Sketchbook Thread of Krispee

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Old 07 July 2006   #1
Sketchbook Thread of Krispee

was encouraged to start this from participation of the 50 Head thread, i guess it was overdue.......most of the paintings here will be work created in Painter with some odd sketches thorwn in and will be mostly master studies in one form or another.....
so, here we go.....
couple of sketches to start with.....

DYCK, Sir Anthony Van
Porrtrait of the Sculptor Duquesnoy (?)
Oil on canvas, 77,5 x 61 cm
Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

Portrait of Dante
c. 1495
Tempera on canvas, 54,7 x 47,5 cm
Private collection

and also a digi work from painter.....

ALLORI, Cristofano
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Oil on canvas, 120,4 x 100,3 cm
Royal Collection, Windsor

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3 more from the 50 head study....

DÜRER, Albrecht
The Apostle Philip
Tempera on canvas, 46 x 37 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

CELLINI, Benvenuto
Bust of Cosimo I
Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence

CORDIER, Nicolas
Bust of St Peter
San Sebastiano fuori le mura, Rome

thanks for looking.....

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It's fantastic to see your thread up! Great to see all your work collected together ~ wow, when seen as a group, it really has a lot of impact.

It would be great if you could tell everyone a bit about your art training and background. Also, I encourage you to post all of your OFDW work here as well. You're more than welcome to post WIP to your own Anatomy Thread.



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oh, lol, yeah that would be good, i`ll look up my old work and get posting soon......i haven`t any wip`s for the 50 heads but i`ll post some of the OFDW ones......i might even post some of my doodles, quick imaginative scribbles......
i did post an question in the 50 head thread about having the anatomy thread link at the bottom, is that part of oyur signature or something, is that how it works...?

anyway, thankyou for replying, i know you are busy......i`ll try and have a look around at what everyone else is doing soon.....

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I described how to create a signature link here. Let me know if you have any questions!




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rebecca: cheers for the link, got it!

wip from the master copy series.

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and a sorolla head study, again from the master copy series.....

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and some of my pencil ref....

thanks for looking.....

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forgot the art background thingy.

um, i guess i started doing art seriously about 5/6 years ago, roughly speaking, before that i hadn`t really done any art except for my school years, a long time ago, too long . i was doing a lot of computer art in my spare time and someone suggested that i do some conventional art, pencils, charcoal, that sort of thing, as he said it would improve my art in general, he wasn`t wrong. as soon as i started to just draw, anything really, i was hooked and decided to spend as much time as i could drawing.
as an aside i haven`t had any formal art training as such, except for some life drawing sessions.
i moved on from that into oil painting and then, ironically, back into the digital arena, an area i left some time ago, with a much better understanding of art in general, although this time i worked in the 2d area (instead of the 3d art i used to do, bryce, truespace, max, that sort of thing) using photoshop and painter.
i guess that`s pretty much it, for my art story anyway. i`ve included 3 examples of my art below in the 3 areas that i mentioned above; pencil, oil, digital.


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No problem, it was great to take a look at your website! You have a lot of good work there, and a lot of potential to do some really great work. IMHO I think that the main thing you need to work on is getting more value range and 'punch' into your works, and also introducing your own personal themes into your images ~ would love to see you do a series of self~portraits or portraits of people with whom you are familiar. I think that you have good observational skills that might be taken to the next level if you can work from life and really punch up the emotional kick of your images. Looking forward to seeing your progress here!

Threads which you may have already seen but which you may enjoy are:

Anatomy Thread of razz

Anatomy Thread of Icey



Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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rebecca: cheers, the personal theme area, stuff like the oil painting above (a friend who posed for me) entitled 'Lost in Thought' and an idea i took from inception to completion, is the area i`m aiming for now, i guess you have to go through all the other stuff to enable you to complete your own ideas and themes....i`m also getting involved in the arts in my local area (local exhibitions and things like that) and starting to move into the galleries and all that have to start somewhere and that is almost always at the bottom in the arts, getting your foot on the first rung and all that jazz.....i enjoy doing my doodles which i want to develop, start getting more colour into them, illustrative and qwerky i guess you could call them, keep developing them, maybe do more conceptual art.....mine is a somewhat multipronged attack lol, if attack is the right word, doing some oils on a sky theme, my concept doodle stuff, and other ideas as well.....and i still have to hold down a job and do all this in my spare time.....i have a greater appreciation for all those who have to do that now......i want to keep constantly challenging myself and pushing myself to do better....

anyway, thanks for looking and the advice.....

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and i thought i`d post some more of my crazy doodles.....

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Oh my, you blew me out with all these works. I like the crazy pencil ones. Not really a style I'm into doing myself but I'm always having pleasure watching others do stuff like that and with a great amount of quality. i love the sorolla head study, the colors are awesome. Damn, I've started drawing seriously only when I've joined this forum. Not to mention that I was going to an art school, I wasn't doing much much time wasted...

I'd love to see more work from you! In pencils, oils and digital media Yeah, I want everything!
My anatomy thread
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