F-117s and clouds

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Old 08 August 2006   #1
F-117s and clouds

Jan 13, 2007: FINISHED!

Woohow, today's the day. The project is now closed. I'm a very happy man.

Please click here to go to the final animation!

Cheers and thanks for all the support!

- Jonas


Hi all,

I must have four or five unfinished WIPs here now, but I swear, I'll finish this one shortly!

The idea is to have two F-117s fly through a cloud coverage. The F-117 is a beefed up version of one I modelled a few years ago.

Here's the animatic:

Click here to download 600kb Quicktime clip

- Jonas

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Old 09 September 2006   #2
The planes are almost done, here's a test pass.

Click here to download 900 kb Quicktime animation

They need some ambient occlusion, supersampling, and some more work around the cockpit, engines and radar sphere.

Lighting a F117 is a bitch, as its color can vary from pitch black (leaving out all your precious details), to a bright grey (which easily looks fake).

Look at the animation now, I might regret having them fly by the camera so fast, that you miss all the detail. Oh well, that's what I get for animating before texturing.

Cheers all,
- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #3
I was wondering what you were up to with all your chatting in the afterburn thread. =) Can't wait to see it rendered out completely. If that's the final timing I think i'd like to see the camera follow a bit closer for a bit longer
Old 09 September 2006   #4
Hej Solitude, thanks for checking it out.

Yes, I'm totally going to try to fake volumetrics without plugins.

I agree with you on the camera move, but I didn't discover that until I had textured the bastard. And now I just wanna get the shot done, so no time for re-animating.

- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #5
Plane's done! Time to move on to clouds and mountains.

This is what comes directly out of the render, but I will tweak reflection, lighting, specular etc. in compositing.

- Jonas

Old 09 September 2006   #6
I've reanimated the shot to show off the model's shading and details better.

CLICK HERE to download 800 kb Quicktime animation

Animating an airplane is a compromise between three things:
  1. Making it look cool, in terms of Michael Bay/Rob Cohen/Star Wars, and have stuff whoosh right by the camera
  2. Making it look real, as if a real airplane was filming other real airplanes (meaning the camera doesn't get too close)
  3. Showing of all that precious detail you spent weeks modelling and painting (which means getting the camera close to the planes, and not too fast)
I'm pretty happy with where the shot is now (which is a bit of all three things, but more 1 and 3 than the original shot ), so I'll get to work on the environment.

- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #7
The cloud work has begun!

Click here to download 1.5 MB Quicktime animation

Here's a demo of how the cloud rendering works:

- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #8
the motion what you have presented in the first place was the best, that was like in a movie, absolutely movie-style, but the later ones was like some amateur tourist video camerawork, you just wanted to show us the plane . who cares about the model, it's the feeling which matters. I dont wnna be a clever dick, but you have fallen into the trap of I want to show everything in 5 secs, I know that, and it's good way of thinking if you make advertisments but now it's a different question, seemingly you are after some cinematographic look, these kind of shots you can see in the blockbuster movies, where the whole safety of the galaxy is at stake and that's why was your first choice good, later on (you didnt get enough responses) you strayed into some strange direction, I think now what you have to do is to render the first movie whit proper background and atmosphere and all the fking itty bitty details you can find in your store and then you are ready with a great shot. I hope it will help
Old 09 September 2006   #9
Wow Jussing, I like it and it looks very promising
Waiting for the final

Old 09 September 2006   #10
Hey guys,

thanks for the feedback balage, but I'm pretty satisfied with the camera motion as it is now. Maybe it'll make more sense when the whole environment is rendered, too.

André, haven't seen you around since the avalanche! Love your paintings.

No updates the next week or so, I'm re-rendering in 1920 HD, just to try it out.

Cheers folks,
- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #11
Very nice

Hi Jonas,

looks very promising, cant wait to se your final comp. The plane looks very good, top marks on the texture part. I think its also very essential that the models are as high quality in all aspects as the movie animation.

Ser godt ud, bare klř pĺ.

Old 09 September 2006   #12
looks great i think the plane on the far right should wisk the cloud abit like swerl it up you if possible other than good work. i looked at you mini demo for the clouds i sort of understand what you did but what compositing program are you using shake? or after effect? or could you go into a but mor explanation on how you ahcive that effect would be much appreciated
Old 09 September 2006   #13
Hi guys, thanks for the feedback! (davs lars)

@thehive, by using red, green and blue light sources, I can split the three channels in compositing (I use After Effects), and then fine-tune them individually (levels correction, typically), and use them as masks to illuminate the cloud.

- Jonas
Old 09 September 2006   #14
looks very promising!
I'm subscribing to this thread to see its progress.
Old 09 September 2006   #15
Thanks Bazze.

Your planes look great!

Please tell me these clouds are photographs!

- jonas
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