should I support VUE for you ? --renderfarm--

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  05 May 2007
should I support VUE for you ? --renderfarm--

hi guys

I am admin from europs biggest renderfarm - I play with the idea to support VUE6 for
-normal vue

what would you say to a price of 0,30€cent per GHZ hour ?
specs here 600ghz - 64 bit - 2Gb ram

how this offer sounds ?

grz Farmer

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  05 May 2007
Could you tell me which renderfarm?
  05 May 2007
not bad at all


It would be nice, there aren't many places that support Vue so far, as far as I know. - there is this exclusive vue6 farm but it's under maintanance from time to time.

The price seems ok, but could you please make a benchmark using VueMark on your renderfarm and post the score here so people could better comprehend the power of the farm regarding Vue?

Also, please take into account the option of using Cornucopia3D plants and protected items in rendering on your farm.

Hope you'll add Vue6 and xStream to the farm in the future...
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"Reality is the ruin of a fairytale" - Lucian Blaga
  05 May 2007
VueMark for the farm is all in all ~22000

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  05 May 2007
as far I see my price whould be 30% - comparing to my business rivals

hm ...

what plugins do exist for VUE beside Cornucopia3D ?
what is often in use?
what stalkeron means with "protected items "

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  05 May 2007
I guess you mean your price would be 30% lower. Still, their price is not low at all. Don't know how many people use the farm, I don't think that they have a lot of clients, just my opinion, never got to render at their farm because my projects are still under construction but I saw 2 times that there was no one waiting on the list to render so the farm was just sitting idly. I guess 0.5Ecent would be a fair price and an upper threshold, of course I wish it was free of charge

Second - the items from Cornucopia3d are not plugins - just plants and objects that can be bought by Vue users from C3D and made especially for vue. Some of them are copy protected, which means e.g a plant can't be rendered on the renderfarm although the user has it in his original file if the farm doesn't have that plant. The RANCH renderfarm includes the ability to render all copy protected plants - which is a must have for most Vue users.

Third - often in use are: the normal standalone version of Vue6 Infinite and the xStream version of Vue - xStream version consists of the Infinite Version plus xStream plugin integration capabilities for Maya, Max, Lightwave, XSI

Fourth: your VueMark is about the same of that of the RANCH renderfarm, perhaps a bit lower. Mine is around 680 and I have a dual dual core workstation - that is 4 cores at 3GHz and 8gigs of RAM.

Hope this helps. Pls keep me informed on your decision to include Vue on the farm
The Moondash Project - Environment Creation and Fantasy
"Reality is the ruin of a fairytale" - Lucian Blaga

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  05 May 2007
I cant agree
I was playing with the cost estimator and that tells I am 70% cheaper and 4 times faster
that post was not made to flame my competitors

let me go back to the copy protected files
if a client comes to render and use one of this files - what can I do ?
I guess its impossible to buy all existing or do just exist a hand full ?
Cant the client simply send me the file and I past it into the Vue folder?
do exist different versions from the content files - I mean clinet has PlantX inside so it is the same as my PlantX?

if that all sound stupid -sorry for that but I am very new to vue and try to get an overvue
  05 May 2007
Hi everyone,

Fred here, designer of the VueMark and admin/creator of the RANCH renderfarm. I don't want to hijack this thread, just to put a few things right :

- in theory, more renderfarms rendering Vue projects is good for everyone. More choice for the users, more credibility in the professional world for Vue -> good. Plus, we don't render xStream+other software (max, lw, etc), by choice, but exclusively Vue 5/6 scenes. So a renderfarm offering xStream support would have its use obviously.

- the VueMark can't be directly applied to renderfarm benchmarking, nor was it designed to. It is a Python script designed to run on _one_ computer, and you can't extrapolate numbers simply by multiplying by a number of machines or GHz and get a VueMark for a renderfarm. The performance of a renderfarm can only be measured with a real project, and must take into account the time from when you send the scene, to the time when you can get back your images.

- Price. Our regular price is $0.30 per GHz per hour. Currently, that is 0.22 € per GHz per hour. And this month (until May 31st), for our exceptional hobbyist month, it is between 5 and 6 cents per GHz per hour... With our system, each project gets a 160 GHz processing power, every time, so until may 31st it is $9 per hour for a serious processing power (quad core Extreme nodes).

- we can do low prices because our system is _entirely automated_. The farm runs 24/24, without any human intervention (except customer support of course). And for performance and ease of use, I will let our customers speak for ourselves (

- to stalkeron, the RANCH is very rarely in maintenance, it has occurred a few times like for any other renderfarm, the last time was when we upgraded to a 100 Mbits/s symmetrical internet bandwidth (fiber optics). Now you can download your files at several megabytes per second (if you have the download bandwidth yourself of course).

- to quakemarine1, Vue renderfarming is a complex subject, particularly if you are not a Vue expert. You'll find that things work differently than with other software you are familiar with. But then again, we don't mind the competition at all, and wish you good luck if you want to offer a Vue rendering service.


RANCH Computing
  05 May 2007
I don't think there can be much done against copy-protected items other than own them or do not allow them for render jobs. And even owning would need some manual linking to your copies as startup. No automation as far as I know.

Even worse are other things.

#1 is that you can save Vue scenes and objects without embedding the textures.

#2 When you render animations and there is an imported Poser animation
Vue needs the pz3 file still - with the animation files (.dyn) that Poser saves. Tricky.

#3 Even when someone imported a Poser object and keeps the allow reposing or use Poser shader tree on you need the Poser items and the pz3 files.

A lot of things to think about and a lot of necessary restrictions.

It is nice to be important,
but it is more important to be nice.

Duster Bennett
  05 May 2007
Hi Wabe,

just to clarify : the RANCH supports copy protected items from C3D in a totally automated way. There is no difference from the customer's point of view.
  05 May 2007
hi fred
are u sure your cost estimator works correct
if I use (AMD X2 3800) a vueMark of 220 for 30 frames of 60 min you charge 550
if you have the same price per ghz hour as me it should be 95

I am wrong with the vue mark?
  05 May 2007
No the VueMark is good but you entered 60 hours in the second field

You must enter 01:00 (see the hh:mm format for hour:minute)

and then... surprise
  05 May 2007
yes thats better

you should have 2 fields - one for hour one for minutes - the current is a bit confusing

  05 May 2007
Ah... of course one must read the signs just after the field, but you're the first to find it confusing Of course if a lot of people find it confusing we'll change it, but it does not seem to be the case
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