Galactic Jellyfish - Modelling

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Old 03 March 2003   #1
Galactic Jellyfish - Modelling

Modelling the opener Galactiv Jellyfish.
Modelling in 3dsmax, and this is my first time doing some real modelling so might take a little time

Hope to be done this weekend, but if stuff gets int he way i appologise
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Old 03 March 2003   #2
need some help

Well this seemingly simple model just isnt' easy for me .. hehe

Well i have tried like multiple ways of trying to make a sphere (no prob there) or a geosphere and either extrude the arms or use a bolean connect to attach spheres to the big sphere and thus creating the "arms".

However i just cant get it smooth. If i take 2 spheres and use boolean connect it works fine, as long as i connect the polar region to the polar region, but that doesnt give me more than 2 good arms, and then i run into problems making the rest of the arms.. and i want quite alot of arms on there hehe.. like the concept art.

anyways if anybody has any good idead of how a newbie like me can model this quite simple model...
Reflection Design
Old 03 March 2003   #3
Hey Swoop, this is how I would do it.

First, create a simple sphere with enough segments (32 in my example) and convert it to Editable Poly.

Then select some random polygons (see pic01), click extrude a few times until you get something like in the picture. (See pic02)

Then slap a meshmooth (2 iterations) on top of this and u have somthing similar as what you want. (see pic03)

Hopes this helps,


PS: dont export the mesh with meshsmooth to Maya (thats to keep the density of the mesh low, you or somebody else can then in Maya make a "subdiv surface" out of it)

Old 03 March 2003   #4
Actually i found that out to be working last night .. hehe.. thx anyways...

Hoewever thx on the tip of not exporting with meshsmooth ...

Gonna hopefully have a model ready by wednesday... busy tonight
Reflection Design
Old 03 March 2003   #5
I would extrude from a set of 9 squares rather than just 1. Or cut out a section, patch in a cylinder that has 12 divisions and cap off the end.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rig and controls. I was trying to come up with a good solution, but didn't have any luck.

Of course, I'm not the most knowledgable person when it comes to making 3D models.
Old 03 March 2003   #6
I have a model ready.
Here goes nothing for my first real modelling gig hehe:

BTW; did i make too many arms, caus i'm really sucky at altering the model at the moment, so i hope there shouldn't be that many changes.

I was figuring a nice noise modifier will give it some good motion, kinda of a blubber moving slowly through space look.

As for rigging and such i can give it a try, but i dont know squat about that just yet.
But here is the model so far. C & C
Reflection Design
Old 03 March 2003   #7
The good news is ... that no one has got the models correct the first time out. Even ila's excellent alien model recieved my brutal critiques. But, he listened and applied my ideas and ended up with a perfect representation of my style in 3D.

The bad news is ... you need to make changes. First (as you feared) there are too many arms. I'd cut out half of them to get it closer to the concept. Secondly, the arms are shaped wrong. They should be narrower at the base and really bulbous on the ends. "Water balloons" and "tear drops" are the forms to keep in mind when working on these models.

Give it another try. I'm sure you'll get it or at least learn something important trying.
Old 03 March 2003   #8
I bet for rigging we could just morph the poses it cant have that many can it?
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Old 03 March 2003   #9
also make it transparent and put a few little glowing purple balls in there that would look cool ( and like kirts drawing) maybe the middle parts could be meta balls.
I'm here, and then I'm not.
Old 03 March 2003   #10
swoop i've got a little tip for you that will make modeling a lot easier and keep polycount down...sadly you'd have to redo the model if you want to apply it:

use a smoothed box instead of a sphere. just create a box with 1 segment in every direction, meshsmooth it with 2 or 3 iterations, convert this mesh to poly again - this will give you a more uniform, quad-only mesh you can work from

like this one:
Kai Stavginski

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Old 03 March 2003   #11
hey swoop good start you're getting the hang of it... I had just been goofin around in wings and came to the same comclusion that fist just mentioned... try modeling it with a smoothed cube... it works pretty good...
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Old 03 March 2003   #12
I'm gonna give thoose methods a try today hehe..

JIII Well i was expecting the see through part to be texturing ... didn't want to texture the model in case the textures didn't go well when exporting to another program.

But if i can textuer it without problems for the animators and such i will apply some textures to the next model hehe
Reflection Design
Old 03 March 2003   #13
i was just thinking aloud sorry bout that, no the texturing for that would probibly need to be procedural so it would probibly need to be textured in maya.
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Old 03 March 2003   #14
I'm thinking like this:

I make the model without textures and somebody textures it in maya.. plus makes the purple dot things since they will just be balls with some noise added... so shouldnt be a great task...
Reflection Design
Old 03 March 2003   #15
yeah that makes sense should not be too hard.
I'm here, and then I'm not.
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