Combustion Ground Rules Pushed Back!

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  04 April 2003
Unhappy Combustion Ground Rules Pushed Back!

Yup. Was suppose to be released in March now it won't be released until November.:annoyed:

In the mean time, anyone know of good Combustion-related sites (aside from discreet) and resources? 3D World sometime have a few things about it but I need more!!!!

Listen: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  04 April 2003
The book has been continually pushed back for well over a year now, according to Amazon's site. has some decent combustion articles, and many of the flame tips/concepts can be applied with a little doing.

I believe there is a c2 area on creativecow as well.
Fix it in pre.
  04 April 2003
Thanks for the link & tip, dmeyer

Listen: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  04 April 2003
Combustion links... and more....

Hrere are some useful Combustion Links.....

Combustion User Forums: > Combustion Forum > Discreet Combustion Forum > Discreet Forum > Discreet fourm. > Combustion NewsGroup (official forum)

Tutorials: > Combustion VTM (Video Training Manual.) > Combustion Tips & Tricks Forum

There is my book:

That's all for now...

  04 April 2003
Free Combustion Tutorials available at.....

Hi... has posted some Combustion Video Tutorials:
ALL the tuts are FREE. The reason some say "member sponsor" is basically due to the fact that the tuts are rotated on a monthly basis... This means that in a given month there will be some not up for download (except for member sponsors.) If you are "patient" enough and can wait, then the tuts not available one month will rotate and be available in a following month.
All in all, the tuts are FREE, but because of bandwith issues they have decided to approach it this way....

About the Tuts:

The first TWO Tutorials -- for this month --- require you to be a Sponsor Member - 3 month or one year memberships required:

Combustion Tutorial 1 - 7.37MB file - Topic: Part one of the Guide to combustion for beginners
Combustion Tutorial 2 - 9.68MB file - Topic: Part two of the Guide to combustion for beginners

Whereas Tutorials 3, 4, 5 and 6 are free (this month) -- AFTER you register for a FREE basic membership .............

Combustion Tutorial 3 - 6.45MB file - Topic: Using the TRACKER to track a FISH
Combustion Tutorial 4 - 2.37MB file - Topic: Using the TRACKER with a mask to a Guy walking
Combustion Tutorial 5 - 34.47MB file - Topic: Mask Tracking - Applying a Mask to an eyeball.
Combustion Tutorial 6 - 297.95MB file - Topic: "Maxbustion" -- Compositing using 3ds Max & Combustion.

The tutorials are videos with Combustion Screen Shots as your trainer/host named "Cheerios" walks you through some of the features and functions. The video files are DIVX compressed and require the free codec - available at:

Combustion Tutotrials is:


Jack Pfeiffer
Author: "Combustion: The On-Line WebWarriors Guide" - combustion co-host at : - - & - demo artist / trainer / combustion-workaholic.
  05 May 2004
Combustion Ground Rules

any opinions on this book?
  05 May 2004
Updated Combustion Tuts, Books, Training


Over the years (well, since Combustion Version 1 anyway) I have compiled a rather "complete" list of free tutorials, websites, chat rooms and user websites... Here is the latest updated version of that list....

Start point --> Discreet has a rather new COMBUSTION RESOURCES page, which also mentions many of the links below:

Free Combustion version 2 Tutorials: As you may already know, there are over 13 FREE Cv2 Tutorials that are available directly from Discreet, and these will work with Cv3 as well. Discreet has mentioned that they are working on more Cv3 specific free tutorials, and they will be out later. The Cv2 tuts are downloadable here:
These Lessons cover almost all the "essential basics" and have PDF files with instructions for each lesson, as well as ZIP files with the media, workspace files, and sample AVI/MOV files. Here is the summary of free lessons:
-Intro: Welcome to combustion (PDF - 301 KB) which includes Detailed descriptions of the lessons, terms, the conventions used in the tutorials, as well as instructions for setting the preferences needed for the tutorials
-Lesson 1: Touring combustion
-Lesson 2: Creating Composites in 2D Space
-Lesson 3: Compositing in 3D Space
-Lesson 4: Using Paint
-Lesson 5: Tracking and Stabilizing
-Lesson 6: Keying
-Lesson 7: Using Garbage Masks
-Lesson 8: Color Correcting
-Lesson 9: Animating Particle Effects PDF
-Lesson 10: Working with Paint Selections
-Lesson 11: Animating Layers in 3D Space
-Lesson 12: Working with Motion Graphics
-Lesson 13: Using Scenes from 3ds max
-Bonus:Combustion for AE users (four more lessons and tips)

Next: Discreet has posted over 30 free finished Combustion Workspaces to demonstrate basic effects and composites for download. You can open these up, inspect them, change and modify them and save them as your own. Or, by simple "reverse engineering" you can to learn how they were made. Get them at:

Here is a Rundown of some of the FREE TRAINING websites -- most offer chatrooms, tutorials and tips.

The CreativeCOW Combustion Forum at:
Don't forget to review the variety of Creative COW FREE COMBUSTION Tutorials:

The "combustion exchange FTP site" also known as the Alex Site, where Combustion users can upload/download and exchange images, workspaces, and setups with other users. Much explanation and comments of the material here is posted at the CreativeCOW Combustion Forum. The Alex site Address: Note: Login: " combustion_user " and password: " learn "

For Spanish speaking Combustion users, there is a Spanish version that mirrors the Alex ftp site, and including explanations in Español here:

Discreet has their own "official Combustion User Forum" which requires registration for participation. Quite frequently, Discreet Technical Support Staff drop in and offer comments, solutions and advice. Visit: >> offers a free downloadable Combustion v2 VTM (Video Training Magazine) also offers some free Cv2 DIVX video tutorials for download.

For Combustion Version 3 users, the VFXTalk website has added a special Section of free downloadable Combustion v3 Expressions... As of todays date, there are two posts with three Expressions/Tuts - Click on scripts and be sure to "show all posts from the beginning."

User websites - with Discreet Combustion Tutorials and help, and are really worth mentioning ...
Thanks to all these people! These are Listed in No particular order... PowerUser/Trainer Lee "Rod" Roderick provides a buncha Tutorials - CWS's but no PDFs... PowerUser/Trainer Ben Munkres provides a geat tutorial working in 3D space, with 10 pg PDF. Frederico offers a free particles tutorial. PowerUser/Trainer Gary Davis's kool help guides

More Interesting Websites:

If you are an After Effects User, be sure to read the following series of articles on Cv2 popsted last year at Digital Producer Magazine. Entitled "Combustion 2 for After Effects Users - Moving to Combustion from After Effects," the articles are designed to help explain things....Nicely written by Kevin Schmitt.....
- Part 1: Working with Illustrator files
- Part 2: Working with Photoshop files
- Part 3: A birds-eye view of the C2 interface, part one
- Part 4 : A birds-eye view of the C2 interface, part two
- Part 5 : A birds-eye view of the C2 interface, part three

-How to Pull a Green Screen Chroma Key with Combustion:

- Tutorial: Creating a MIST EFFECT with Combustion.

- Combustion: How to Apply motion-blur to a moving object in keyed footage:

Cloning with Discreet combustion - Render Node Magazine...

Yet another article, from Animation World Magazine, entitled "Combustion 2 in Action" written by Scott Jenkins. He reviews Combustion 2 and checks in with a production "in progress" to see how Combustion stacks up against key competitor After Effects.... Although it is over a year old, it is still a good read....

You can also choose to BUY training material:

If you are ready to spend money to learn, Discreet does sell their Cv2 Courseware, which is still applicable to Cv3. this is the same courseware that is used at an official Discreet class. The Discreet Combustion v2 Courseware includes a CD-ROM. Priced at approximately US $ 75.00, this can be ordered through your local Discreet Dealer. Again, these lessons will work with Cv3. WHAT YOU GET: Discreet combustion v2 Courseware Index- 37 Lessons with CD-ROM:
Part 1 - Using Paint = 1- learning Paint Basics ; 2 - Animation Text ; 3 - Exploring Draw Modes in Text ; 4 - Revealing a Background Image ; 5 - Wire Removal ; 6 - Creating Text Gradients ; 7 - Animating Gradients ; 8 - Combining Selections ; 9 - Animating Selections ; Part 2 - Fundamentals : 10 - Touring Combustion ; 11 - Creating Simple Composites ; 12 - Using Operators in a Composite ; Part 3 - Transforming Layers : 13 -Animating Layers Using Pivot Points ; 14 Keyframing ; Part 4 - Linking and Controlling Layers ; 15 -Cropping and Corner-Pinning ; 16 - Linking Layers Through Parenting ; 17 - Aligning Objects to a Motion Path ; 18 -Linking Layers with Hinging ;
Part 5 - Changing Layer Surface Properties ; 19 - Setting Surface Properties ; 20 - Exploring Transfer Modes ; 21 - Displacing a Layer ; Part 6 - Using Channels, Mattes and Masks ; 22 - Using Alpha Channels ; 23 - Creating Channel Effects ; 24 - Using Masks ; Part 7 - Using Null Objects, Lights, and the Camera ; 25 - Animating with a Null Object ; 26 - Moving the Camera ; 27 - Creating Shadows with Lights ; Part 8 - Tracking and Stabilizing : 28 - One-Point Tracking ; 29 - Four-Point Tracking ; 30 - Two-Point Stabilizing ; Part 9 - Keying and Color Correcting : 31 - Using the Discreet Color Corrector ; 32 - Using the Discreet Keyer ; Part 10 Nesting Composites : 33 - Basic Nesting ; 34 - Creating a Motion Blur ; 35 - Importing Workspaces ; Part 11 - Additional Lessons: 36 - Working with Rich Pixel Renderings ; 37 - Creating Particles Effects Other "After Market" books and training materials....

1) The "Advanced Combustion v2" DVDs From "the Street Productions." These are great! My review of the first DVD is posted at the CreativeCOW: ) This is an excellent investment. Three power users/trainers, Lee "Rod" Roderick, Gary M. Davis, and Ken LaRue have teamed up to create 6.5 hours on four DVDS with 15 lesssons -- this is all real world projects for the advanced user, and well worth the price. This is the FIRST in a series, and the second one is already on it's way. Ken has also announced an entirly NEW Combustion V3 "Basics" DVD set as well. Get all the latest information from:

2) There is an older Combustion Version 2 DVD Video set also available: although designed for just for Cv2 & also rather expensive, it does contain about 14 hours of Cv2 training and tutorials. That set is also taught by Ken LaRue (same guy as above) and is directly available from the supplier Technical Animations ( )

3) The first Cv3 book out is written by Gary Davis, a discreet training specialist. He is also a co-contributor with ken's efforts (see item 1) His book is called "The Focal Easy Guide to Discreet Combustion 3" and although i haven't seen the book yet, I can say that Gary has shared his preliminary book info and, from what I have seen, I fully expect Gary's book to be an excellent and affordable choice for Cv3 training. So, I can recommend it without hesitation -- This book is listed at and is available by special order from Amazon.UK - see:

4) A second Combustion V3 book has also been announced: it is called "Combustion Ground Rules" and written by Todd Petersen. Todd has written other books such as "3ds max Ground Rules." Since I don't know much about Todd's book, I can't say much about it. This book is listed at as well as Amazon.UK -

Lastly, in Dec. 2002 I wrote and published the first book on Combustion Version 2 on the market, entitled "WebWarriors On-Line Guide To Combustion." However, my book is totally sold out and I have no copies left. There may be copies still available from my Swedish supplier, and you can contact them direct at: website:

So, Whatever you do . . . . Keep Combustin' !


Jack Pfeiffer - Discreet Combustion Specialist.
Author: "Combustion v2: The WebWarriors On-Line Guide"
Co-Host: CreativeCOW Combustion/Edit Forums & Combustion forum.
Author: "Combustion: The On-Line WebWarriors Guide" - combustion co-host at : - - & - demo artist / trainer / combustion-workaholic.
  05 May 2004
That's what I call a huge resource list

Another good thing to get it's Alan Bell's 2k Media Resource Kit, 7 full resolution (2048X 1556) shots in logarithmic 10bit cineon file format, it's an awesome start to play with real film material, and it comes with some tutorials (non-app specifc) that gives you some ideias of what can you do in the scenes.

Hand Made Digital

diogo girondi | ••• | IMDB

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  05 May 2004
ground rules availiable now at amazon.

  12 December 2004
I have gone through most of the links placed in this thread, but I'm yet to find a site that actually has a tutorial for newbies at combustion. Even though most of these sites try to give a walkthrough on it, there seems to be something still lacking.

Say I want to import my first footage, how do I do it? I can only place particles on a still image so far, but can't get beyond that. How do I import a video and apply composites to certain frames?
  12 December 2004
start: Cv2 Intro Tut.


To learn combustion, start with the free tuts from Discreet.
The first INTRO to C Tut will give you the essential info you need.
Free Tuts! Start there!
Or, spend about $20 and buy the new Focal Press book from Gary Davis ... It's GREAT!

As for importing footage: You HAVE to define your workspace as a "Composite" to be able to import footage: Composites are defined as multiple layers...
If you choose "paint"" you can NOT import anything, as it is only ONE Layer.


Author: "Combustion: The On-Line WebWarriors Guide" - combustion co-host at : - - & - demo artist / trainer / combustion-workaholic.
  12 December 2004
Jack OFTEN forget my pages , including some tutorials.

comp is key
cinema & tv production -
  01 January 2005
Focal Easy Guide to Discreet combustion 3

As someone has just mentioned, the book by Gary Davis is called
Focal Easy Guide to Discreet combustion 3
For new users and professionals

This book has been amazing! A full color book for $24.95!
Covering everything you would need to know to start your way with Combustion 3
There is even a free chapter online to check out the ins and outs:

There is also a link to Gary Davis' site
which has some amazing info. Just check out the training section and the 'Down on the Farm' section- very good stuff!


To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.

-Oscar Wilde
  01 January 2006
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