DWIII - 3D - REKLAS - Princess Nevihta

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Old 02 February 2008   #1
DWIII - 3D - REKLAS - Princess Nevihta

Official Final Submissions:

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Name: Princess Nevihta
Race: Human
Class: Invoker
Steed: TBA
Artifact Weapon: Air/Lightning

Here's what I've got so far, it's just the general direction I want to go with this.

No she won't be naked. She will have clothing/armor and so will her creature that she rides around on. I was just getting some basic shapes down. Her artifact will have the ability to produce bolts of lightning and shoot them at any foe that gets in her way, instantly vaporizing them. ...or something to that effect. She will also be able to command the weather and create lightning storms or tornadoes if she conjures up enough hatred at any given time.

more concepts to come.

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Old 02 February 2008   #3
Very cool I really like the steed and the staff, great start!!!
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Old 02 February 2008   #4
Thanks! Yeah, the main character isn't much of anything in that concept other than for a size reference so I know she isn't all that epic. I should have some concepts of her up soon though.
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Name: Princess Nevihta. (nevihta means thunderstorm in Slovenian)

Nevihta was banned from her former reign as princess because of her decision to fight in the war and is now an exile. She now spends all of her time practicing magic and perfecting her already highly advanced craft of controlling weather, wind and lightning and harnessing their powerful energy. Her abilities have made her a renowned hero known for dominating all opposition on the battlefield. No longer an actual princess, she is still referred to as Princess Nevihta by her loyal followers because of their immense respect for her. Nevihta is willing to do anything and everything to put and end to this war once and for all and has the power, motivation and ability to do so. *this story is subject to change*

Silhouette of a potential outfit & Artifact design:
Old 02 February 2008   #6
I like Ur concept of Nevihta Character looks good maybe U can add more details like not a heavy but light armour, bracelets ect... more and more details will make your character look more beautifull, since this is your initial stage, furthur you can give her more attitude with some expression make her look more bold and rough, just a suggestion

Nice job so far, All the best
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Old 02 February 2008   #7
Thanks madshooter. You're right about adding more details. I tend to simplify things.

After sketching out some ideas for a winged creature, I liked the look of this butterfly/dragon-esque one and wanted to color it. This creature doesn't look like it could take on any enemy out there, and it wouldn't hold up well in a thunderstorm because of how fragile it appears, so I probably won't use this concept for my final piece, but it was fun painting it. I figured I'd get in some practice before I start working on a character for the 2D category.

I'm relatively new to painting in Photoshop, so critiques are more than welcome if you've got some inside tips that I probably don't know about.
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Old 02 February 2008   #8
I don't know... I would definately try to work around the concept, the creature seems very agile instead of fragile and also unique but I don't agree with the dragon-like head. Cheers
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Old 02 February 2008   #9
I think this is shaping up nicely. I totally dig the creature, though I'd also go for a more insect-like head for it. The wings are GREAT though. Lovely design.
Old 02 February 2008   #10
Pretty cool concept, man. The overall shape and colors are great. I agree with Loukor, it's a worthy concept for modeling, I see a lot of potential on this pair. But I don't like very much the dragon head, maybe you could try to make the creature more insect based, I don't know. Anyway, I'll be following this, good luck, fellow.
Old 02 February 2008   #11
I agree with others, With those kind of wings, Insect kind of creature will look cool. Again if you are planning for dragon or some other huge creature, then maybe U should make it look bulkier, not sure but might look good.
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Old 02 February 2008   #12
I thought the name sounded familiar.

I really like the mount you have there. I don't see an issue with the head, I think it makes the creature more interesting because it isn't just an oversized insect, but something unique. Besides, the body is already not insect-like, but more snake-like, so it's not like the head doesn't fit with any other part of the body.

I really like the concept so far, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
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Old 02 February 2008   #13
Your concept is very original; I like the dragon-insectesque theme. But like others have said, he seems to be a bit fragile and it sort of looks like a snake with wings (please take no offense). Maybe you could bulk him up a bit but I can't wait to see it in 3D
Old 02 February 2008   #14
Thanks for all the comments!

I see where you guys are coming from with making it's head more insect-like, but similar to what Anitarf said, It's not suppose to be a giant insect, and I'd rather stay away from that route. It's more of a giant animal/mythical creature that happens to have insect-like features. I will play around with different designs for the head though. I'll see how bulking up his legs look. If he's too bulky the wings would have to be bigger, and I'm already concerned about texture space for this.

No offense taken StacyOgie, and I agree with you it does look like a snake with wings. I appreciate the comments on it being unique. I don't want to make it generic and I'm trying to stay away from the usual DW stuff that everyone does.

Originally Posted by Anitarf: I thought the name sounded familiar.
It was the best sounding option for storm/thunderstorm so I went with it. I think Nevihta makes for a cool name. I might make the creatures name Slovenian too to keep some continuity.
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Old 02 February 2008   #15
That's a nice concept, and really original, the creature works well for me with that agile design, you should stick to it as far as I'm concerned. It has some kind a fantasy fairy tale mood, and that is unique.
I'm just wondering what size are those two supposed to be, it would work well as a fairy and her custom dragonfly mount.

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