The Gift - VFX Challenge - Cogliostros

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  01 January 2003
The Gift - VFX Challenge - Cogliostros

My Submission:

The Gift - Cogliostros - Submission - Low (3.29mb) quicktime

The Gift - Cogliostros - Submission - High (7.38mb) quicktime

Original Plate - (646k)

Roto and ReTimed Plate - (1.20mb)

Complete Story with VFX Shot - (16.7mb)

Best to just Right-Hand-Click 'Save As'

Comments on Updates are burried in my thread...

Update >> 01.21.03 >> Storyboard/Animatic
Update >> 02.01.03 >> LiveAction/RoughCut
Update >> 02.22.03 >> Modeling/Rigging/Tests

---original post---
Count me in...
dead.mans.chest.comp |

Last edited by Cogliostros : 03 March 2003 at 11:53 AM.
  01 January 2003
This challenge has been a ghost town thus far, I think its been the good, the bad, and the ugly ringing in peoples ears about how in the hell are we going to pull this shot off!?! ... tumble weed rolls by...

(ya I'm lame) So I got something up, this is my first challenge and first time to really show my concept to creation process, and am excited about it!

Ok the image: - this will be the money shot for the challenge, locked down cam, 3-5seconds...

I conjured up a visual story to lead us to the 'main effect' event? and will post the storyboards pretty soon...

Whats next? animatics, shooting the footage next week, and start to design the main effect in detail.

  01 January 2003

This looks very promising. It will be very interesting how you make all this lighteffetcs work.

Good luck!
  01 January 2003
The lighting and camera angle make it very dramatic. I really like it!
Mike Johnson
  01 January 2003
Hi Cogliostros,
You're right about it being a ghost town around here - I thought it was going to be really busy given how many people signed up...

Maybe it's because people are still trying to get hold of the film?

Anyway, nice drawing you've got there, I really like the dramatic shadows...
Good luck turning it into reality.!

Cheers - Steve
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  01 January 2003
Storyboard/Animatic is UP!

Knut: ya, I have a few ideas on the lighting... I'll have to see what I can pull off... thanks for the luck,

Arioch: thanks man.

astrofish: Thanks for the luck as well, I think we all need it... and ya, it will pick up, just watch...

Ok, so I spent some time tonight finishing my storyboards and then decided to go str8 to the animatic... so let me know how its flowing and if it is working or not...

I hope to have the footage shot by Friday... I have everything I need except a location!... then I can start designing the 'main effect'

Ohh right the Animatic:<---click--- (4.35mb, sorry )

  01 January 2003
OH MY GOD, i once gave my little sister a box, witch looks exactley like the one you have in your animatic. I brought it home from a vacation in Budapest, and you have to do 7 little tricks to open it, wery mysterius. I sure don't hope there is a green orb in it one day.

anyway, it looks good, and you have almost made a hole new chapter for the the Heavy Metal movie
  01 January 2003
Holy Shhhhhhh......

DAMN!Cogliostros!!! This animatic, storyboard is very cool!!!!

Your first shot i found awesome...but this animatic just blows me away, i can't wait to see your work

Congrats man, it really looks good

Take care
  01 January 2003
Johs: Haha, thats cool, I bet its the same one, If memory serves me, it was a gift from Hungary, Great little boxes! Ya, you might want to call your sister up... thanks for the comments,

CobraX: Wow, thanks for the cussing! haha, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for the encouraging response guys, I still have a lot of work to do yet, but your comments are energizing me to keep chipping away at this challenge...

  01 January 2003
... _ _ _ ... _ _ _ ... Holy orb! This looks good. Your storyboard looks decent. You are setting a mile high standard here. I might have to quit my job to get the time i need to get to this level. But today i saw the movie and are going to think hard on a nice concept for this. Looking forward for more.
  01 January 2003
I was having too much fun testing AT&T's Natural Voices Text-to-Speech Engine...

So I made 'Mike' read part 1 of my story, part 2 will have to wait until tomorrow because I used all my tests for the day, haha... (40 a day per IP)

Anyway, here is part 1 using "Mike's" voice as my narrator... >>> theGift story Part 1 <<<

No major updates... If all goes well, Monday I will have shot all my footage and then the real fun begins...

Once I digitize the footage I'll go into the software and CG and goodies galore I hope to use and gather help on.

  01 January 2003
he he he, sounds funny.
-but it's A LOT better than "Text Assist" or what it was called, the software that came along with the SB AWE32 (but its also 8 yrs. old)
  01 January 2003
Hahahah Cogliostros LMAO!!!!!

Hehehe funny stuff acually.... I LOVE the music in the background......Alan Silvestri - Predator YEAAHHH!!!

Hehhee as you see i really like the pred... look at my avatar...

Hey, BTW Cogliostros you have a nice website

It got me thinking about taking Drawing lessons seriously

The Text in your speech is actually very interesting i really like it, it's like a movie preview when you listen to the radio
  01 January 2003
Hahaha, its fun, I visited the site after reading this article for those who are interested... its a good article.

The Voice of Tomorrow

Its much better then the older text readers by far, but it still has trouble with some words/sentences... I had to cheat a few words and spellings to get it to say what I want,

Its amazing though it refrences like 10,000 versions of each letter's sound... and uses an algorithm to put the words together, so you get a variation in the tone and a more personal voice. Read the article... heh they had a kid who recorded "Please excuse Johnny from school today" in the women's voice and he got off school. haha

Anyway, just having some fun, and yesssss Silvestri! Predator is one of the best creatures every created! Check out, McFarlane toys are finally releasing 2 predator toys/sculptures...

Glad you liked my website, thanks, its slow as hell but ohh well, drawing? Ya never hurts to take some drawing courses, there great and can really start to embed a strong sense of seeing visually as an artist.

Ok I rant on and friggin' on... peace.
  01 January 2003
Ok, I hope you guys find this funny, cause I got a good laugh out of it... hahah Here is part2 of my story told by the inHuman voice of "Mike" the AT&T guy...

>>> theGift story Part 2 <<<

>>> theGift story Part 1 <<<

I am such a nerd... somebody hire me before I go :insane:
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