Pennzoil Nismo Gt-r, Ken_g9 (3D)

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  03 March 2003
Vehicle: Pennzoil Nismo GT-R

here's my latest model, a JGTC Pennzoil Nismo GT-R,
based on the Skyline R34

made the textures in from scratch by tracing pictures in autocad and coloring it in photoshop

here's a racetrack scene, granturismo style

  03 March 2003
great model, good modelling ang texturing
  03 March 2003
Very Nice And Good
But What it's the red knob
in the Front of the car?
  03 March 2003
and what is the to black squere in the back of the car?
  03 March 2003
This is smokin', sweet work man!

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  03 March 2003

asbsolutley love the model!

program used? modeling method?

  03 March 2003
i love it!

-needs more anti aliasing.
-needs a headlight shader (unless thats supposed to be those headlight covers they put on)
-the exhaust pipes in the back and on the side arent smoothed
-in the render showing the rear of the car, the surface looks very speckled. increase the gi samples
-the body has to be smoothed more overall, around the tail lights and wheel wells etc.. you can see it get jaggy

good job
  03 March 2003
wooooo excellent work!

You really left little to pick on, but there are a few things that could be tweaked.

The biggest problem I see is that it is far too reflective and bright. I've never seen a Nismo Skyline that shiny or bright (on TV and magazines...)

There's also the back window, it looks like it's too wide vertically and not wide enough horizontally, but that may be a camera angle illusion.

But otherwise, that's some awesome work, I'm especially impressed you did the decals by hand.
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  03 March 2003
looks like the car's driving pretty fast in the track picture... also looks like the car doesn't have a driver.

will geddes
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  03 March 2003
damn. that's looks nice. have you done any other vehicles?
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  03 March 2003
Nice work, gotta love that nice yellish color
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  03 March 2003
Very cool!!! I like it keep up the good work

Maya are you talking about the red loop in the front bumper off to the left? Thats a tow hook, the black squares in back I'm not 100% sure on, must be for venting or aerodynamics in case the car goes into a spin. Similar to the ones in Nascar??? I dont know for sure.

My only crit. is the tail lights dont look like seperate objects, like they would in a real car. Otherwise killer!
  03 March 2003
good work overall, looks like Lightwave radiosity. More samples or more AA (or both) will really help take out the blotches.

Great job on getting all of those decals on the car. I have to agree that the geometry could be smoothed in genreal (just turn on sub-surf if you haven't already or increase the resoltuion).
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  03 March 2003
Finally no AUDI TT lol. I like this. Skyline's are amazing. Seen one at a import car show not to long ago.

Needs more ilerations on the exaust
  03 March 2003
Quote: Originally posted by UseMayaForever

But What it's the red knob
in the Front of the car?

cool, car looks good.

The red knob is a hook, it is for tying the cars down. They usually stack the cars inside a semi-trailer during transportation and lock them down on upper and lower decks that raise and lower. Also most of these cars are made up of one piece sections, like a whole front clip/fender/bumper/wheel well section, then a rear/mid-section or just one whole carbon fibre' or carbon fibre' kevlar composite body shell. They lift the sections or strap them by these hooks during removal or placement upon the tubular chassis drivetrain.
Usually and most always these stick through the body shell and are welded to the chassis, giving once again a good stable solid hooking position for towing or strapping down.

Black square??

The one on the underside of the car?? if thats the one, its for downforce and anti lift, it channels the air under the car through tubing and tunneling that creates downforce as the car goes faster and acheives higher speeds.
Because just like a plane a normal car will get lift at higher speeds as the air travels underneath and lifts it up. Also these channel air to vital components that require lots of cooling, like brakes, and drivetrain components.

If you mean the square on the back window, those are for airflow to the back window section as well as usually direct airflow to the exhaust that is coming out of the trunk section. On rear engine cars those are the air intakes(like the McLarens). Kind of a ram induction, considering air flows along the top of the car as well.

Also these could be used to flow air, once again, along the back of the trunk for addition down force. Of course all these objects that are above the smooth contour of the car cause extra drag, but downforce at 200+mph is more important, nothing like feeling a car loose road grip at 190mph and feel all squirely, hard to bring back.
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