Whoops!!!" - Hero - sketchyjay

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Old 03 March 2003   #1
Whoops!!!" - Hero - sketchyjay

The final animation so people don't have to go look for it.

Here is a DV Size 720x486 size version
768x486 quicktime. 6MBs

Here is the larger one in mpeg format.
400x300 mpeg. 1MB

Here is the required sorenson 3.
320x240 sorenson 3 quicktime. 1.5MB

Good luck everyone


Well I guess it's time to enter my first contest on CG Talk.

I think this will be alot of fun since I haven't animated in a while and still have alot to learn.

Anyway here is my story.

1st nshot - The Heroine Ember leaps down from a window high on the inside of a factory wall. She lands knocking aside a mop. We zoom in for a dramatic up shot as she raises up, raising her hands in a almost martial arts stance. "Now, Now I shall show you my power" her hands ignite with fire. The hand raised behind her head catches her hair on fire. she gives a start then begins spinning around smaking at her head. then she sees the buck next to her and dives her head in.

2nd shot - view from among bad guys watching her with her head in the bucket.

fade to black

well on to storyboard it.


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Old 03 March 2003   #2
like the story. I can see a lovely shampoo comercial hair wave happening prior to ignition
Old 03 March 2003   #3
here's the storyboard

Whoops storyboard

josephine: yeah I'll have to figure out what I can model and have look funny. I was thinking more spiky short hair...hair with lots of gel in it... Long beutiful hair could work too if I could figure out how to do it (have LW which has sasquatch lite built in)

But I'm open to ideas, keep em coming.

I dropped the cut since cuts are not allowed. I may add it back in for my own enjoyment after the contest...kind of a director's cut version.

Old 03 March 2003   #4
Okay I finished modeling Ember.

Now to put some textures on her and get her rigged.

Old 03 March 2003   #5

Great model.

Loved the storyboard, really funny idea!
Old 03 March 2003   #6
ed-it: Thanks.

Here is the colors and the proxy model for animation all setup. I'll spend the free time getting her hair ready and animate now with the proxy.

Both Models BTW were created off of a free male model that Joe Cosman did for the 10 second club. I did alot of rebuilding to get to the proxy. I then built the main model from the tweeked proxy although the head and hands built from scratched.

Thanks Joe for putting out your model for us to learn from.

I'll probably use them in the foreground for the zoom in passed the bad guys.

Here is Joe's model setup in the right colors. (yes this is what the female models came out of )

Now on to doing the staging (animatic to get the timing)
Old 03 March 2003   #7
ok here is the first animation timing test I did.

Old 03 March 2003   #8
Well After I finished an animatic up to her saying the line I realized that the rest of it I did not like. There was no way for her to dive head first into that bucket and it look good. So I'm redoing the ending.

I'll put it up in storyboard form later today.

Old 03 March 2003   #9
Those characeres look very good, nice design & mesh. thumbs up.
but the anim test, I know this is a PreViz...but I think it needs some works to do:
the camera moves very fast (maybe because of no ease in/out) & the character stands up in no time. so I think the timing must be re-done, with a little changes!
good luck
Ila Soleimani

"Billions of bilious blue blistering barbecued barnacles!...Cannibal!"

Old 04 April 2003   #10
wow I had alot of work. well i'm back and hope to catch up. It's been a race to learn the tools as I try to do the animation.

So far I know what I want to do and will thumb nail out all the key frames on my way to work. I'll see how far I get tomarrow.

Old 04 April 2003   #11
Timing test

sorenson 3 quicktime 250k

let me know what you think

Old 04 April 2003   #12
Hey Sketchy, it looks thats even faster this time around.. u should hold her down for much longer to absorve the landing and then build up the standing up movement, even for a super hero would be hard to land from such a height and get up instantaneosly.




Old 04 April 2003   #13
how about this one...

damn it's hard to change the timing. glad I took this in a 1 second chunk and not the whole thing at once

ember timing test 3

think it is getting a little better


Last edited by sketchyjay : 04 April 2003 at 09:55 PM.
Old 04 April 2003   #14
it still fells like she has some sort of spring like legs, shes projected upwards straight away, that lower position should be the follow trough, she should stay on her fours for a few moments and then go down again and finally up, so you'll have the antecipation for the raising movement. other wise it fells like shes made of some elastic rubber, unless that was what u had in mind, if thats the case what u need is a lot of squashe and stretche.
hope am being o any help..



Old 04 April 2003   #15
Thanks Gru you are being of great help.

I am spacing those frames out so that I can have more room to make better keys. will post it later. LW is painful when trying to move keys. Takes forever for it to select all keys of an object. I'm going to plan it out on an x-sheet and make the space I need first.


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