ROBERTO"S BULLHORN:Vitruvian Man: The challenge will go on...

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Old 07 July 2006   #1
ROBERTO"S BULLHORN:Vitruvian Man: The challenge will go on...

Hey guys,
I am VERY concerned about the lack of entries for this challenge.
What happened?
What should have been done different?

Looking forward to your comments.

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Old 07 July 2006   #2
I think part of the problem may be that it seems these challenges may be too focused on 'renissance' era pieces.. Not only that.. you guys just did the Stature of David not too long ago.

Roberto, although I don't participate in these challenges, perhaps a few suggestions here are in order.

a) Try to do various types of subjects (not just renissance stuff). Even modern day small objects can prove difficult (depending on what the subject is of course). A wide range of variety could be a great motivational boost. As it currently stands, although we went from a statue to a building, back to a character, the era (as well as the subject of choice) doesn't seem too 'spontaneous?' or enough of a different mix.

b) Perhaps offering the users some options as to what subjects they would like to model would also help out.

As for this challenge, perhaps it is because they just went through the statue of David not too long ago?

Just my thought.. no offense intended.


Old 07 July 2006   #3
Sorry for this one but for the moment free time is something rare, maybe i'll try the head but for the moment i have no free time to begin it.

Maybe it is the fact that it's not something real ( in 3D ) like the last 2 subjects.

Old 07 July 2006   #4
Its just not a very intriguing topic. We just did did a male project. Its tough, I think you should pick 2 or 3 topics and then have everyone vote on it. Recreating a simple sketch is just not very difficult in my opinion. Recreating a painting, thats different, that would be extremely difficult. I cant really even think of a good topic to do after already doing the David. I counted 2 entires to this competiton, and they've hardly started. The great thing about the David was how many refrences we had. We had the scan view and the 2d images. With the Vitruvian man, we have the one sketch, and thats all. I just thought of an idea for a project, maybe a human skeleton. Seems like it would be difficult, and ive never done anything like that.
Old 07 July 2006   #5
my 2.5 cents:

this particular challenge may not seem challenging to all, either tachnically or aesthetically. at least compared to the complexity of tha last challenge.
also, this challenge has too much room for interpretation. some may call that more room for creativity but i call it more room for happy accidents. besides as others have mentioned, that last challenge was also an male human anatomy exercise.
now i know that its hard to avoid any and all anatomy (male or female) in an organic topic selection so i personally suggested doing a likeness of a real person. achieving a likeness of a real person is very hard for me and everyone i think and it seems to be a good selection for organic modeling.
so for next organic HMC i suggest a likeness contest. pick 5 real life people you think are worth modeling. then have cgtalkers vote on them. the vote shouldnt last too long so that poople dont start modeling before vote ends by just assuming the favorable outcome. may be make it a 1-2 day vote.

Old 07 July 2006   #6
Good comments so far!
Keep em coming!
:Daily Sketch Forum:HCR Modeling
This message does not reflect the opinions of the US Government

Old 07 July 2006   #7
btw, forgot to mention that no matter what topic you selected its very clear how much effort you continue to put into this HMC.

the last organic challenge was lots of fun for me and i hope to participate more in the future.

So keep it UP and THANKS!

Old 07 July 2006   #8
I quite like this topic, though admittedly I'm not someone who has just done the David!
Plus I don't think this is easy at all, maybe a simplified version yes but modeling any human right down to the vain and pore level UV Map and texture, all in your spare time inside 3 weeks is going to be a challenge for anyone.
If you still think you can model this in your sleep then go the extra mile and make this figure so realistic everyone thinks you cheated and photographed someone.
I think modeling something far more complicated is easier as you can lose the quality in the details and know one notices.
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Old 07 July 2006   #9
Modeling a male figure in t-stance, just isn't interesting after having done David. As I've already said in the other thread, there isn't even any detail in the drawing, so it's just a matter of adding your own generic anatomy, which isn't really much of a challenge for anyone who's done any character modeling before.
If you're going to have us translate 2d to 3d, then make it an interesting painting with plenty going on in it, something to get the artistic juices flowing. Also, I personally dislike Da Vinci, and all his works, I think he's quite over-rated. I've already said almost any Vermeer would be a perfect subject to extrapolate to 3d, since he painted in quite a 3d way, and would be very interesing and challenging.
Old 07 July 2006   #10
for 2d image to 3d translation Vermeer paintings are good choice. but they have mostly environment/props and a little bit of organic modeling. also most of work is in shading, lighting and rendering. so they cant really be called organic subjects.

Old 07 July 2006   #11
i think that probably one of the main reasons this isn't so popular is because of a lack of reference. the subject is too simple. as it has already been stated, it isn't that challenging, really you can create any male model and use it.

i'm totally new to everything cg, the reason i jumped on was because i'm a noob and i thought this would be something i could handle. (perhaps a bad sign).

with two entries the challenge hardly seems worth while.
Old 07 July 2006   #12
IMHO maybe too much human model in few time ?
The david first, the vitruvian now, and maybe some people are engaged and interested on the Rebbecca's challenge on 10-15 3D faces modeling in the month in the lesson 1 of the anatomic.

In second time i think fx81 is right on one thing : cgtalkers vote.
It's for me the better way to be 80% sure on the challengers number if people vote for own choice to create.

Old 07 July 2006   #13
Although I think doing the David was a great start. I think the challenges could sometimes be more open.

I quite like the idea of modelling a famous person from history, a general or scholar etc... This way people could choose a subject that they like and feel more attached to their piece rather than everyone modelling the same thing... Although sometimes a challenge like The David or Big Ben is great I think a bit of openess wouldn't go amiss and I should think more people would enter...

I remember someone suggested modelling a greyhound in motion, I thought that was a fantastic idea; modelling an animal in motion challenge would be great.
Old 07 July 2006   #14
Ya I agree with MrJames recreating someone from history would be a cool idea, but it would also be difficult because there may be no front or side view of them which would make it interesting. I think we would all benefit from doing something like that.
Old 07 July 2006   #15
Part of the hardcore challenge is to model something that's out of the blue....I don't think I would of choose to Model David on my own accord ( I don't think much of us would ).....I do like the idea of having the CGtalkers vote on it.....I don't think we the modelers should have too much is a challenge after all......

Not to say we can't offer ideas.....but base on the ideas we present.....RobertoOrtiz should then be able to turn around and come up w/ an awesome challenge that would suit the masses and giving the challenge some kind of someone said, this isn't really challenging after modeling David....and references is an issue b/c you don't want too leave too much room for interpretation.....

so good being challenging......and making it attractive is a must for this kind of thing......

Easier said than done of course!!
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