Animation Sketchbook #1

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  06 June 2006
Animation Sketchbook #1

Hello everyone. I saw a thread like this in the WIP modeling forum and I thought I would try it out too. I'm trying to improve my animating skills. I'm going to push myself to animate every day and post my playblasts here (I hope it doesn't kill my bandwidth, oi).

Both sound clips are from Zoolander. This is my frist one and isn't very good.

Compared to what I'm working on now, which is incomplete but much better.

Please give me any critiques and comments! It is most appreciated.
  06 June 2006
Do you think there's any way you could compress in quicktime? I'm having a hard time trying to watch your avi's.

Sorry! I want to see your stuff!
Yummy code, nom nom.
  06 June 2006
Here you go!

-first clip

-second clip

Is it better to post everything in QT? I'm not sure which is easier to view for most people. The file size is a bit larger. 12 MB as oposed to 3MB but the quality is much better.

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  06 June 2006
From what I can see from just your first clip, which reminds me a lot of my first animation job, is that I dont think you're making an effor to make acting choices and are mainly just moving the characters head and limbs to match teh dialogue... if you got up in front of the mirror and acted out what your character is doing, you might think that you had some crazy mental deficiency.. Its important that you plan poses otherwise moving limbs just to that end makes characters look like dolls tossed to the wind.
  06 June 2006
Thanks so much for the reply. That's exactly what I noticed when I was doing the first clip. I was just randomly moving the limbs and had nothing planned out. That's why I sorta of abandonded it. In the second clip, I sat down, and did a little 5 framed storyboard of what poses I wanted and worked from pose to pose. It's still rough but I hope it's a bit better.

I'll keep working on that in my next animations. I miss my old rooms, I had two huge mirrors on my wall ::sniff::
  06 June 2006
Nice Work.
  06 June 2006
Hello everyone! here is an update to the david bowie clip. I added alot more secondary motion, especially on his arms and hips so he wasn't so stiff.

Please give C&C thanks!!
  06 June 2006
No critiques? pleaase?
  06 June 2006
Hey Ashley. Nice start in to character animations. I have a few comments, I hope you won't mind.

In general, it's a bit too swimmy and the character is pretty much in the same pose the whole time. The hands move but aside from that, nothing very clear. I think this dialog requires two beats, so to speak. Or two main poses.

1) If nobody has any objections
2) I believe, I might be of service.

Think of two poses that communicate what the character is feeling when he's saying those two beats. And then work those poses. By working those poses, I mean, stay with in that general pose and with in that general feeling. An example could be a character being in a reverse C pose for the first beat and then turning and leaning in to a normal C shape for the second beat to address somebody from the other side of the crowd.

So basically two clear ideas displayed with body language that matches the dialog.

Good luck, I hope this was helpful at all instead of confusing.
  06 June 2006
Not at all! That was just what I needed, thank you so much for you critique! I'll take those into consideration and work on it some more
  06 June 2006
Hey, just wanted to clarify a bit more about working the pose. You can still have hand gestures and head nods, or whatever. You can even lean and shift weight. Just the main idea or feeling of that pose shouldn't change much.

anyways, just my 2 cents.
  06 June 2006
Thank you so much for the advice!
Here's is the updated David Bowie clip. I tried to use what you said, where he has two different poses on the two different beats of the clip. Please let me know what you think!

Here's also another animation I started. It's a sound clip of Iago from aladdin
The body is very roughed out, since I've only worked on this one about 2 hours. I would like to know how well I have the lip sync and acting down. I tried to get up and act it out in front of a mirror to show how ticked off he really is.
  06 June 2006
Bowie animation

Nice, really good, you even captured his englishness if that's a word.
  06 June 2006
any critiques on the aladdin clip? Any feedback is welcome!
  06 June 2006

Originally Posted by Chiko: any critiques on the aladdin clip? Any feedback is welcome!

Hello there Ashley/Chico,
I saw your Alladin animation. These are your one of the first animations right? Good job! But you have to practice the basics first.
You gotta have some basics inside your pocket to try out this kinda stuff.These animations are very good, but its always good to do things the traditional way. If you're doing 2d animations, thats really good. But you gotta follow the right approach. You need to learn about the timings and lots of other stuff, that is, the basics of animation!! You simply cannot skip that part if you really wanna move ahead in character animation.You're really doing very good, but you gotta learn the basics of animation too. You should never start doing character animations with an acting exercise. Because it will hardly take you anywhere! READ Animator's Survival Kit, and practice with that. Also go ahead and read John Lasseter's approach----> htm

I would recommend you to start from bouncing ball animations. Do some simple tests. Most of the new animators are just shy of doing the basics. How can you create a strong building without a strong base? So go ahead, and do the basics first! You'll thank yourself for that. And yes, try to animate traditionally. If you're using Maya, don't use your graph editor to make your life easy! Animate everything on stepped keys, that is, no interpolation. Now thats very important. That way you'll learn the importance of good breakdowns or passing frames, inbetweens, contact frames, timing, spacing.

I hope that, I was of some help to you. I'm just trying to help you. You're doing really good!

Most of my cliches aren't original.
Amrit Derhgawen
Animator|Story Guy

Animation Blog

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