Solution for the playblast bug in XP?

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Old 04 April 2003   #1
Solution for the playblast bug in XP?

Anyone know of a fix for the playblast malfunction in XP? It's driving me NUTS :annoyed:
Old 04 April 2003   #2
stop any "pop-up" process (like msn) and don't click anymore until the end of the playblast.
Note this problem doesn't happend on UNIX workstation.
P.S.: I'm also waiting for a better answer
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Old 04 April 2003   #3
Well, that won't work either.

I've noticed you have to have the scene played through, just saved, no windows open (such as attribute editor or hyper graph), and sometimes it still won't work... Gaahhh!

Quote: Note this problem doesn't happend on UNIX workstation

No, seems to be XP related...
Old 04 April 2003   #4
yea, its a known XP bug with maya:
Under some circumstances, when playblasting an animation, partway through, the playblasting ceases to be updated. Attempting to ESC from the playblast may cause a hang.

Solution: None.

my solution: dont use XP
Old 04 April 2003   #5
Quote: my solution: dont use XP

A bit late for that... Arrgh

Anyway, does anyone know if this problem still exists in Maya 5?

I noticed this can happen when you do a particle disc cache also. As far as I could tell the cache still worked, but you never know...
Old 04 April 2003   #6
I think this problem's also hardware-related. Happens all the time on a FireGL 2, but never (touch wood) on a Geforce4!? Anyways, another temporary solution would be to use the hardware render buffer, then you can get yummy antialiasing as well.

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Old 04 April 2003   #7
Hm, running on a GeForce4 Ti4800...

Yes Hardware render buffer is of course a great suggestion. But I am currently animating fur attributes and need to get a fast feedback on how it moves and the obvious would be to just hit playblast and see how things move. This would be a fast solution if it only worked. Now it works abut every 5th try.

Well, thanx guys, doesn't seem to be any fix out yet. Let's hope for Maya5 or maybe next Windows version...
Old 04 April 2003   #8
yeah they didn't call it Xtra Problems for nothing...

You can have your characters photoreal, fast or cheap. Pick two.
Old 04 April 2003   #9
So here is the scoop as i have come to understand it.

Firstly the issue is not limited to XP, but to Maya 4 through 5 on everything but Irix 6.5.11 and on.

I believe the issue is caused by a temp file failure that halts the process about 20-35 fames into the write.

Certainly any other process which occurs is bad, so the first thing to do is open windows media player or fcheck (i use media player) so that is does not call it during the write process. If it happens you will have to restart Maya since there is no way to flush the cache, which is what appears to need to happen. I think that is why the issue never appears until around the third or fourth playblast. Hardware, length, compression or size do not appear to cause the error, only a kind of buffer over-run.

Irix does this flush automatically and that is why i believe it does not have the issue.

Maya could really use a 'Purge Cache' function like Photoshop, especially since it leans so heavily on the x:\DOCUME~1\usr\LOCALS~1\Temp file.

For right now, the only work around which seems consistently to work is the whole restart Maya option.
Old 04 April 2003   #10
Interesting. I also noticed this happens when building a jiggle cash.

The thing is I can't see the pattern. I can do 10 playblasts in a row without success and suddenly it works... One time...
Old 05 May 2004   #11
This is really annoying. I thought I'd revive this thread again since Maya 6 has come out to ask if anyone still experiences the problem.

I'm playblasting fluids (ponds and wakes) and it's really annoying to have to try and playblast 10 times to get one that finally works!
Kiaran Ritchie
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Old 05 May 2004   #12
Since it was I who started this thread more than a year ago I might also be the one to shed some light on the problem.

For me the problem actually spells g-e-F-o-r-c-e.

I tried everything and people recommended me to change compatibility mode and stuff, but nothing worked. Then we got new workstations with Quad-cards and it still didn't work, but when I changed compatibility mode this time it suddenly played like a blast.

I have a two 21" monitor system now with a quadro4 980XGL card and I can even surf CGtalk while playblasting! But I need to use the driver specified by Alias. 43.51 I think.
And as an extra bonus my time line marker in the Graph Editor is RED!

edit: clearifying edits

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Old 05 May 2004   #13
ah ah.. not only geforce..
same problem with the ati 9800 pro..

after switching to cmpatibility mode with win2k it was gone as well..


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Old 06 June 2004   #14

Could it be a problem of the cursor?
I mean: if I don't touch the mouse until the end of the playblast it works fine!
.::We only have 2 limits:
+ time
+ imagination
Old 06 June 2004   #15
Well, I would rather say that this happens when windows looses focus on the viewport you are using for your playblast. This mainly occurs when there are other Maya windows open such as hyper graph, blendshape editor and such. Maya usually shuts down these temporarily to aid playblasting, but it seems that this isn't enough on some cards. And on these cards you can't under any circumstances change focus to another window while playblasting. I never experienced any problems with moving the mouse under a playblast session, but on the other hand I didn't dare touching it. I even held my breath...
But if you really need playblast to work smoothly, buy a Quadro card and change compability mode for Maya to Win2K, and it will solve all your problems.
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