would not be harmed by the cool and sickeningly sweet air of the mortal realm, he would still prefer to breathe the hellfire of his plane. He flayed Ramiel open and fashioned a hell fire mask from his organs, having bored with the Angel.

Finally he went to the lowest pit of his citadel, to collect his most powerful artifact. The planet core. At itís end is a super compressed ball of iron and nickel. Once the center of a massive planet destroyed by the ancients. It is so dense it collapsed on itself creating an immense void that pulls and compresses all matter and light into it. CHUDD crafted it into his sceptre, using his own demonic power as a bulwark against the devestation of the core. Should he fall it's power will be unleashed and take everything with him.

The time for redemption has come. CHUDD will enter this new world, destroy anything in his path, and gain the power to restore his armies and gain rule of all the Nine Hells.

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  02 February 2008
Can't wait to see what you do!
Dominance War III

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  02 February 2008
oh Anole, making sure to subscribe :) good luck this year!
  02 February 2008
Some thumbnails I drew at the airport, coming back from GDC. In an obnoxiously large format. I haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I'll probably do a few more pages of thumbs..

Freelance Character Artist

  02 February 2008
Nice sketches avels!!!
  02 February 2008
ok, you need to number these things man, from left to right, i think it's around #50, the big guy with the little head and the pincers for hands, that guy kicks ass
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  02 February 2008
These kick ass! such nice shapes, and so many thumbs, I think I did about 8, you've made me realize I should do more.

Very cool sketches, free and very communicative, what will you do next?

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  02 February 2008
I think I like your first one best. With the butterfly wings.

But the overall shape could get lost in the wings.

You have many great choices drawn though.
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  02 February 2008
Nice thumbnails you have here. I especially like the one at the bottom right. The one with the 3 little heads and the big sword hold in the middle.
Looking forward to see more.

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  02 February 2008
Nice sketches.I remember your work from last year . Can't wait to see what you do this time. Good luck
  02 February 2008
Originally Posted by CharlesVarenne: Nice thumbnails you have here. I especially like the one at the bottom right. The one with the 3 little heads and the big sword hold in the middle.
That one caught my eye too.

Now stop*. You're making me look bad.

*Please don't.
3D Artist
  02 February 2008
numbering would be good yes :)
about elements in your guys I really like the (saucer or sphere?) round bulby heads/helmets.. like the spacesuitish guy in bottom center. then up right two blocks the octopus guy is very strong and up left left again such a head seems original. (reminds me of that Ghingnham unit gundam in Turn A Gundam :)). also from the spacesuitish guy to the right, the long necked dude with an almond head has a great figure. top right guy is good. top midle with tripod head and top second left very strong. hard to say anything more than "I like this one" :P hope you've decided on some general characteristics :)
looking at your dudes the thought strikes me that even though this is a magic fantasy world, they use magic this time around in an industrial sort of way according to dw3 story.. so probably advanced armours suits and non-midieval stuff is going to be avoided by most simply because they think "ok.. fantasy.... == midieval clothes/armour).
I think your should do the wears looking future (but from a science based on magic and not nature) and you'd be set aside everyone who didn't consider distant future fantasy != midieval fantasy :)
keep it up! (btw what monitor(dual?) res do you have? :P feels like I'm "exploring" your character "map" hehe)
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  02 February 2008
Fantastic pile of thumbnails. I had a hard time picking out one I specifically liked more than the rest. Just gonna keep an eye on this and look forward to see where you go with this.
  02 February 2008
AWESOME! Some Killer designs in there. MOre!
Dominance War IV
Dominance War III
  02 February 2008
Git em buddy Fantastic sketches. Are you doing concepts over there now?

I really look forward to this battle


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