Maestro 2.3 is now available

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Old 10 October 2007   #1
Maestro 2.3 is now available

We've just released Maestro version 2.3.

This version includes the walk generator, as well as other great
enhancements to the biped rig.

There's also a new Light and Camera rig that automates the creation of a 3
point studio setup and a neat little camera rig, along with controls in the
interface to make manipulating the lights and camera very easy.

Here's some videos demonstrating the new features:

New Rig Features

Walk generator

The light and camera rig

Old 10 October 2007   #2
wow cool stuff.
what kind of slow down do you get with the added controls and expressions?
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Old 10 October 2007   #3
Thumbs up

this looks great.
Old 10 October 2007   #4
Actually the interaction is just a bit faster, primarily because there's less bones than before (although it's pretty close, maybe 1-2 fps faster).

Old 10 October 2007   #5
Cool. Can we scale any and all bones in the rig? If we split forearm and shin bones so that we can have a character strike a cartoonish, curvy pose, will the rig break?

Old 10 October 2007   #6
Scaling - No problem.
Splitting - as long as you rename the child to something unique. You can add any bones you want, you just can't delete or rename the ones that are there (exept for the red colored hold bones, you can delete them if you want)

The fact is, with just a little understanding of the basic commands we use in the rigging files, you can change the rigs to do anything you want, or create your own completly custom rigs. It's all totally open to the user.

The real power of Maestro is the controller, which is basically a multi-function joystick/macro engine that's totally customizeable as well.

Old 10 October 2007   #7
brilliant i have been waiting for this !

is it x64 and LW64 friendly ?

thanks a lot
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Old 10 October 2007   #8
neat, i've been showing that walk setup today here in studio and everyone said WOW! will there be any sort of demo to try it out, it seems like awesome tool for rigs?
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Old 10 October 2007   #9
Looks great. Is there any links to animation (other than the demos) done using Maestro?
Old 10 October 2007   #10
Quote: neat, i've been showing that walk setup today here in studio and everyone said WOW! will there be any sort of demo to try it out, it seems like awesome tool for rigs?

The demo version of the plugin is ready to go. I just need to update the content and get it online. My goal is to do that this week.

Quote: Looks great. Is there any links to animation (other than the demos) done using Maestro?

The stuff I've done for my project is still under wraps, but maybe some of the users can step forward with their stuff. I've also got some little "just screwing around" snippets here (These were actually speed tests. They were all created in under an hour):

Dragonfellow, from Dave school, used Maestro.

Old 10 October 2007   #11
So whats the total frames per second speed om average?

Is there a poly - cpu standard you can give us.

1000 polys PIII or DUOCORE = ??? FPS

Is it driven with LW expression or relativity?

*** ALSO
can you PIN any of the appendages
If you wanted a character to get up from the ground and you need him to rest on his elbows--Can you lock that?
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Old 10 October 2007   #12
whoa! This thread dried up quick didn't it...ummm DEMO?
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Old 10 October 2007   #13
i agree, i signed up for a demo when this version was announced only to realise it was the old demo.

Old 10 October 2007   #14
Sorry about the demo being delayed. I'm waiting for one small change from Brian, and then I'll upload it.

Regarding speed: My animation machine is a single CPU athelon FX55 running at 2.6 ghz. With the female or male model provided, I get around 22 fps if I set the subdivision level to 0. The female model has just under 7,000 polys.

With some of my other characters, I make stripped down proxy versions that have around 2,500 polys. The speed on that at subdivision level 0 is easily above 30 fps.

As you add characters to the scene, things can slow down quite a bit, but I typically work with the "animate first character, MDDscan, animate second character in new scene with first character's MDD data, etc" method. I think I might actually use this method even if speed weren't an issue, as it keeps my scenes clean and uncomplicated. I also like the fact that the MDDscans are basically reference files for final render scenes.

The rigs are still "standard expression" based. We currently have no way to access Relativity from within LScript, so we can't automate rigging with them. But, (and I've said this many times before) the rigs we provide are not what Maestro is really all about. You can add relativity expressions to a rig manually, or rig from scratch using whatever rigging tools you want. Or use Maestro to control something totally outside of the concept of rigging. Where Maestro really comes into play is the control interface. Being able to create animation controllers that do exactly what you want them to by just clicking and dragging on them speeds up the process of animating so much it's rediculous. Once you set it up, everything just works intuitively. You don't have to struggle to select the right object (and in Layout, sometimes this can be a major pain), then select the proper tool, then click and drag, and when you drag, have to figure out if dragging left will rotate right or maybe even up and down.

I could go on and on about how frustrating it is to do basic manipulation of objects in Layout, or pretty much any standard 3d app, but I think I've made the point.

Old 10 October 2007   #15
Any introductional price in the foreseeable future and what are the limitations of the demo?
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