DV transfer, firewire and usb?

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Old 03 March 2003   #1
DV transfer, firewire and usb?

I took some film on a Sony DV camera and was wondering if their was anything besides a speed difference to transfer the information from the tape to a hard drive. This being firewire, 400 megabites a second vs 11 for usb 1.1. If I can only use USB at this present moment will it be ok or is there something I don't know about that should necessitate getting a firewire card?


Old 03 March 2003   #2
Can you actually get video off of the usb? The last dv cam I had just used the usb cable for getting still images off the flash media.
Old 03 March 2003   #3
I agree with Beaker in scratching my head here... I've never seen any way to digitally get video off of a Sony DV camcorder except its ilink/firewire connections...

But, hey, if we're wrong, fill us in!

Old 03 March 2003   #4
let me know if it works. than there would be an alternative to whatever we have now.
Old 03 March 2003   #5
The latest Sony MiniDV's do in fact allow the user to this - The Canon's Like the one I have here do not (thanks Canon)...

I imagine that the USB Link will be like the firewire link but not in realtime. But I don't know because I haven't tested it.
Old 03 March 2003   #6
Why would you want to transfer via USB anyway? The time you gonna waste will cost you way more than a firewire card. They are like $15 these days.
Old 03 March 2003   #7
I understand the firewire would be ideal, but I didn't want to go into the whole situaction but it appears for proper clarification I will have to.

I'm down at a university that my friend goes to, where he checked out the camera. They didn't give him any firewire cable. I don't have a camera at home so I can't take the tape home and get it off there. I looked into getting a firewire card here but at BestBuy and Compusa they are ridiculously expensive and don't come with a cable, that's an absurd $35 more. I see at Newegg they have a card for $30 that comes with a 6' cable. I'd much rather get that but I don't have time to order it and have it arrive before I have to go home.

My friend does have a usb cable from a digital camera he has and that's what we were going to try and transfer to a black hard drive he has that I would then take home.

Make sense now? The whole reason I asked was this is a freaky situaction that wasn't planned well by me...I should have gone ahead earlier and ordered a firewire card, but c'est la vie. I completely understand usb 1.1 bites, I just wanted some bright heads to tell me if it would be quality issues or just REALLY slow transfer.

And beaker, you've done well to make me think your right and I might have to buy a firewire card anyways. You might only be able to get images off the memory stick with usb :(

EDIT: picked up a firewire card and cable and got it into the computer. We used the DV 25Mbit/s for the quality settings but I think his hard drive was too slow. After it copied everything on playback the audio is garbled most of the time and the time counter jumps in .3 second increments. Also when we watched it didn't look good at all in my opinion. Very blocky, which I'm not sure what was the cause for that...maybe I can't get better with a DV camera. I'm really not happy, as although I think the audio could be Hard drive related I don't see how the video could be as much hard drive related. I told my friend this is why people get raid arrays of scsi hard drives


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Old 03 March 2003   #8
Um because you might want to give a friend or a relative a bit of some video footage that you took of them and they might not have firewire.
Old 03 March 2003   #9
Because USB is on every bloody computer that is churning out from the assembly line...thats why

Quote: Originally posted by dvornik
Why would you want to transfer via USB anyway? The time you gonna waste will cost you way more than a firewire card. They are like $15 these days.
Old 03 March 2003   #10
Will an application to capture through USB be on any computer? I don't think so. I'm sure if it exists it's something propriatary.
Old 03 March 2003   #11
A very good point dvonik. i am banking on it being as friendly as firewire (cross fingers) and that it will be downward compatable too with the immenant USB 2.

Where i'm coming from is not so much about USB as to USB 2... which promise amazing high speed transfer (i am yet to verify its speed personally)... semi uncompress real-time transfer anyone?

Quote: Originally posted by dvornik
Will an application to capture through USB be on any computer? I don't think so. I'm sure if it exists it's something propriatary.
Old 03 March 2003   #12
Quick dumb question:

What is the speed of USB2 compared to the new firewire 800 (800Mps)?

A quick web search seems to say 480Mps... that can't be right, can it?

Old 03 March 2003   #13
Crap... after continiuing my search, it looks like 480Mps IS the top speed... man, that's crazy!


Why isn't firewire more of a staple considering its speed (not to mention the cable lengths you can manage) now more than ever?

Old 03 March 2003   #14
Umm... What is so unusual about it? Yes, new firewire is faster. Yet USB2 like USB will be all over the place while firewire will remain an option.

Don't know about now but paying Apple for each firewire port certainly did not contribute to it's popularity with manufacturers.

Having said that I can't imagine why one would want to buy a PC without firewire. How much are the Firewire 800 PC cards anyway? Do they exist?

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Old 03 March 2003   #15
I haven't seen Firewire 800 for PCs yet, only on Apple's computers.

Any thoughts on my question(s) a few posts back?


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