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  09 September 2006
Day to Night WIP

Here's something I whipped up. Obviously it's a day to night, and it's a WIP.

I haven't started in on the windows yet but I'll get there soon enough.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  09 September 2006
Day to Night suggestions

Nice image,

A couple of suggestions, keep the sky and the foreground in the same color space and darken the buildings down a lot almost to silhouettes. this will help your lights to pop more and give more depth to the sky. I'd also darken the clouds, they can be lit slightly to the side by the moon and have a little city glow on the bottom side. I had to do a lot of night skies recently on a job and I was surprised how dark clouds get at night.

I'd also suggest moving the moon off screen, then you can have more interesting highlights on the buildings and it makes for a little more mystery.

Hope you don't mind but I took a half hour and did my take on this image, I added some quick grunge to the columns and building, even though it's a photo, it almost looked CG, they're so clean.

Good luck with the final piece!,

  09 September 2006
Hey thanks I like what you did. I'll give your ideas a shot on my own.

Is there a quicker way to select the window panes than lassoing each one? I tried the wand but that didn't quite do it. Ideas?

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  09 September 2006
Cool!, I'll be curious to see where you take it.
  09 September 2006
good practice flangust and great teachings from a real pro , welcome to this forums darin hope to see some images from you soon , I guess you're a matte painter at digital domain aren't you?
Jaime Jasso
Lead Digital Matte Artist
Industrial Light and Magic

  09 September 2006
Thanks Jamesvfx, glad to pass along any insights I might have, hopefully none of my bad habits!. I forgot to change my profile, I'm no longer at DD.....I'm freelancing in LA at the moment, finishing a shot of ancient Jerusalem for the opening of 'The Nativity Story'.

I'll post some images soon, I have a DVD coming out from Gnomon Workshop on 3d Matte painting projection techniques using Maya and they should be putting up some of my work on their site in a few days, so if all else fails I'll link to them.

  09 September 2006
wow ... another gnomon dvd ... can you already give us some information about the content ?
  09 September 2006
Hi Inlakechh,

Yes another DVD!, but even though there's a lot of them coming out it's always interesting to see how different artists approach their work. I can definitely give you some info about it, apologies for the shameless self promotion.

Basically It's a step by step project from concept sketch to final comp using Maya, Photoshop and Shake.

First part is a brief overview of the technique and then, using a concept sketch as an image plane, basic modeling.....render for paint before moving into photoshop.
After that back into Maya for shader assignments and a first render. I then cover techniques for multi projection and render passes like haze and spec to add more life to the shot. Finally a quick comp of all the elements in Shake.

Chris Stoski also has a series coming out at the same time that are great too and I can't believe he did three! ( Hat's off to you Chris!), I almost killed myself just putting the one together!.
I would like to emphasise that mine is very much a Maya centric approach and all the scene files and texture projections are included with the DVD as well as lecture notes covering some of the color space issues related to matte painting for film.

I know there are a lot of these DVD's out there but although I can't speak for everyone else I really put a lot of toil and heart into it. I realize the DVD's aren't cheap and when you're a student it's tough to afford this stuff, that's why I wanted to get eveything into the one disc.
I tell you, It's not easy putting yourself out there for the world to see and I have really felt privileged to get a peek over the shoulders of some of the pro's like Syd Mead, Dylan Cole and Ryan Church (to name but a few!) by watching these great DVD's.

I hope that my humble offering can provide plenty of information and inspiration for anyone wanting to venture into the field.

I believe that the DVD is coming out in October sometime,keep checking for updates.

  09 September 2006

That sounds great Darin, as I'm more into Maya than Max and compositing is in it too, i'll get my hands on it for sure. No Christmas presents for me this year ... lol.

How comes, Gnomon are pushing especially Matte painting at the moment ? Is there a lack of enough good matte painters in the industry ?
  09 September 2006
Hi Inlakechh,

I hope with enough well placed hints someone nice will drop one in your stocking for you!.

I know that Gnomon saw a need out there to cover specifically 3d projection matte paintings, there had been a lot of requests from students and people in the industry and I was lucky enough to be asked to do one for Maya.

I think it's always hard to find truly talented Matte Painters, it's a real niche skill and more and more you have to be able to bridge disciplines between 2d and 3d.
  09 September 2006
Haven't been really visiting this forum much..nice to see some great work posted. I like night shots so I decided to take a peek.
I like the camera angle you chose for this shot. Darin has some good points. And another dvd...nice! I'll be getting that one too. Darin do have a website?
As for the topic at hand....I have a few suggestions...When photographing at night I always get star flares on all the lights in the shot. You might want to experiment on adding some of that. I'd post some of my shots but I have to wait a little until I make it public. But you know what I mean...lights shot at night almost always have those highlights in the shape of a star. Just make sure it's equal on every side as it is a mathematical phenom. most people overlook this during night shots. You can leave that out and still make it look realistic though. Also...with buildings of such architecture as the one you have there's most likely some side wall lights to accentuate the building, so you can play with that idea also. As for the sky the moon to me seems to feel cut in half. Have the highlight be a little more like a gradient than a hard edge. Also I would add some darker well defined clouds with some of them showing a rim light type. But I also like the idea of placing the moon off to the side like Darin said.
Keep us posted with the progress. Good work.

  09 September 2006
thanks for all the suggestions guys. I haven't had much time to work on this but I did try some things. I definitely agree with moving the moon out. I don't know if the light from it looks right though.

Darin, thanks for your rendition. It helps alot to see an example.
This still has a lot of work to be done on it but I think I can get somewhere with this.

I've got a question for you guys. This building has lights in the upper part of the facade. Really bright ones that shine door onto the doors. But I kinda like it without them. Opinions?
  09 September 2006

- Flangust, I suggest you to darken it down a bit more and pull down the red overall, especially from the sky. There are some "unsmooth" colortransitions in the sky aswell.
But I guess Darin already mentioned it all before.

- Darin, thanx for the info. I'll keep it in mind ...
  09 September 2006
Hi Smooth, website is under construction, work keeps getting in the way!....good suggestions on the lighting, the scene definitely needs a strong point of interest, maybe cheating a doorway to be visible between the columns?, some of these types of buildings have floods kicking the columns for effect but that may be too much.

flangust- glad to be of help, I think the scene is looking much better but watch the saturation in the sky, it's getting really blue. Moonlight is really tricky, do a search for 'moon clouds' on google and I think you'll find some really nice reference. That far building seems too lit up to me, I think unless there was a really strong tungsten flood (which would make for a very distracting spot) it would be pretty silhouetted back there.

I guess what you really have to establish for your own benefit is what kind of story are you telling here?, is something evil about to happen, a plot being hatched or a character introduced at this location. This will help you to focus in on where you should lead the audiences eye.

Good progress though, keep it up!.....

  09 September 2006
Here's another update. Apparently the brightness on my display was really dark. Something's strange with so I have to turn up the gamma and brightness a tiny bit when I work in PS. That's why everything was so bright, it looked really dark on my monitor. Anyway I've done a little more work on this, and here it is.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions on this guiys, I really appreciate it.
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