Brainstorming for the Collaborative Team Projects forum's mascot

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  02 February 2003
Brainstorming for the Collaborative Team Projects forum's mascot

Ok, let's just forget that the poll ever happened...ok?

Those of you who actually help other out down here, what do think would be the epitome of group work?

A giant robot artist being run by hundreds of little people?
A "team" of monsters with jerseys?

Just tell me what, and if ANYONE who can draw help out with concept work, everyone would greatly appreciate it.
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
Poll? What poll?

Well, I can't help with the artistic side, but I still have to tell my opinion. The mascot thingy should have the "idea of collaborativeness". That "A 'team' of monsters with jerseys?" could be good.

Another idea was that what if there were two monsters who were handshaking each other? One big and one small maybe?

Hopefully this group work for the mascot happens because if we can't have cooperativeness in this little task how the heck there can be any "Collaborative team projects"
  02 February 2003
Ok, 2 monsters or whatnot shaking hands?

Maybe both of them like working on computers, then turn and give each other a hi five?

Don't know, though, but I open to anything...

I don't know whose running the show down here, we have no mod, thusly no leader, oh, well...

Whatever you guys want to do is fine with me, I'll crawl back to the shadows for awhile...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
Well, you lead the show of course

But - I'm no artist - I just throw something what comes to my mind

So... two whatnots if okay to me - but I thought they don't need a computer - handshaking is enough (or high five). that way it won't go to complex.

or maybe the logo could be like this:
  02 February 2003
Ok, so neither of us are very artistic, yet we have good ideas...hmm...

So why don't me and you do it?

I mean, what better way to learn?

Ok, it has to have somethign to do with art, cause this is a art forum after all...

Hmm....maybe shaking hands after recieving an award? Or a while watching their short animation on TV? Not sure what to do, though I think if we can get 2 really nifty characters, (or a team of cool characters, with the jersey idea) we can find someone around here to animate.

Ok, we now know:

1. We want more than one "whatnot" to serve as mascots.
2. ....
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
Hmm well im willing to do some work modelling, maybe some texturing like i said before. Im still interested i just havn't seen very much happening in here Ahhm i dunno scary monsters ? il see if i can't get a wip or somthing for you by tonight (not sure tho i have school AND i have togoto work!!!!:annoyed: ) i was thinking a big fat looking monster guy, you know, like "Massive BOB" (i wrote a story for that too if u want to read it?) then the little guy, i keep getting the Sloth from Ice Age stuck in my head, he seems like the perfect guy. SOOOO maybe il start on somthing today after schooling. Then when i get back from work round 9:40 pm cya round
  02 February 2003
Maybe the mascot idea wasn't so good after all?

I mean, whose to say that some guy's idea is better than another's?

I don't know, we've got like 3 or 4 ideas for the mascot floating around, all of which sound great...

Hmm...the whole reason I started this mascot thing was because Flog wanted us to start on a small project that would look good and be simple to begin with.

We just wanted something that would have lots of eye candy so one of the mods (speaking of which we don't have one here, so we'd have to get another mod to do it, though I think Kirt wouldn't mind) to put it on the main page so we could get people browsing this forum more often..

I dunno, would you guys rather do a "20 awesome monsters" like the cyborg thread, so we could all have all sorts of monsters?

And maybe put the monsters up as free models for d/l? I don't know anymore what to do, so I don't know what to say really.

Both of your ideas are great sounding to me...

You guys just wait until I learn a 3d program, I'll do everone's ideas, I promise...until then, though, all I can offer is more ideas to add to the pile...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
Im liking the idea that Boy Wonder put up, and hell i don't mind if im the only one working on it!! itl just take a little bit more time. And once Kirt's project has some substantial stuff to show (ie front page material ) that would also attract attention to this forum, the main thing is to not give up!!! cya guys round.
  02 February 2003
Ok, let's go with his idea, but one thing: do his team jersey thing for it, ok, just bear with me:

Ok, here's the scene: 2 teams with jerseys (monsters, whatnots, etc) shaking hands after a "match" much like basketball...

Their jerseys say "concept art, animator, modeller, etc.."

Ok, I don't know what possessed me, I just thought such a scene might look cool...

Whatever you guys want to do is fine with me, I might can attempt drawing something for it, just give me some text concepts of what you want...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
Here's my idea (as if you don't have enough already):

C, M, Y and K ... individually they are nice. However, combined they make the art brilliant and inspiring.

I'll try to do a concept for you, but as you already know, my plate is pretty full right now.
  02 February 2003


Kirt, I know you're great at drawing, so I'll anxiously be awating your concepts...
Ignorance is bliss but horror to the informed.
  02 February 2003
I take it from your response that you are unaware that CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The four colors used in the 4 color printing process. Individually they are just one color, but combined they make up all the colors of the spectrum.

I thought it was a good idea for co-lab mascots.
I have some ideas already on what they'll look like. I'll doodle them up at work during my slow time tonight. Tomorrow they should be here for your viewing pleasure.
  02 February 2003
jersey's weren't my idea. I wanted "two whatnots handshaking"

tha CMYK thing has nice idea behind it - although I doubt that people understand that... still - who am I to say anything if I can't model a thing.

I like the idea of one huge monster and one tiny monster (as Rice ManX said exactly what I had in my mind) handshaking.
  02 February 2003
Here's the first concept of the CMYK gang.

Last edited by Kirt : 02 February 2003 at 11:00 AM.
  02 February 2003
... and here is the weapon of robot Y. Each robot will have a different weapon. What do you think?

Last edited by Kirt : 02 February 2003 at 10:58 AM.
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