*NEW* Erotic Signature entry - FULL NUDITY

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Old 12 December 2007   #1
Erotic Pink Faerie - FULL NUDITY

Hi all
I have decided to create a new thread for this piece seeing as it is an entirely different entry to the original idea. The original thread can be found on this link...


The concept is to be erotic, it doesn't need anymore than that. As faeries are my main thing I have decided to go with a pin-up style faerie (my first pin-up!). Pink is the colour of choice, and to maintain brightness she is kneeling on a mound of snow.

Anatomy is the main thing here, I understand that pin-ups do not necessarily conform to anatomical accuracy so I am keen to get this right. Red-lines and crits very welcome .

Thanks for looking

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Old 12 December 2007   #2
happy happy!

Well, having had the opportunity to do some studies I have had a re-vamp of this little pink hottie! Have changed the POV and moved in with a cropped composition - something I have wanted to try for a while.

Very happy with this now so am going to push full on and hopefully still make the deadline for the entry.

Any and all crits are always welcome so feel free

Old 12 December 2007   #3
While the zoom in is a better comp, you've now cropped off so much from all four sides, that you make the piece look poorly composed from that angle.

You don't want to cut the tops/sides off of faces, or the sides of legs, feet, tips of wings, etc. off of your main focal point. It just looks like you don't know how to position your subjects on canvas, or are unable to accurately render the body parts you cut off, like fingers and feet.

I liked your original , except for too much "dead space" around her. Perhaps moving the tattered wings closer and focusing on the girl...Which brings up the question, of what do you want the main visual focus to be, the girl or the wings???

Good luck with the competition, whichever way you take this piece.
~ CybrGfx
Never settle for "good enough," until you can honestly say you tried your best.
Old 12 December 2007   #4
Thanks for the comments CybrGfx, The close crop is a particular style of character composition that I have read about several times in which you do crop in to a point whereby the peripheral anatomy is off the canvas edge. I know that hiding such things as hands and feet is a big no no so it is a case of weighing up what you can keep - in this composition one foot and one hand would remain.

That said I have opened up the canvas so that I do actually paint all of the elements, I can then decide by how much I choose to crop back in, however having now done the basic blocking in I find I do actually quite like the full view composition... will be torn how to proceed nearer the finish line I guess!.

This post is just a general firming up of detail and composition with work done on the wings too - I need to get more pink in yet, the wings will be colour corrected for this and obviously their is an amount of clothing still to be worked on which should add to the pinkness!

Thanks for any and all crits you want to throw my way
Old 12 December 2007   #5
Looking great, thats an awesome pose, very sexy The open space does make the picture look a bit flat, but you mentioned you where opening up the space and deciding what to work on. On the character herself, the face needs a little more definition, especially around the eyes a bit, they look a tad lifeless. The hair too. Something about a woman that is sexy is her hair. You have ana amazing picture in the works, give her some sexy tresses I did a paintover as an example of what you could do. If you need any good hair brushes give me a shout a have a few that are great

~ It is always darkest before the Dawn ~
Old 12 December 2007   #6
i like the first one you have the angle is much more intising.. both are very good..
Old 12 December 2007   #7
Well thats very odd! I posted an update here yesterday with responses to both of you Methodz and Shadowed Whisperor and now it seems to not be here any longer!!!.

Oh well, as I had said, Thanks for the comment methodz, indeed I was quite happy with the original but it started to look a little static, I wanted a little more dynamism and one of the ref foto's proved perfect for it.

Hey Shadowed Whisperor, I really appreciate your kind words (I am quite in awe of your anatomy skills!) - This update is a concentration on the face. It is the best face I have ever painted! That said I do know that she is not the prettiest, maybe in time that little skill will come. I am not certain if I have yet captured that little smile that says "Do with me as you will, I feel a little cheeky!" something still seems a off.

Any suggestions, paint overs warmly appreciated... thanks for looking
Old 12 December 2007   #8
That is a really beautiful eye you have painted This pic is going to look great!

I did a paintover for ya - Arch the eyebrow a little, got a naughty cheeky look with that lovely eye. sexy eyelashes and smoky eyes, and dont forget that smile The perspective on the face is slightly off, I'd have to see your reference to get the angle right and help ya but I did a quick repaint of the nose, look at the sides. Think of the nose as a block, with more than one angle. a great tutorial with the nose you can find on Enayla's site www.furiae.com, under tutorials.

~ It is always darkest before the Dawn ~
Old 12 December 2007   #9
Hey Candyce... nice paintover! I am doing a couple more hours on the face tonight so this will be most useful, very much appreciated. Oh Yeah, I have all those tutorials, they are quite excellent, this project is the first time I have put them into practice so got the learning curve going on too!
Old 12 December 2007   #10
Well here we are, another update, this time showing some work refining the anatomy (which I might add I am very pleased with ) and also now was struck with the idea of kneeling in a springwater stream - proper bikini babe shot I think, hopefully adding to the sexiness. Anyway I have only blocked the water in for now as it will be the last thing I paint.

Also, Candyce, the follow up work after your kindly donated paintover. I dont know how familiar you are with my work but I am heavily influenced by anime so I like to have that reflect in my own style (tho its not intended as an anime piece! - I don't actually do anime). Anyhow I am extremely pleased with so far, I am sure there will be another couple of tweaks on her face yet but I am very happy, so thanks again.

Comments, crits or just looking, thank you!

Old 12 December 2007   #11
This is starting to shape up nicely.
I would suggest changing the direction of the stream, tho'. It looks a bit strange to have such a dominant movement line gushing from between her thighs in that direction...Perhaps angle the water flow slightly from the right, widening on the left. You are too "heavy" on the right side. That shoe could help pull the eye back over if you make it a strong red that matches one of the brighter (but not too bright) reds in her hair.

Her mouth is too high, with too much chin, but not by much. Even out the distance from the bottom of the nose to the chin, and you should be fine.

I like your latest eyes, but they are too far apart, giving her an almost lizard look (which may be your intent). The "trout pout" over-inflated lips are too contrived to my eye, but I can't stand them in real Life, either. Lips should not look like a giant swollen worm wrapped around your mouth, and you've avoided that with the lower lip, but the upper still looks like she got smacked in the face. Also, avoid the overly obvious dark lip outline. It makes it look like you were "coloring" rather than painting, and didn't want to get outside the lines...

That joint of the wing on the LH side, and the elbow beneath it need a bit more thought. The wing looks like a bare bone sticking out from her back with wing tatters attached, and the elbow is bent at too extreme an angle, as if she's trying to break that heel off the shoe, rather than look seductive.

How much time do you have left for the competition? This is looking good!
~ CybrGfx
Never settle for "good enough," until you can honestly say you tried your best.
Old 12 December 2007   #12
Hey CybrGfx - another strong post, thanks. I have to nail the face today so will be focusing solely on that. The deadline for the competition is Saturday at midnight but there is a fee associated with entry which is midnight today - so long as I can reach a point where I know the face will work then I shall officially apply today, leaving the remaining time to sort the rest of the anatomy and the environment out.

I really like the new eyes, tho they may need a little mor definition in the eyelashes! I think there is a little tweak on the nose yet but you are right it is the mouth and chin that is throwing the face out. I had quite a lengthy discussion with my very good friend and critique about the contrived smile, unfortunately it is a sad but true fact that I know I do not have the skill (yet!) to capture facial expression easily, so I have to rely on the contrived purely from a timing point of view - shame really. As for that arm, thats the bit that I have failed to get reference for so will have my work cut out for me there!

Well, I shall be back, as the famous line goes
Old 12 December 2007   #13
Well I may actually be in the right ballpark now ... sure there will be tweaks to do yet but she is starting to 'lovely' up I do think!

The money is in, the pressure is on

Old 12 December 2007   #14
Originally Posted by abscnth: ...As for that arm, thats the bit that I have failed to get reference for so will have my work cut out for me there!
Tsk. That has to be one of the lamest excuses EVAH!

You have two arms, one would assume. You have access to at least one full length mirror somewheres, I am sure, if only at a clothing store. ALL you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, lift your foot, and grab it. Even though the dynamics of standing, rather than being on your knees in heels (whoa. Too weird an image...lol!) would make the musculature a bit different, the joint placement of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist will not be noticeably so for your purposes.

Just for grins and giggles, have you made ANY attempt to contort your body into this pose to understand the anatomy you are attempting to render? Try it. Just once. Wait til no one's around to pop in, and ask just what the bloody hell you think you're doing down there...

You will find that your elbow goes nowhere near the direction or angle you have. It will be one of those visuals that judges will instinctively recognize as a flaw, simply because your own body should tell you, "the elbow doesn't bend like that, comfortably..."

~ CybrGfx
Never settle for "good enough," until you can honestly say you tried your best.
Old 12 December 2007   #15
too late in the early hours to say much here, so will post and make comments tomorrow.. but briefly its just work trying to get the damned mouth right!

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