Races of Middle Earth - character - Agent D

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Old 01 January 2003   #1
Arrow Races of Middle Earth - character - Agent D

Interesting challenge topic! I don't really have any ideas right now, so I'm just putting up a placeholder for now. Time to go draw and look at my Fellowship of the Rings artwork book.
Old 01 January 2003   #2
lets see a concept man, you are lagging behind!

hehe cant wait to see what ya come up with.
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Old 01 January 2003   #3
I'm not lagging! Only a fraction of the 20,000 people have started yet!
Anyway, I'll think of concepts tonight, as well as studying my FOTRs artwork book and LOTRs creature book I got for Christmas. Maybe I'll have something by tonight or tomorrow.
Old 01 January 2003   #4
Do a giant squirrel.

Can't wait to see what you've in store for us!
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Old 01 January 2003   #5
Ok, I've beek sketching a little bit, so I'll post what I have so far:
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File Type: jpg misc.jpg (35.9 KB, 322 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #6
Here's another. Probably some sort of nocturnal assassin.
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File Type: jpg assassin.jpg (29.1 KB, 308 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #7
This is a non-aligned cave creature which eats passerbys. I like this concept the most so far.
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File Type: jpg cavecreature1-2.jpg (37.8 KB, 301 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #8
good start, lets see some modelling on this freaky toothy character!
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Old 01 January 2003   #9
Another picture of the cave creature.
By the way, these were drawn with a mechanical pencil so go easy on me. I am starting a drawing class, so I'll get better soon. *Note: This is a later version than the previus image, and I've added another set of legs to help it climb around on the cave walls*
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File Type: jpg cavecreature2.jpg (32.1 KB, 302 views)

Last edited by Agent D : 01 January 2003 at 08:11 AM.
Old 01 January 2003   #10
nice Agent.

I like the last one best...should be fun to see in 3d.

now get modeling boy!
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Old 01 January 2003   #11
Very Nice D. I think you should do that last one. I wish i had time to join in the challenge! ...Damn college...
Old 01 January 2003   #12

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I think I've decided on the cave creature concept. I'll post again soon with the description/origin of the creature, and hopefully I'll start modelling tomorrow or the next day. Here's a drawing of the creature's head I made today:
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File Type: jpg creaturehead.jpg (24.6 KB, 247 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #13
Post Incredibly long background story!

The delduwathi are very rare and reclusive creatures that are said to inhabit the deep jungles and caves along the coastlines of a remote island. Many years ago, a powerfull easterling warlord captured and domesticated several of these creatures to guard his cavern vaults against intruders. The delduwathi proved to be very intelligent and were able to easily discern between the occasional thieves and the workers who brought shipments of arms and treasure to the vaults. During a suprise incursion by a neighboring warlord, the vaults were cut off from the main kingdom, and the guard detail on the surface was forced flee. Sealing and camouflaging the entrances, they left to rejoin the main army.

The opposing army captured and held the neighboring territory for many years, but never discovered the vaults. Finally, in the face of defeat, the easterling warlord made a pact with one of his former enemies to join him and drive off the invaders in exchange for a share of the treasure in the vaults. The gamble was a success, and soon they had reclaimed their land. A small group was sent to scout and reopen the seals, but never returned. The warlord, fearing that the enemy had captured them, sent an expeditionary force to the vaults, and found them to be open, and apparently deserted. Upon entering the vault, they were ambushed and almost completely slaughtered by a large number of delduwathi. Survivors reported that the creatures had set traps in the tunnels and even seemed to be communicating with eachother in a primitive language. A military campaign was started to reclaim the vaults, but due to the narrow passageways, success was impossible, and the vaults were abandoned.

It is theorized that the delduwathi have a primitive culture which was dormant during their captivity, and that they simply reverted back to their previous state when abandoned. The cavern vaults are currently the only known habitate of the creatures, and while the vaults are a considerable draw to thieves and scholors alike, none but the most foolhardy dare to venture inside.

P.S. I have actually started modelling, and here's the result of about 30 minutes of work roughing out the arm shape. The preportions look a bit off because of the perspective.
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File Type: jpg creature-arm-01.jpg (9.5 KB, 229 views)
Old 01 January 2003   #14
*sigh* Looks decent so far AgentD. But i expect some good work from you! You have plenty of time...unlike other people! :annoyed: Keep posting!
Old 01 January 2003   #15
This is a cool creature you're going to model, good luck!
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